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Todropshipping warehousing logistics can help you easily mail the game mouse abroad, because this product is not a special product, but belongs to general goods, many international express can be transported. For example: FEDEX, UPS, DHL, EMS, TNT, etc.!

Mouse mail process abroad: First of all, we need to find some reliable transporters when mailing packages abroad, dropshipping warehousing logistics is a very good logistics provider, with more than 10 years of transportation experience, and the channels are also very many, in addition to international express delivery and sea, air, special lines. After purchasing the goods, the package will be mailed to our dropshipping warehousing, and our warehouse personnel will re-weigh the goods. Then confirm the channel and price, and finally just pay the shipping fee to start transshipment abroad.

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gaming mice Introduction Note
Gaming mice are designed to meet the needs of gaming and have higher performance, comfort and user-defined features. Such mice, whether optical or laser, often use a better engine, microswitches and mats, with better ergonomic design and surface treatment, to meet the player's pursuit of hand feel and performance, greatly improve operating efficiency, and ensure a longer service life. In addition to the hardware part, the real qualified gaming mouse will also be paired with driver software to realize the player's customization of the game and improve the game operation according to their own needs. Therefore, the cost of both soft and hard performance gaming mice will be much higher than that of general mice, so the retail price will be relatively more expensive.
How to ship by air to US Amazon FBA
For FBA air shipment in the United States、 you should first find a logistics company to cooperate (such as Todropshipping)、 and then tell them what your goods are and how much they weigh. After that、 they will arrange door-to-door pickup、 and then transport the goods to domestic airports for loading and delivery、 usually directly to the United States. After customs clearance in the United States、 it is sent to the Amazon warehouse by the local logistics provider. The whole process is relatively simple、 which takes about 6-8 days.
Advantages and disadvantages of US overseas warehouse fulfillment

1. Lower logistics cost: direct delivery from overseas warehouses in the United States to customers is equivalent to domestic express delivery、 which is lower than that from China to foreign countries.

2. Faster delivery time: After the first transportation of American overseas warehouse solves the complex problems of transportation、 customs declaration、 customs clearance、 etc.、 you don't need to worry about the customs declaration and customs clearance of the articles in the warehouse、 wait for orders、 and ship at any time.

3. Higher product exposure: if the platform or store has its own warehouse overseas、 then local customers will generally give priority to local delivery when choosing to shop、 because this can greatly shorten the time of receiving goods、 the advantages of overseas warehouse、 and also enable sellers to have their own unique advantages、 thus improving the product exposure and improving the sales of the store. At present、 our long-term cooperation is with overseas warehouses of TODROPSHIPPING. They have overseas warehouses in Europe and the United States、 which are convenient for delivery、 transit and warehousing. It is a good choice.

Does cross-border e-commerce use overseas warehouses now

The logistics mode to be used depends on its own operation and logistics demand.

Of course、 under the current unstable international market background、 the advantages of overseas warehouse are indeed more prominent. Considering the current logistics timeliness、 in order to prevent the product from being out of stock、 some goods can be stored in the overseas warehouse in advance、 and FBA can timely replenish the goods through the overseas warehouse when the inventory is urgent; Value added services such as issuing one piece for overseas warehouse、 returning goods and changing marks can also bring a lot of convenience and opportunities. It is really convenient to centrally transport the goods to the country where the market is located for storage、 and deliver the rest to overseas warehouse for final delivery? The state also supports the construction of overseas warehouses、 but the overseas warehouses are still in the period of free expansion、 and there are many pitfalls in choosing overseas warehouses. Most sellers seeking stability will use overseas warehouse enterprises with reliable service scale、 such as barns、 at least in terms of cost、 timeliness、 system use and storage management. Of course、 whether to use overseas warehouse or not depends on whether you have stable order demand support and can bear a certain warehousing cost.


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