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Precautions for new energy battery transportation:

Because the battery has acidic substances, it is listed as a dangerous good in transportation, and it is not legal for ordinary trucks to transport them in bulk.

If the maintenance-free battery is squeezed and collided during transportation, it may also cause fire or explosion. Therefore, vehicles that must transport dangerous goods exclusively are eligible for legal transportation.

Its working principle: when charging, the external electrical energy is used to regenerate the internal active material, the electrical energy is stored as chemical energy, and the chemical energy is converted into electrical energy output again when it needs to be discharged, such as the mobile phone battery commonly used in life.

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new energy Introduction Note

In recent years, new energy has been very hot by everyone, and it is common to be stocks. Grab a random person on the road, 80% percent has heard the three words "new energy", but a little deeper, what fields and products are involved in new energy, everyone is confused. It is roughly divided into solar power generation, hydropower generation, wind power generation, biomass power generation and nuclear power generation. In addition to nuclear power, which is all renewable energy, the representative country that is currently more enthusiastic about nuclear power is Japan.

The cross-border e-commerce new energy track is one of the fastest growing tracks in Alibaba International Station in the past year, and has continued to maintain rapid growth this year. From January to April this year, the transaction volume of the new energy industry of the international station increased by more than 130% year-on-year.

Dai Xianwen, industry operation director of Alibaba International Station, said that in the past three years, the cumulative growth rate of the new energy industry in Alibaba International Station has exceeded 10 times, of which photovoltaic modules + photovoltaic inverters, photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion energy storage systems, etc. have become the hot-selling products of new energy in the international station.

What are the businesses of international shipping

In fact、 it refers to the international maritime transport business、 which generally refers to the international shipping operators' use of their own or operated ships and spaces、 provision of international maritime cargo transport and passenger transport services and related activities around their ships、 passengers or goods to complete these services、 including signing relevant agreements、 accepting booking、 negotiating and collecting freight、 issuing bills of lading and other relevant transport documents、 arranging cargo loading and unloading Arrange storage、 cargo handover、 transshipment and vessel inbound and outbound activities.

To sum up、 there are five points:

1. Agency services such as booking space、 dragging containers、 loading and unloading、 warehousing and distribution、 customs declaration and inspection of full containers of import and export goods

2. Unpacking、 distribution and distribution of LCL goods

3. Provide extended services at home and abroad such as EWX、 DDP/DDU and door-to-door service

4. Sea air combined transport、 bulk cargo、 dangerous goods、 frozen goods and other special services

5. Provide all trade cooperation services and insurance agency services including import and export、 return、 bonded、 transit、 etc

The significance of overseas warehouse for cross-border e-commerce
Overseas warehouses and fulfillment are of great significance to cross-border e-commerce. Overseas warehousing is to transport goods overseas for centralized storage、 which greatly reduces the transport cost of goods and increases the security of goods transport. To do cross-border e-commerce、 you need to first transport the goods to a foreign warehouse. If it is an overseas warehouse、 it is your own local warehouse. This warehouse can be rented or purchased by yourself. The initial investment for overseas warehouse is relatively large、 but once it is built、 there will be no storage and other costs.
What are the calculation methods of international air freight

Air freight price calculation method:

(1) Air freight charge weight

According to the provisions of the airline、 when the cargo is small and heavy、 it shall be calculated according to the actual weight; In case of large volume and small weight of goods、 it shall be calculated by volume. A batch of goods consists of several different goods、 including light goods and heavy goods. The billing weight shall be the total gross weight or total volume weight of the whole batch of goods、 whichever is higher.

(2) Air freight price calculation and cost category

1. Rates;


3. The airlines charge the international air freight according to the three regional rates set by the International Air Transport Association;

4. There are four main types of air freight: (1) general freight; (2) Freight rate of special goods or designated goods; (3) Class freight rate of goods; (4) Freight rate of container cargo

(3) Minimum freight

The minimum freight that the airline can accept for handling a batch of goods、 regardless of the weight or volume of the goods、 and the minimum amount that should be charged for transporting a batch of goods between two points. Different regions have different minimum freight rates.

(4) Other provisions on air freight price calculation

All the different air freight rates and charges have the following common points: the freight rate refers to the transfer from one airport to another. It is only applicable to a single direction; Other additional costs are not included. Such as picking up、 customs declaration、 delivery and warehousing expenses. Freight rates are usually published in local currency. Freight rates are generally calculated in kilograms or pounds. The freight rate in the air waybill is based on the applicable freight rate on the date when the air waybill is issued.


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