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Mobile phone shell mailing abroad is completely no problem, Todropshipping warehousing logistics also often for overseas students to mail mobile phone cases abroad, mobile phone cases are general goods, generally the four major express can be mailed abroad, and there will be no restrictions, but it is still recommended that you choose some freight forwarders or shipping companies to take the goods, because the container shipping company and many express delivery is a cooperative relationship can get 3-5 discount of the official price, so it can save freight for many small partners. like Toropshipping, not only to give preferential prices but also to provide a number of free services to overseas friends, such as: packing, packing, reinforcement, photography, consolidation, warehousing, etc. are all free. And if it is a large number of goods sent abroad, with the rich logistics experience of dropshipping, you can also help you reduce logistics costs. I believe that everyone has no doubt about the mobile phone case mailed abroad, in addition to the storage logistics can mail the mobile phone case abroad, many sensitive goods can also be mailed, such as: food, cosmetics, pure batteries and so on.
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mobile phone shell Introduction Note

In recent years, mobile phone cases have become an ideal product for cross-border e-commerce international small bags due to their lightweight and low entry barriers, attracting a large wave of sellers. Mobile phone cases have become a hot product in cross-border e-commerce, and are continuously exported to overseas consumers through cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

Phone cases sold overseas is a huge market. Hou Jianchen, director of the 3C industry of Dunhuang.com, once said that mobile phone machines, mobile phone accessories, and mobile phone accessories are the three main forces of mobile phone categories, of which mobile phone accessories account for the largest proportion, accounting for 55%; The proportion of mobile phone accessories also increased from 8% last year to 16% this year. According to NPD, a U.S. market analysis firm, 87 percent of people use mobile phone cases. Research group GfK also said that British Apple phone users bought 5 million phone cases.

What kind of products are suitable for FBA

Which products are suitable for FBA? Is it big or small? Is it expensive or cheap? The products with the following characteristics are suitable for FBA.

1. Products with excellent quality and performance. Such products will not be returned or replaced generally、 which can greatly reduce the loss of sellers.

2. Small size、 high profit products. The product is small in size、 easy to transport and can save costs. However、 it should be noted that the product price should not be set too low. Because the delivery by FBA will incur relevant handling fees and various transaction costs. If the product price is too low、 the profit will also decrease. It is suggested that the price of FBA products should be more than 5~6 dollars.

In general、 FBA is suitable for small and medium-sized sellers of products with excellent quality、 small size and high profits. The advantages of other products are not obvious.

What are the advantages of international maritime transport

Air transport aviation:

Advantages: It takes three to four days to get to the destination airport. Disadvantages: high cost、 no way to fly a single overweight and oversized item、 and no delivery of liquids and explosives.

Ocean sea Shipping: Advantages: products with low cost and cannot be transported by air can basically be transported. Disadvantages: It takes a long time to sign for receipt、 and it usually takes one month in Europe、 America and other remote regions.

In fact、 there is no conflict between the two. Most big e-commerce companies maximize their profits by taking advantage of both sides. The paint bar month before the peak shipping season starts to arrange shipping by sea. Specific shipments with short air transportation time can meet the needs of customers who need to shop during the shipping period. It is also not too much in the off season. The peak season is September、 January and February. Since September、 shipping should arrive at the port one after another. Goods can be recharged. Some promotional activities can be properly conducted to attract more potential customers

How to operate air transportation to Europe Amazon warehouse

The operation mode of shipping to Amazon warehouse in Europe is as follows:

Air transportation+local delivery at the destination、 the freight company collects a certain amount of goods、 the first flight package board flies to the city near the Amazon warehouse in Europe、 Germany、 and the customs clearance company of the freight company completes the customs clearance、 and then the express company delivers the goods to the warehouse; This method is less effective than the first one、 but the freight rate is economical.


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