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Todroshipping DHL international express mail Bluetooth headsets

1. What are the postal countries?

Like mainland DHL, Hong Kong DHL can mail to more than 220 countries and regions around the world, including Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Oceania and other regional countries, covering a wide range.

2. What is the timeliness?

Going to Hong Kong DHL, you need to hand over the goods to the forwarder for sorting, and after the sorting is completed, we will arrange Hong Kong trucks to be transported to Hong Kong Airport for loading and transportation. Since Hong Kong DHL needs to transit, it will generally be half a day slower than mainland DHL, but the overall timeliness is still between 3-7 days, and it usually arrives and signs for receipt in 3-5 days, which is very fast.

3. How much is charged?

Hong Kong DHL is the same as mainland DHL's billing standard, weighing less than 21kg is charged according to the standard of the first weight of 0.5kg and the continuous weight of 0.5kg, and the cargo less than 0.5kg is calculated and continued according to 0.5kg. Since the company is a first-class agent of Hong Kong DHL, you can enjoy 2-4% discount on the official announced price through our mail, and the price is very affordable.

4. What are the restrictions?

Hong Kong DHL restrictions are mainly divided into item restrictions, weight restrictions, volume restrictions, and item restrictions, supporting live products, magnetic products, and imitation brand products. Any liquids, pastes, cosmetics, pure batteries and other flammable, explosive, prohibited items prohibited by aviation are rejected. Weight limit, goods exceeding 68kg will be subject to an overweight surcharge. Volume restrictions, packages with a circumference of more than 300 cm are subject to an extra long surcharge.

5. How to mail?

You can mail it online or offline. It is recommended that you choose online mailing, because online mailing is more convenient, saves time, and can directly place an order through the company's logistics management system and apply for a driver's door-to-door pickup. If you want to mail offline, you need to consult the business outlet of the logistics company and find the nearest outlet to send it to your door.

You can consult the online customer service in the floating column on the right side of the official website to understand the mailing matters, or you can call the company's telephone transfer business department for detailed consultation.

6. Precautions

There are two precautions for sending DHL international express, one is to pay attention to whether the cargo area is a remote area, if it is a remote area, it is recommended to change to another express channel to mail, otherwise you will have to pay the remote surcharge.

Other Hong Kong UPS and Hong Kong Fedex can deliver Bluetooth headsets. Another thing, if the Bluetooth headset is used for sale, it needs relevant certification to some countries, otherwise it cannot be cleared.

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headphones Introduction Note

In-ear earphones: also known as in-ear headphones, ear canal headphones, is a kind of earphones used inside the human hearing organ, according to its design, will seal the user's ear canal when used.

On the basis of ordinary earphones, in-ear headphones are inserted into the ear canal with a gel plug to obtain better sealing. Greatly increases the performance of the headphones.

According to statistics from third-party data agencies, the output value of TWS headphones has shown a continuous growth trend in recent years, from 21 billion yuan in 2016 to 82.2 billion yuan in 2020, with an average annual compound growth rate of 40.66%. In terms of shipments, global TWS headset shipments increased from 0.09 million units in 2016 to 310 million units in 2021, with an average annual compound growth rate of 102.97%.

Differences between international logistics special lines and express delivery

The international logistics special line refers to the route channels to specific countries、 such as the British special line、 the American special line and the German special line.

International express delivery refers to the express delivery and logistics business conducted between two or more countries (or regions). The transportation of letters、 commercial documents and articles between countries (or regions) is a means of inspection and release of express mail through border ports between countries and customs. After the international express arrives at the destination country、 it needs to be transshipped again in the destination country to deliver the express to the final destination、 which is called international express.

The transportation modes of international logistics special line include air transportation、 sea transportation、 rail transportation、 land transportation、 etc. The modes of transportation of international express include air transportation、 sea transportation、 rail transportation、 etc.

International logistics focuses on the delivery of large quantities of goods to the destination and reduces costs by means of large-scale transportation; The overall price is lower than that of commercial express; Speed and timeliness are better than postal packets; Low packet loss rate. The timeliness of international express is very strong; High security of goods; Strong customs clearance capability; A wide range of goods can be collected.

How to Select Freight Forwarders for UK Amazon Air Logistics
Have Amazon FBA cargo operation experience、 be familiar with Amazon warehouse warehousing standards、 be able to identify Amazon cargo waybill labels、 and simply place an order to solve customs clearance and tax payment problems、 because Amazon does not act as the main body of customs clearance and tax payment. If it is a large batch of goods、 you need to be familiar with Amazon's scheduled warehousing process. It is better to be the FBA first logistics service provider recommended by Amazon For example、 the FBA first service provided by Todropshipping should be diversified and different FBA first service should be selected for different goods.
What is Matson Express fast shipping

In the case of Matson Express、 it is a ship transporting international goods、 and its timeliness is relatively fast.

1、 Advantages of Meisen Express

1. Advantages

Matson Express fast shipping integrates the whole transportation process、 picking up process and its own advantages. Its most significant feature is fast picking up and delivery.

Time efficiency advantage: It only takes about 11 working days for container loading from Shanghai Port to Los Angeles、 the fastest shipping route at present.

Own terminals: In addition to fast speed、 Meisen Express has its own dedicated terminal in Los Angeles、 and other shipping companies use public terminals、 so Meisen Express has higher efficiency in container handling、 the most significant advantage in the peak shipping season、 is not easy to arrange warehouses、 and has good stability.

2. Disadvantages

High price: because Meisen Express is the fastest channel、 the price of Meisen Express is also the highest.

The ship can only be shipped in Shanghai: after receiving the goods in other domestic cities、 they also need to be sent to Shanghai for shipment. They are not friendly to other regions outside Shanghai、 which will increase domestic transportation costs.

3. Suitable for Matson Express fast shipping

On the whole、 Meisen Express is still a good shipping channel in the United States、 but it can only ship at Shanghai ports. Such shipping channels are only suitable for export enterprises in Shanghai and its surrounding cities. How to be an export enterprise in Shenzhen? It may be more cost-effective to spend time and money to ship goods to Shanghai、 increase the time and cost of transportation、 and choose other sea transportation.

4. Safe and efficient

Matson Express fast shipping has its own dock in the United States、 which will give priority to its own business needs and will not be affected by unexpected events.

5. Convenient and fast

Matson Express fast shipping ship is fully loaded in most cases、 so there is no need to participate in shared cabins、 and the benefits of not participating in shared cabins are obvious. Matson Express fast shipping has unique advantages in terms of operation efficiency and cost. Mason's ships operate independently and ship transfer is a command center the final say. The docks in the United States are easy to contact with ships. Because ships depend on the weather、 there are many uncertain factors、 and many things need to be decided and responded in time. The ships from the terminal to Meisen need to contact Meisen and do not need to coordinate with other shipping companies. Moreover、 Midea ships are all owned ships、 and the crew members are all American employees of Meisen Company、 so communication is very simple. Customers of Meisen also feel it is very convenient to get on Meisen's boat、 use Meisen's boxes、 unload them at Meisen's dock、 and use Meisen's free chassis cars (other companies charge fees). It is very convenient.

6. Unique

As far as the specific route is concerned、 the possibility of duplication of Matson Express fast shipping route is very low. Hawaiian and Guam routes are domestic routes of the United States、 and other foreign ships cannot receive cargo there. But what can be copied is regression value. This is something everyone can do and the shipping company must do. Customers vary widely. Sometimes customers don't know what they need. Before you present a specific product to him、 he is not very clear. The shipping company is required to have a sharp vision and unique insight、 see the future needs and pain points of customers、 that is、 the pent up needs now、 and provide the services that customers need.

7. Excellent financial position

In fact、 when they came to China from the United States and Spain、 they were already profitable. Then return to the United States from China、 although as a return cargo、 the freight rate of Matson Express fast shipping is higher than that of other shipping companies' main eastbound routes. So the financial situation of this route is very good. Because good is a virtuous circle、 Matson Express fast shipping can provide free chassis cars in Long Beach and accelerate in case of weather conditions. Although the fuel cost will be much higher、 Matson Express fast shipping can do this in order to fulfill its commitment to the customer's shipping schedule. In fact、 this is a virtuous circle. Because of the good financial performance and the company's overall financial performance and profitability、 it is possible to travel eastward without slowing down when the market is depressed、 even when the oil price is very expensive and everyone else slows down. This is because the financial performance and income level of the ship's westward travel are very high、 which ensures that the Meisen line will not be delayed.


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