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Clothing is affected by seasonal factors, some product lines will have off-peak seasons, and T-shirts do not have this problem, T-shirt products throughout the year sales cycle is long, even in the second half of the year will not fluctuate much due to seasonal factors. T-shirt sales show an upward trend in February every year, and July and August are the peak sales of T-shirts and polo shirts, and sellers should prepare and select at least one month before the peak season opens, so as to seamlessly match the multi-order mode of the peak season and give buyers the best experience.

Todropshipping focuses on international logistics supply chain services, in North America and Australia have overseas warehouses, especially T-shirt short sleeves and other products have a good solution to the problem of forgetting the season, North America summer, Australia, New Zealand is winter, the United States, Europe is winter, South America is summer, and drop-shipping in these countries have overseas warehouses and corresponding direct lines, you can grasp the sales season of each market at any time, so that the sales volume is long-lasting.

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Men's T-Shirts Introduction Note
Direction development. With the continuous high overseas demand and the strong development of the men's wear market, in the face of more and more consumers who pursue brand fashion and personalization, DHhuang.com has joined hands with domestic menswear brands to further enhance their competitiveness while formulating a variety of games to create more new opportunities for the Chinese men's wear market. Dunhuang.com men's T-shirts and polo shirts are the product lines with the highest proportion in the apparel industry. Sales have increased significantly for the third consecutive year, reaching 129% in 2019. The buyer market of Dunhuang.com clothing industry is concentrated in Europe and the United States, and sellers should consider the preferences of the mainstream buyer market when selecting products, and the styles of men's T-shirts and polo shirts are in sharp contrast between street and simple.
How does Amazon FBA send the head stream

1. The first preparation is to print the warehousing label in the background during the process of sending it to FBA、 and make sure to print two copies to prevent one from wearing out during express transportation. Seal the barcode with adhesive tape after pasting to prevent abrasion.

2. The outer box must be marked with "Made in China" to avoid problems in customs clearance.

3. The declared value of FBA express goods in the United States should not exceed 800 dollars. If there are many goods with high value、 they can be delivered by several orders without any impact on warehousing. It is safer to declare that the amount is controlled within 800 US dollars per ticket、 but it is not recommended that the amount is about 400 US dollars per ticket. Of course、 if you want to send FBA the first air tax package route、 the freight forwarder will help you to modify the declaration.

4. The British FBA can choose to use the freight forwarding company's vat tax number for customs clearance in its initial stage and early stage、 but in the long run、 it still needs to register its own company's vat to avoid the British government's tax bureau's audit of accounts and fines.

5. For Amazon Japan Station、 we should choose a freight forwarding company with relatively strong strength、 so that the destination tariff will be relatively small and cost pressure will be saved.

6. For overweight goods、 if a box of goods exceeds 22kg、 it is better to paste "HEAVY PACKAGE" on the outer box so that it is easier to put on the shelf.

What is the difference between air freight and DHL

DHL is an international express company、 which is a famous express/logistics company. With DHL、 he will receive and deliver goods at home.

Airport air transport is a kind of service provided by civil aviation、 which means carrying cargo by aircraft. Generally、 the goods must be delivered to the airport and picked up by someone after arrival.

What are the advantages of international maritime transport

Air transport aviation:

Advantages: It takes three to four days to get to the destination airport. Disadvantages: high cost、 no way to fly a single overweight and oversized item、 and no delivery of liquids and explosives.

Ocean sea Shipping: Advantages: products with low cost and cannot be transported by air can basically be transported. Disadvantages: It takes a long time to sign for receipt、 and it usually takes one month in Europe、 America and other remote regions.

In fact、 there is no conflict between the two. Most big e-commerce companies maximize their profits by taking advantage of both sides. The paint bar month before the peak shipping season starts to arrange shipping by sea. Specific shipments with short air transportation time can meet the needs of customers who need to shop during the shipping period. It is also not too much in the off season. The peak season is September、 January and February. Since September、 shipping should arrive at the port one after another. Goods can be recharged. Some promotional activities can be properly conducted to attract more potential customers


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