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Currently, there are a variety of logistics channels that can undertake Bluetooth headsets and other tape-powered goods: postal parcels, dedicated line parcels, commercial express. The main advantage of postal parcels is that they are cheap and provide postal customs clearance services. The special line logistics is efficient and the price is reasonable, which solves some international customs clearance problems and is cost-effective. The express delivery is fast and stable, and the goods can be delivered to the door quickly.

1. Postal parcel:

Dutch postal parcels: can be subdivided into two channels: registered mail and regular mail. The registered parcel provides detailed information tracking and proper sign-off service, with high security. Regular mail is cheaper. This channel can accept Bluetooth headsets and earplugs, covering the whole world, with stable and fast timeliness to nearly 20 European countries such as Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, and the postal customs clearance mode has strong customs clearance capabilities.

2. International express:

DHL International Express: One of the three major international express delivery giants, with the characteristics of fast timeliness and high security. As the first-level agent of DHL Express, Daifatong can also undertake charged and magnetic items such as Bluetooth headsets in addition to sensitive items such as imitations and matching batteries. As low as 24% off the official price, the price advantage is obvious.

3. International line

The international special line has multiple advantages such as stable timeliness, cheap freight, and safe and stable customs clearance for the delivery of small electronic packages. It is an important logistics method that everyone chooses.

What international express can send earplugs?

China-US special line, US special line, DHL international express and other logistics channels. Different logistics channels have different characteristics and advantages, which are described in detail above. If you want to know more about the above logistics channels, you can directly consult the official website online customer service.

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earbuds Introduction Note
Noise-cancelling earplugs (soundproof earplugs, quiet earplugs, sleep earplugs) are generally made of silicone or low-pressure foam, high-elasticity polyester material. After being inserted into the ear canal, it is in close contact with the external ear canal to isolate the sound from entering the middle ear and inner ear (ear drum) and achieve the purpose of sound insulation. It is especially suitable for high-noise environments, such as construction sites, shooting ranges, motorcycle riding and sleeping. The station is very hot.
What are the meanings of MBL and HBL in international shipping

1. MBL is the bill of lading issued by the shipping company、 commonly known as the "sea bill"、 with the highest security. However、 because there is no profit in the shipping bill、 the shipping agent generally does not ship the bill.

2. HBL refers to the bill of lading issued by the freight forwarder、 or "freight forwarder" for short. In general、 it is a freight forwarder.

What are the characteristics and types of international sea shipping

International shipping has the advantages of low transportation cost、 large cargo volume、 long time limit and large shipment volume.

There are two types of international shipping:

1. FCL Freight: one ticket for one container or one ticket for multiple containers;

2. LCL Freight: more than three bills for one container;

Process of international export sea shipping

The basic process is as follows: accepting consignments from cargo owners - chartering and booking space - packing and port collection - customs declaration - making bills of lading - sending bills of lading and writing off tax refund documents.

1、 Accept entrustment

After receiving the entrustment from the owner of the goods、 the following aspects shall be confirmed first、 including the filing (annual review) of the unit at the customs at the place of export; Whether the customs declaration documents are complete (the full set of customs declaration documents include the entrusted customs declaration agreement、 export goods declaration form、 packing list、 invoice、 contract、 export collection verification sheet and various certificates involved in customs supervision conditions); Whether various certificates required in the customs supervision conditions are complete; What kind of container is used for the goods; Whether there are special requirements.

2、 Book space

According to the requirements of the shipping power of attorney of the cargo owner、 confirm the shipping space (obtain the ship name、 voyage number and bill of lading number)、 the packing point、 the time and place of the port collection with the shipping company.

3、 Container concentration port

1. Packing at the place of origin: the shipping company shall、 according to the requirements of the cargo owner、 transport the empty containers to the shipper's warehouse or factory、 and then directly transport the containers to the container yard or the direct gathering port after the cargo is packed.

2. Factory delivery: the factory or shipper shall ship the goods to the container transfer station designated by the shipping company、 and the transfer station shall be responsible for loading the goods into containers in turn. When necessary、 the shipper shall go to the packing site to check the loading conditions and prevent short shipment or wrong shipment.

4、 Customs declaration

5、 Make bill of lading

The bill of lading shall be printed according to the relevant contents of the manifest and ocean waybill、 and the contents of the bill of lading shall be faxed to the principal for confirmation before the formal bill of lading is printed.

6、 Send bills of lading and tax refund documents after verification

After confirming that the goods have been loaded and shipped、 the full set of bills of lading shall be sent to the principal as soon as possible so that the principal has sufficient time to handle the foreign exchange settlement procedures. After the customs release、 the customs declaration form for export tax refund and verification form stamped by the customs shall be sent to the client as soon as possible.


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