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Todropshipping is an American FBA logistics service provider for American medical supplies sphygmomanometers, blood glucose meters and lipids.

Todroshipping can export all kinds of medical devices to the United States, provide double-clearance tax package services, and has its own FDA initial equipment importers, which can match FDA documents.

The details of medical supplies are as follows: sphygmomanometer, body measuring instrument, blood glucose meter, fat measuring instrument, massage instrument, stethoscope, thermometer, eyebrow tattooing device, hair straightener, tooth cleaning device, electric toothbrush, oral irrigator, toothbrush disinfection and sterilization Products such as toothbrush heads, oral irrigator nozzles and other products can provide double-clearance tax-to-door logistics services, formal customs clearance, sunshine transportation, and customers worry-free!

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electronic blood pressure monitor Introduction Note

A sphygmomanometer is an instrument for measuring blood pressure, also known as a sphygmomanometer. Sphygmomanometers mainly include auscultation sphygmomanometers and oscillometric sphygmomanometers.

The auscultation sphygmomanometers mainly include: mercury sphygmomanometer (manometer), spring-type sphygmomanometer (calorimeter sphygmomanometer, light display sphygmomanometer, liquid crystal sphygmomanometer, etc.).

The oscillometric method is also called the oscillation method. Its principle is to obtain the oscillating wave generated during the deflation process, and convert the blood pressure value through a certain algorithm. Most electronic sphygmomanometers are designed using the oscillometric principle.

What to pay attention to when moving by international sea
Some precautions for international maritime moving: when we choose an international moving company、 we must know its subject qualification and contract performance ability、 so as to determine whether the other party has the shipping qualification and the ability to ensure the safe arrival of goods at the destination. The contents of the consignment note should be true、 because the contract of carriage of goods will be established when the completed consignment note is accepted by the carrier and the carrier fills in the consignment note. The shipper must indicate the departure and arrival stations、 the units、 names and addresses of the shipper and the consignee、 and the packaging、 storage and transportation instructions in accordance with national regulations. Goods under the care and supervision of specially assigned personnel during transportation. The supercargo shall be responsible for the safety of the goods and abide by the relevant regulations on transportation. Before consignment of goods、 we must first understand the contraband and dangerous goods subject to transportation restrictions、 so as to avoid unnecessary trouble and delay in transportation caused by customs inspection. The articles shall be well packaged、 meet the transportation safety requirements、 and avoid loss of articles due to damage during transportation.
What is warehousing fulfillment dropshipping

What is warehousing consignment:

Consignment means that e-commerce cooperates with third-party fulfillment and logistics companies、 signs relevant contracts、 places its own goods in third-party warehouses、 or the purchased goods are directly delivered to third-party warehouses by the supplier、 the system provided by the third party matches the domestic waybill number with the international waybill number、 e-commerce makes item remarks in the system remarks column、 and the third party checks and verifies that there is no error The third-party warehousing company will help the e-commerce to handle the delivery、 packaging and delivery of goods. If the delivered goods are delivered in large batches、 in multiple days and batches、 it is necessary to put the goods on shelves in the system and the warehouse location、 place the goods in the corresponding warehouse location、 and ensure the consistency of product names and quantities. The customer only needs to place an order directly in the system next time、 set an inventory alert、 and replenish the inventory in a timely manner. This is warehousing.

Many people separate fulfillment from consignment. In fact、 in my opinion、 this is just one thing. It saves e-commerce from spending a lot of manpower、 material resources and energy on warehouse and operation、 and also improves the professionalism of operation. It also eliminates the need to send goods to e-commerce first、 then to e-commerce and then to logistics providers. It also greatly improves the timeliness、 while ensuring the speed and quality of logistics services.

Knowledge of various international maritime surcharges

Surcharge or additional charge refers to the additional expenses or economic losses incurred by the ship owner when transporting goods due to various reasons of the ship、 cargo、 port and other aspects. Surcharges are various、 and will be cancelled or new surcharges will be formulated as some circumstances change. The following are some common surcharge categories for your reference:

Bunker Surcharge or Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF)

Devaluation Surcharge or Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF)

Deviation Surcharge

Suez Canal Surcharge

Transshipment Surcharge

Direct Additional

Port Surcharge

Port Congestion Surcharge

Heavy Lift Additional

Long Length Additional

Cleaning Charge

Fumigation Charge

Ice Surcharge

Optional Fees or Optional Additional

Alteration Charge


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