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Mobile phone shell mailing abroad is completely no problem, Todropshipping warehousing logistics also often for overseas students to mail mobile phone cases abroad, mobile phone cases are general goods, generally the four major express can be mailed abroad, and there will be no restrictions, but it is still recommended that you choose some freight forwarders or shipping companies to take the goods, because the container shipping company and many express delivery is a cooperative relationship can get 3-5 discount of the official price, so it can save freight for many small partners. like Toropshipping, not only to give preferential prices but also to provide a number of free services to overseas friends, such as: packing, packing, reinforcement, photography, consolidation, warehousing, etc. are all free. And if it is a large number of goods sent abroad, with the rich logistics experience of dropshipping, you can also help you reduce logistics costs. I believe that everyone has no doubt about the mobile phone case mailed abroad, in addition to the storage logistics can mail the mobile phone case abroad, many sensitive goods can also be mailed, such as: food, cosmetics, pure batteries and so on.
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mobile phone shell Introduction Note

In recent years, mobile phone cases have become an ideal product for cross-border e-commerce international small bags due to their lightweight and low entry barriers, attracting a large wave of sellers. Mobile phone cases have become a hot product in cross-border e-commerce, and are continuously exported to overseas consumers through cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

Phone cases sold overseas is a huge market. Hou Jianchen, director of the 3C industry of Dunhuang.com, once said that mobile phone machines, mobile phone accessories, and mobile phone accessories are the three main forces of mobile phone categories, of which mobile phone accessories account for the largest proportion, accounting for 55%; The proportion of mobile phone accessories also increased from 8% last year to 16% this year. According to NPD, a U.S. market analysis firm, 87 percent of people use mobile phone cases. Research group GfK also said that British Apple phone users bought 5 million phone cases.

How US overseas warehouse save for Amazon sellers

Amazon FBA in the United States limits the number of products to be warehoused according to the sales volume.

Then、 it will save a lot of costs to fill at least one container at a time.

At this time、 the most necessary is the American overseas warehouse.

Therefore、 the most obvious cost savings are transportation fees (including customs duties、 AMS、 IFS declaration fees、 BOND fees、 importer agency fees、 etc.).

And the recent trip to the United States has been delayed.

So now it has become a necessary choice for Amazon sellers and overseas warehouses

The difference between US FBA shipping and sea shipping delivery

It refers to the same transportation mode、 but different names. In FBA first journey transportation、 sea transportation+express delivery is called Haikuai or Haipai. It refers to the same FBA first journey logistics channel. There are also peers called Hai+Kuai or Hai+Pi.

FBA shipping delivery (shipping+express) is a logistics channel that uses sea transportation to complete the front part of the first journey、 and UPS and other express delivery to complete the tail part after the classification of the containers at the port. The real end delivery part is fixed、 and UPS is generally used for delivery; Different shipping companies will be selected for the front-end shipping part. For example、 Matson Express、 ZIM Express、 EMC Yantian Express and other shipping companies.

Those who use Matson fast shipping are called Meisen Express Shanghai (Haikuai)、 or Meisen Express Shanghai for short. The time limit is very fast、 and the goods can be picked up within 8-10 working days after the ship's departure and sent to the warehouse by UPS. By analogy、 the timeliness of Xinghai style is equivalent to that of Meisen style、 and it can be extracted in 9-11 working days from Shenzhen Yantian Port.

EMC Tax Package Shanghai adopts EVA EMC Fixed Lift Express、 and the time limit is 13-15 working days after the ship is shipped. The cost performance ratio is very high.

Process of international export sea shipping

The basic process is as follows: accepting consignments from cargo owners - chartering and booking space - packing and port collection - customs declaration - making bills of lading - sending bills of lading and writing off tax refund documents.

1、 Accept entrustment

After receiving the entrustment from the owner of the goods、 the following aspects shall be confirmed first、 including the filing (annual review) of the unit at the customs at the place of export; Whether the customs declaration documents are complete (the full set of customs declaration documents include the entrusted customs declaration agreement、 export goods declaration form、 packing list、 invoice、 contract、 export collection verification sheet and various certificates involved in customs supervision conditions); Whether various certificates required in the customs supervision conditions are complete; What kind of container is used for the goods; Whether there are special requirements.

2、 Book space

According to the requirements of the shipping power of attorney of the cargo owner、 confirm the shipping space (obtain the ship name、 voyage number and bill of lading number)、 the packing point、 the time and place of the port collection with the shipping company.

3、 Container concentration port

1. Packing at the place of origin: the shipping company shall、 according to the requirements of the cargo owner、 transport the empty containers to the shipper's warehouse or factory、 and then directly transport the containers to the container yard or the direct gathering port after the cargo is packed.

2. Factory delivery: the factory or shipper shall ship the goods to the container transfer station designated by the shipping company、 and the transfer station shall be responsible for loading the goods into containers in turn. When necessary、 the shipper shall go to the packing site to check the loading conditions and prevent short shipment or wrong shipment.

4、 Customs declaration

5、 Make bill of lading

The bill of lading shall be printed according to the relevant contents of the manifest and ocean waybill、 and the contents of the bill of lading shall be faxed to the principal for confirmation before the formal bill of lading is printed.

6、 Send bills of lading and tax refund documents after verification

After confirming that the goods have been loaded and shipped、 the full set of bills of lading shall be sent to the principal as soon as possible so that the principal has sufficient time to handle the foreign exchange settlement procedures. After the customs release、 the customs declaration form for export tax refund and verification form stamped by the customs shall be sent to the client as soon as possible.


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