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Todropshipping, aiming at the problems encountered by e-commerce enterprises in the Switzerland market, launches the agency delivery service with the integration of e-commerce warehouse distribution, providing a complete set of logistics services such as packaging, labeling, bar code, labeling, quality inspection, assembly, processing, coding, plastic sealing, cover, packaging and delivery. Allows you to focus on the development and innovation of the core business, without the hassle of warehouse management.
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How long about US FBA logistics air freight take
FBA air transportation is a common way of international logistics transportation. In the first transportation of fba、 many sellers are willing to choose air transportation to transport their goods to the destination、 because in terms of timeliness、 air transportation is relatively stable. In the case of the special line to fba in the United States、 the timeliness is generally about 2 days、 but if you choose sea transportation、 it may take 15-20 days、 and sometimes it will be more affected by the weather So it's good to choose air transportation.
US fulfillment for transshipment and dropshipping

Generally speaking、 the overseas warehouse transshipment in the United States means that Chinese domestic e-commerce sellers transport their products to local overseas warehouses in the United States by air、 sea、 etc.、 and then forward the products to FBA warehouses or other overseas warehouses according to different needs.

The reasons for overseas warehouse transshipment in the United States are generally as follows:

1. It can operate on multiple account platforms.

2. Many goods are limited in Amazon warehouse due to size、 and can be normally stored in overseas warehouse.

3. Fast replenishment in peak season.

4. The goods can be intercepted in the middle and sent to the FBA warehouse.

One consignment of American overseas warehouse is that cross-border e-commerce sellers deliver products in bulk to the local third-party warehouse in the United States by express、 air delivery or sea transportation. After the order is generated on the platform、 the overseas warehouse processes the goods according to the order、 and then delivers them to USPS、 federal、 DHL and other local express delivery companies for delivery to the buyer. To put it simply、 follow these steps:

1. The seller arranges the first delivery of the goods to a third-party US warehouse;

2. The warehouse shall count the goods received and put them on shelves;

3. When a buyer places an order on the platform、 the buyer uploads the order in the American overseas warehouse system;

4. The warehouse receives the order instruction to distribute goods and deliver goods、 and domestic/international delivery;

5. The buyer receives the order item.

Benefits of overseas warehouse to Aliexpress sellers

In 15 years、 AliExpress has started the overseas warehouse project、 but this overseas warehouse is a cooperative third-party overseas warehouse. There are also introductions about overseas warehouse services on AliExpress's official website、 and you can also contact Taobo's supply chain.

For sellers、 the platform will give different support to overseas warehouse sellers

1) The flow must be inclined

2) Overseas warehouse sellers default to local return and exchange service、 which is also a better buyer experience

3) The setting of freight template allows you to set local delivery、 which is more reliable and preferred for buyers

Overseas warehouse itself also has many advantages: low scale effect、 low cost、 fast delivery of local return and replacement、 good buyer experience、 no congestion in peak season、 no impact of customs clearance、 buyer experience、 expand sales categories、 large goods can also be managed by warehouse and handled by a third party、 simple operation、 and platform traffic tilt

What are the charges for e-commerce warehousing fulfillment dropshipping

Usually、 it is difficult to list the costs of warehousing outsourcing and logistics consignment. Because these costs are closely related to the specific types of goods、 the daily delivery quantity of goods、 warehouse rent and other value-added services、 and the change of each variable will affect the difference of specific prices. A more accurate answer can only be obtained by face-to-face confirmation of all details and clarification of all charges.

The following points determine the cost of e-commerce warehousing:

1. First of all、 in terms of the types of goods、 specific prices need to be determined according to specific goods. For example、 the prices of different types of goods such as clothing、 food and equipment are also quite different. Because the volume and size of different types of goods are quite different、 there are different requirements for storage and transportation、 which will directly affect the specific costs.

2. The daily order quantity is also an important reason for affecting specific expenses. It is conceivable that the higher the daily order quantity、 the lower the price of each order、 which is also easy to understand.

3. In terms of warehouse rent、 it is well understood and relevant expenses are calculated according to the specific location and area of the rented warehouse.

4. Other value-added services、 that is、 some value-added services that can be provided to e-commerce、 such as product packaging replacement、 barcode pasting、 sending SMS and other services.

In order to solve these complicated charging items、 the warehousing and distribution service charges of TODROPSHIPPING are very simple and clear. The fees for goods receipt、 fulfillment、 packaging、 labeling and other services are 4rmb per ticket、 charged by ticket、 without minimum consumption、 warehouse rent and other additional charges. Overseas warehouses can also be rent free for one month、 simple and affordable.

There are several kinds of air transport lines in international express delivery
The air transport special line is generally the mode of air transport+delivery. Different airports of departure are suitable for different goods. Generally、 ordinary goods can only be used in mainland China. Liquid/battery goods can be delivered through Hong Kong channels. The specific price depends on which country、 goods category、 weight and volume.

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