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With the development of the economy and friendly exchanges between the peoples of the world, the suit has become the most standard universal dress in the world today, and it can be worn on various ceremonial occasions. The suit is available in a single top and a set. For informal occasions, you can wear a single piece with various trousers or jeans; For semi-formal occasions, you should wear a suit, and you can choose to be bold in the color and pattern of the clothing according to the atmosphere of the occasion; For formal occasions, you must wear a suit with a plain color, preferably dark or monochrome. From the perspective of men's business formal wear sales, from 2011 to 2017, the sales of men's suits increased year by year, and the growth rate remained at about 10%, and the sales volume of men's suits reached 105.7 billion pieces in 2016.

Todropshipping is a professional international logistics and overseas warehouse service provider, in the United States Los Angeles, New York, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom have self-operated overseas warehouses, can provide our customers with overseas warehouse warehousing, overseas warehouse delivery, overseas warehouse pick-up, overseas warehouse return and replacement, FBA transit and other services.

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business wear Introduction Note
Business wear refers to the authoritative, dignified and other properties required for various business work, which can conform to the business rigorous, solemn and other atmosphere, belongs to the category of professional wear, but is clearly different from the traditional occupational clothing with various work uniform nature. According to the gender of wear, it can be divided into: business women's clothing, business men's clothing; According to the wearing occasion, it can be divided into: daytime business wear, business dinner dress.
Process of international export sea shipping

The basic process is as follows: accepting consignments from cargo owners - chartering and booking space - packing and port collection - customs declaration - making bills of lading - sending bills of lading and writing off tax refund documents.

1、 Accept entrustment

After receiving the entrustment from the owner of the goods、 the following aspects shall be confirmed first、 including the filing (annual review) of the unit at the customs at the place of export; Whether the customs declaration documents are complete (the full set of customs declaration documents include the entrusted customs declaration agreement、 export goods declaration form、 packing list、 invoice、 contract、 export collection verification sheet and various certificates involved in customs supervision conditions); Whether various certificates required in the customs supervision conditions are complete; What kind of container is used for the goods; Whether there are special requirements.

2、 Book space

According to the requirements of the shipping power of attorney of the cargo owner、 confirm the shipping space (obtain the ship name、 voyage number and bill of lading number)、 the packing point、 the time and place of the port collection with the shipping company.

3、 Container concentration port

1. Packing at the place of origin: the shipping company shall、 according to the requirements of the cargo owner、 transport the empty containers to the shipper's warehouse or factory、 and then directly transport the containers to the container yard or the direct gathering port after the cargo is packed.

2. Factory delivery: the factory or shipper shall ship the goods to the container transfer station designated by the shipping company、 and the transfer station shall be responsible for loading the goods into containers in turn. When necessary、 the shipper shall go to the packing site to check the loading conditions and prevent short shipment or wrong shipment.

4、 Customs declaration

5、 Make bill of lading

The bill of lading shall be printed according to the relevant contents of the manifest and ocean waybill、 and the contents of the bill of lading shall be faxed to the principal for confirmation before the formal bill of lading is printed.

6、 Send bills of lading and tax refund documents after verification

After confirming that the goods have been loaded and shipped、 the full set of bills of lading shall be sent to the principal as soon as possible so that the principal has sufficient time to handle the foreign exchange settlement procedures. After the customs release、 the customs declaration form for export tax refund and verification form stamped by the customs shall be sent to the client as soon as possible.

What does the international express line mean
The international express line is a dedicated logistics transportation service independently developed by domestic express and logistics companies from domestic export to the target country、 or from the target country to domestic import. International express lines have the advantages of fast time、 low price and smooth customs clearance.
The packaging requirements for air transport of dangerous goods and general cargo
Packaging requirements: the whole or whole bundle of articles that are not afraid of collision and pressure resistance、 and those with rough edges、 sharp edges、 barbs or protruding teeth、 seaming、 and the possibility of damaging mail bags or other mail items、 such as thick iron barrels、 bearings、 steel cables、 etc.、 shall be boxed、 wrapped with thick cloth and fastened with ropes、 or fastened with iron sheets; All edges and corners are smooth、 the surface is flat、 and the mail bag tube will not be damaged. Rope cloth can be used to fasten or wind firmly. Valuables、 such as watches、 pocket watches、 cameras、 gold and silver ornaments、 jewelry、 precious medicinal materials、 etc.、 should be packed in strong and pressure resistant paper or metal boxes or wooden boxes、 and the space in the boxes should be properly filled with soft materials、 and the boxes should be wrapped with tough paper、 or wrapped with cloth.

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