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With the popularity of the variety show "Camping Season for Flowers and Teenagers", the camping economy has been advancing rapidly at home and abroad. Especially in the European, American, Japanese and Korean markets, the demand for camping supplies has soared.

The data further supports the popularity of the camping economy. In Europe and the United States, outdoor activities have become an indispensable form of life for European and American residents. Their demand for outdoor activities has always been high.

According to the survey, the sales volume of the global outdoor products market was about 160 billion US dollars, an increase of 28.33% over the same period last year. The current market has a strong momentum of development, which is expected to exceed 230 billion dollars by 2025.

At the same time, the number of consumers of outdoor products is also growing. By 2023, it is estimated that more than 1.3 billion people will fall in love with the healthy lifestyle of outdoor sports.

Todropshipping is the Sourcing-Fulfillment-Dropshipping-Logistics One stop service eCommerce Brand Launchpad. providing international express, international small bags, international special lines, overseas warehouse delivery and other services for various tents, golf training networks, etc. It has opened direct delivery warehousing and logistics special lines for many countries, including the U.S. special line, the British special line, the Australia special line, the New Zealand special line, the Israel special line, etc. The price is affordable, the time limit can be 5-7 days, for special goods, There are also professional channels to provide solutions for electrified products. It provides independent station packaging, Shopify warehousing, TIKTOK warehousing, FRUUGO packaging, ETSY warehousing, Amazon self delivery and other services.

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Tent Introduction Note
A tent is a shed that is propped up on the ground to shelter from wind, rain, sunlight and temporary living. It is made of canvas and can be disassembled and transferred at any time along with the supporting objects. The tent is carried in the form of parts and assembled after arriving at the site. Therefore, various parts and tools are required. Only by knowing the name and usage of each component, and being familiar with the structure of the tent, can the tent be set up quickly and conveniently.
What are the modes of small package transportation in UK

1. Continental shipment

The British special line package from the mainland、 known as the British general cargo special line、 is loaded and shipped from domestic airports such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen to the UK. After customs clearance、 it is delivered to Royal Mail for terminal delivery and can be delivered to the whole UK. Chinese Mainland strictly inspects sensitive goods、 so it is unable to deliver any sensitive goods. However、 the direct installation from inland has high installation efficiency、 fast delivery efficiency and better logistics timeliness.

2. Departure from Hong Kong

Hong Kong departure is known as the British special line electrified small bags. The goods are transferred from Shenzhen to Hong Kong、 loaded after arriving in Hong Kong for departure to Britain、 and delivered to Royal Mail for terminal delivery after arriving in Britain. When goods are transferred to the UK、 we can take advantage of Hong Kong's relatively loose export policy to deliver some sensitive goods、 such as items with batteries、 liquids、 cosmetics、 etc.

How to send international express

The operation process is as follows:;

1. First、 contact the international express agency to provide information about the goods、 then quote according to the name of the goods and other information、 and provide the receiving address and other information.

2. It is necessary to express the goods to the international express agent warehouse. If it is online shopping、 you can change the receiving address to the address of the express company so that the goods do not need to be transported by domestic express.

3. After the warehouse receives the goods、 the staff will check the goods information、 product name、 corresponding customers、 etc. If everything is OK、 the warehouse will take the initiative to contact the customer after sorting out the data.

4. The customer provides information such as foreign recipient、 address、 telephone、 zip code、 country、 city、 declared value/product name/quantity、 etc.

5. You can make data on behalf of the customer、 scan the code for payment or transfer payment、 and the customer completes the payment.

6. The staff arranges for the delivery of goods、 express delivery to the aircraft via Hong Kong、 goods to foreign destination countries → customs clearance → delivery → customer signing、 and the transportation process is completed.

International express can mail daily necessities、 cosmetics、 clothes、 shoes、 electronic products、 food、 drugs、 health care products、 documents、 books、 certificates、 etc.

How about the international air and sea freight

1. Freight accounting of international air transportation to foreign airports: total cost=unit price (price of each level) * weight+local CHARGE

Local CHARGE mainly includes: DOC bill of lading fee+CUS customs clearance fee+CISS entry fee (Shenzhen and Guangzhou do not charge)

Other possible expenses: vehicle inspection fee and inspection fee

Length multiplied by width multiplied by height/6000

2. Freight accounting of air transportation double clearance tax to Dubai: the goods are divided into ordinary goods、 brands、 sensitive goods、 etc.、 and the price of all inclusive goods is calculated according to different types. Double clearance of air transportation tax、 free door-to-door delivery to addresses within the scope of overseas delivery、 and remote fees are paid for those with remote overseas addresses.

3. Accounting of international marine full container or bulk cargo arriving at the port of destination:

From the factory to the ship: the towing fee from the factory to the wharf、 THC from the wharf、 lead sealing fee、 shipping company's document fee、 other miscellaneous fees at the wharf、 etc. (depending on different ports)

Sea transportation: sea freight、 sea surcharge、 etc

4. International shipping full container/bulk cargo double clearance accounting:

Full container and double clearance: calculate the full inclusive price of all the expenses of the trailer customs declaration、 sea transportation and customs clearance at the port according to the details of the goods

Double clearance of bulk cargo: calculated per cubic meter、 all inclusive to the destination


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