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Men's T-Shirts Fulfilment Centers and Warehouses

Clothing is affected by seasonal factors, some product lines will have off-peak seasons, and T-shirts do not have this problem, T-shirt products throughout the year sales cycle is long, even in the second half of the year will not fluctuate much due to seasonal factors. T-shirt sales show an upward trend in February every year, and July and August are the peak sales of T-shirts and polo shirts, and sellers should prepare and select at least one month before the peak season opens, so as to seamlessly match the multi-order mode of the peak season and give buyers the best experience.

Todropshipping focuses on international logistics supply chain services, in North America and Australia have overseas warehouses, especially T-shirt short sleeves and other products have a good solution to the problem of forgetting the season, North America summer, Australia, New Zealand is winter, the United States, Europe is winter, South America is summer, and drop-shipping in these countries have overseas warehouses and corresponding direct lines, you can grasp the sales season of each market at any time, so that the sales volume is long-lasting.

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Men's T-Shirts Introduction Note
Direction development. With the continuous high overseas demand and the strong development of the men's wear market, in the face of more and more consumers who pursue brand fashion and personalization, DHhuang.com has joined hands with domestic menswear brands to further enhance their competitiveness while formulating a variety of games to create more new opportunities for the Chinese men's wear market. Dunhuang.com men's T-shirts and polo shirts are the product lines with the highest proportion in the apparel industry. Sales have increased significantly for the third consecutive year, reaching 129% in 2019. The buyer market of Dunhuang.com clothing industry is concentrated in Europe and the United States, and sellers should consider the preferences of the mainstream buyer market when selecting products, and the styles of men's T-shirts and polo shirts are in sharp contrast between street and simple.
What is warehousing fulfillment dropshipping

What is warehousing consignment:

Consignment means that e-commerce cooperates with third-party fulfillment and logistics companies、 signs relevant contracts、 places its own goods in third-party warehouses、 or the purchased goods are directly delivered to third-party warehouses by the supplier、 the system provided by the third party matches the domestic waybill number with the international waybill number、 e-commerce makes item remarks in the system remarks column、 and the third party checks and verifies that there is no error The third-party warehousing company will help the e-commerce to handle the delivery、 packaging and delivery of goods. If the delivered goods are delivered in large batches、 in multiple days and batches、 it is necessary to put the goods on shelves in the system and the warehouse location、 place the goods in the corresponding warehouse location、 and ensure the consistency of product names and quantities. The customer only needs to place an order directly in the system next time、 set an inventory alert、 and replenish the inventory in a timely manner. This is warehousing.

Many people separate fulfillment from consignment. In fact、 in my opinion、 this is just one thing. It saves e-commerce from spending a lot of manpower、 material resources and energy on warehouse and operation、 and also improves the professionalism of operation. It also eliminates the need to send goods to e-commerce first、 then to e-commerce and then to logistics providers. It also greatly improves the timeliness、 while ensuring the speed and quality of logistics services.

What are special logistics lines and what are their advantages
Logistics special lines、 direct transportation from one place to another without transit、 and general special line logistics enterprises will operate a number of special lines. Special lines have the advantages of fast time and high efficiency. Todropshipping supply chain integrates multiple global dedicated lines and door-to-door dedicated lines with high cost performance.
How to select an appropriate overseas warehouse for medium and large articles?

01 Mature management system: the information connection between customers、 commodities、 overseas warehouses and logistics companies is very important. It is important to choose the system that meets the order integration needs of your own enterprise. For overseas warehouses、 the maturity of the system is the key to the maturity of overseas warehouses.

02 Warehouse area and operation capacity: the problem of overseas warehouse explosion and poor turnover also occurs frequently in peak season. Therefore、 companies with large inventory and operating capacity can also avoid these problems to a large extent.

03 Whether there is a professional team in China: An overseas warehouse service company with a domestic professional team will master the specifications before the goods are sent to the overseas warehouse、 so as to avoid problems overseas to the greatest extent、 and also better avoid problems overseas、 and better communicate and coordinate with customers.

04 Whether the overseas warehouse team is a local team: especially whether the person in charge of the overseas warehouse has many years of overseas life experience and many years of operation experience in the logistics industry. Each country and region will have different rules、 understand the truth、 and grasp the cost and risk.

05 Service items: In addition to providing overseas warehousing services、 are there any other sophisticated and comprehensive services? Companies with more comprehensive services will save you time and worry、 and make your turnover more flexible.

06 Whether customers will be selected: the warehouse itself is clearly positioned、 and any customer will receive overseas warehouses、 which will pose high risks. If any problem occurs in any link、 even one customer's problem will affect other customers. Therefore、 it is more reassuring to know how to refuse customers' overseas warehouse.


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