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Todropshipping can provide delivery e-liquid product door to door service ,including custom clearance and transportation, and various cosmetics. Color, export food seasonings, products, transparent raw materials export and other products transport products, small packages, special line express services.

It is also popular with many sellers. Different overseas warehouses, each batch of overseas warehouses is responsible for removing the shelves, and building the owner of the cargo to the customer and the source of goods here. Managing the warehouse requires running-in.

We are a high-quality agency service provider for your cargo transportation, fast and stable international freight service provider.

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smoke cream Introduction Note

Tobacco used in hookah is mixed with honey and any common food to add flavor. The most commonly used flavor is apple, but other fruits are also used, such as orange, pineapple, strawberry, and even coffee, chewing gum, and cola flavors. .Unlike other pipes, it uses the residual heat of burning coal to sublimate the tobacco. Now, due to cost issues, shisha tobacco manufacturers use molasses and glycerin instead of honey. Shisha charcoal, also known as shisha charcoal, is the best way to light shisha cigarettes. It is refined from selected fruit charcoal powder. It can be burned at one point, and it is durable. Generally, a small piece of charcoal can burn for 50 minutes to an hour, and it emits a fragrance during the burning process. Charcoal for incense and religious use. Available in diameters of 38MM, 33MM, 17MM and other specifications, and can also be customized according to customer requirements. Most tobacco uses shredded tobacco, but also uses tobacco cream.

Hookahs are relatively less harmful than cigarettes. Smoking hookahs is one of the traditional ways of smoking in China. Hookahs can be smoked through the hookahs of hookahs. Both hookahs and hookahs pass through the water in the bag and the tube, and use your mouth with your mouth. suck, make inside

If you bring it back to China, you have to pay 30% of the tax, which is determined according to the price. If you want to bring it and don’t want to pay the tax, you can mail it back to your country. For more information about life, tourism and business in Dubai, you can consult Greenfield Capital Group

The authentic Arabian hookah is made of carbon, which is used to heat the smoke material. Then the nicotine content is very small through the filtration of water. It is very harmful to the body.

Although hookah cream is made of fruit, it can still cause harm to the body without scientific treatment.

No, it needs to be heated with charcoal separated by tin foil

Tobacco monopoly has it. Look for lady cigarettes. There are fruit-flavored ones.

How long does the US Ocean Express take
Generally、 it takes about 30-40 days for the US ocean shipping line to arrive in the United States、 and about 25 days for the express. For details、 please consult Todropshipping online customer service of supply chain.
What should we pay attention to in the US FBA special line logistics

The US FBA special line consists of the following: air (sea) first journey transportation+customs clearance at destination+dispatch at destination. The following is a brief introduction to some operation links and precautions of the US FBA: tariff: the higher the declared value of goods、 the higher the corresponding tariff will be paid. However、 if the practical value of the goods is high、 but the declared value is lower than the practical value、 once found by the customs、 there will be high punitive tariffs.

Customs clearance: customs clearance in the United States requires a customs clearance company and an importer of a trading company to declare and clear the goods. Occasionally、 special inspections may be encountered、 such as checking whether the goods are infringing、 whether there are qualification certificates、 and whether there are signs of origin affixed. Before Chinese goods arrived in the United States、 they must be labeled "made in China".

Prohibited articles:

First、 there is nothing to say about the domestic explicit prohibition of exports、 and the national laws can not be ignored;

Second、 the world transportation regulations prevent transportation、 which is primarily considered from the perspective of security;

Third、 the United States prohibits imports. These prohibited articles need special attention from the shipper、 otherwise they may not be transported.

What is the US FBA air transportation process

FBA's air transportation process is as follows:

1. Goods preparation: provide goods information、 such as product name、 number of packages、 weight、 box size、 destination and destination consignee name、 address、 telephone、 shipment time、 shipper name、 telephone、 address、 etc.

2. Booking space: the air transport export agency will print the total waybill number、 number of pieces、 weight、 volume and reserve space with the airline according to the designated pre allocation scheme、 flight and date.

3. Warehouse allocation: check the difference between the actual number、 weight and volume of goods and the forecast quantity in the consignment note. The effective use and reasonable allocation of reserved space and crates shall be carried out according to the aircraft type、 crate model、 height and quantity of each flight.

4. Export customs declaration: express customs declaration、 general trade customs declaration、 i.e. tax refund customs declaration、 ATA customs declaration、 etc.

5. Customs clearance: after the customs clearance seal is affixed on the waybill、 it is necessary to sign the waybill at the airline. Only after the confirmation of signing the waybill can the bill and goods be handed over to the airline


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