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With the change of people's consumption habits, the new consumption trend of overseas sellers has emerged. As far as the jewelry industry is concerned, China is an important country of fashion jewelry production and consumption in the world. The fashion jewelry industry has developed rapidly, and its scale has leapt to the forefront of the world, second only to the United States and Japan. China has become one of the countries with the most significant growth in the global fashion jewelry industry. According to Chinese customs data, from January to February 2021, the export volume of China's imitation jewelry was 464 tons, an increase of 6502% year on year, and the export amount was 172.8 billion dollars, an increase of 83.6% year on year. From 2015 to 2020, China's jewelry exports of precious metals or precious metal clad jewelry will reach the highest value in 2020.

TODROPSHIPPING focuses on cross-border e-commerce warehousing services, providing international express and international small bags for all kinds of gem jewelry, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, mozanne diamonds, metal jewelry, pearl jewelry, wedding jewelry, shells, enamel, cloisonne, synthetic diamonds, artificial red packets, sapphires, artificial jadeite, artificial jewelry, semi precious stone jewelry, opal, amethyst, black gems, jadeite, Alexandrite, coral, etc, International special lines, overseas warehouse delivery and other services have opened direct warehouse delivery and logistics special lines for many countries, including American special lines, British special lines, Australian special lines, New Zealand special lines, Israel special lines, etc. The price is affordable, the time limit can be 5-7 days, and there are professional channels to provide solutions for special goods and live products.

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Diamond Introduction Note
Diamonds refer to polished diamonds. Diamonds are natural minerals and raw stones of diamonds. In short, diamond is a simple crystal composed of carbon element formed under high pressure and high temperature conditions in the deep earth. On May 16, 2017, Sotheby's Auction House held the Spring Jewelry Auction in Geneva, Switzerland. A pair of colored pear shaped diamond earrings set a new record in the auction history with a total price of about 57.4 million US dollars, about 395 million yuan. This pair of pear shaped earrings are produced in South Africa. Except for different colors, they are almost identical in shape and weigh about 16 carats respectively. Among them, the dark pink diamond is called "Artemis", which sold 15.5 million US dollars (106.7 million yuan). The other diamond is dark lake blue, which is called "Apollo". Because the color is more rare than the pink diamond, the price is more than twice that of the pink diamond.
How to find an overseas warehouse issued by Amazon

At present、 most of them will provide a consignment service to better meet the seller's selection、 delivery and other issues、 especially for novice sellers. Of course、 the seller also needs to find a partner to support the delivery of one piece of goods、 so that the goods can be delivered in time.

For overseas warehouses that issue goods on behalf of others、 most of their service types also include export tax refund、 customs clearance、 distribution、 return processing、 return inspection、 overseas after-sales maintenance、 transit service、 and the service of pushing and changing labels.

Therefore、 the option of issuing overseas warehouse on behalf should not be sloppy.

Now let's share how to choose an appropriate overseas warehouse.

Whether there is a mature management system

For sellers、 customers、 goods、 overseas warehouses and information sharing and docking with logistics companies are very important、 so it depends on whether the management system matches the integration needs of their own enterprises、 such as order management、 waybill management、 etc. This is essential for a mature overseas warehouse enterprise.

Whether there is enough storage area and operation capacity

It is believed that we all often encounter the problem of "overseas warehouse explosion"、 which will lead to problems in the peak season turnover. Therefore、 the cooperative overseas warehouse enterprises must have a large inventory and professional operation capacity、 which can largely avoid these problems and enable the expansion of e-commerce sellers.

Whether there is a professional service team

The professional service team can provide cross-border e-commerce sellers with a one-stop service system、 starting from the delivery of goods to overseas warehouses. This can minimize the problems of goods overseas、 and at the same time、 it will be more coordinated and harmonious when connecting with customers.

PS: When selecting overseas warehouses、 we must make detailed adjustments、 such as whether the person in charge of the overseas warehouse has many years of overseas life experience、 and whether he has many years of operation experience in the logistics industry.

Clear billing mode

Not all overseas warehouses are reliable. Some overseas warehouse enterprises will attract you with low prices、 but there are many surcharges behind. Therefore、 when choosing、 sellers must find clear and definite charges and prices、 and there is no ambiguous overseas warehouse.

PS: In addition、 it is necessary to know in detail whether the geographical location of the warehouse is convenient and whether the service team is all Chinese. Because if the shipment is urgent、 most Chinese people accept overtime、 which can increase the processing speed of goods.

What are the costs of international moving by sea

International moving expenses by sea include the following aspects:?

1. In order to avoid serious damage of goods during transportation、 and to meet the customs clearance requirements、 furniture and other items during transportation、 the professional packaging team needs to carry out customized packaging、 including cardboard、 carton、 pearl wool、 bubble film、 winding film、 wrapping angle、 tape and other materials、 as well as the corresponding packaging and handling labor costs、 which are included in the cost.

2. After the articles are packed、 the packing team of the moving company will transport the packed furniture、 electrical appliances and other personal articles to the local warehouse or the nearest designated warehouse in the port city. The inland transportation costs are also included.

3. Before shipment、 the goods must go through the customs declaration formalities and be inspected by the customs before they can get on board. During this period、 there will be a series of related expenses. If the articles need to be fumigated according to the requirements of the destination country、 there will also be related expenses of fumigation.

4. The cargo at the port of departure will incur relevant port handling、 document and other miscellaneous charges、 and the shipping company will charge corresponding ocean freight during the transportation.

5. The cargo arriving at the port of destination will also incur the corresponding port miscellaneous charges.

6. After the goods arrive at the port of destination、 we will carry out the corresponding customs clearance、 that is、 we can make declaration to the customs of the destination country、 and we can arrange further work after the permission of the customs of the destination country. The performance of customs clearance procedures will also incur corresponding expenses.

7. After the customs clearance、 we will provide you with follow-up delivery services、 which are slightly different according to the requirements of each guest、 basically including placing all furniture in the designated room、 removing the outer packaging、 simply assembling furniture、 and finally removing all the disassembled packaging fragments before leaving.

International moving expenses mainly include departure cost、 sea freight and destination cost. Departure expenses include door-to-door packaging expenses、 domestic transportation expenses within the city、 customs clearance fees、 port miscellaneous expenses (possible fumigation、 inspection and other expenses at the port)、 ocean freight and ocean freight. The destination fee includes customs clearance fee、 port fee、 door-to-door delivery and unpacking arrangement fee.

What are special logistics lines and what are their advantages
Logistics special lines、 direct transportation from one place to another without transit、 and general special line logistics enterprises will operate a number of special lines. Special lines have the advantages of fast time and high efficiency. Todropshipping supply chain integrates multiple global dedicated lines and door-to-door dedicated lines with high cost performance.

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