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How to package graphics card international logistics?

1. This does not need the original packaging box can be expressed, find a carton for a separate graphics card, use an anti-static bag to pack the graphics card, there is no ordinary plastic bag instead,

2. Then wrap several layers with newspaper, it is best to have a sponge, you can also have none, so put it in the carton and pack, and wrap the outer layer of the carton once.

3. If there is no outer packaging of the graphics card, wrap the graphics card completely with bubble wrap, and use a relatively soft bubble wrap, which can effectively absorb shock and protection, it is recommended to wrap several layers appropriately.

4. If there is a foam box, it is best to place the wrapped graphics card in the foam box, which can better protect the graphics card. Wrap the main body of the graphics card completely and place it in a box with a relatively hard material.

5. Do not leave space around to avoid bumps during transportation. At the same time, do not leave a large gap, you can fill the gap in the box with a filler.

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Graphics Cards Introduction Note

According to a recent report by Graphic Speak, the graphics card market shipments from AMD and Nvidia partners grew to more than $50 billion in 2021. Shipments exceeded 50 million add-on boards (AIBs) during the year, and shipments across the market increased by nearly 30% throughout the year

With analysis and interpretation throughout 2021, Graphic Speak (Jon Peddie Research publication) reports that the AIB market reached $51.8 billion. This figure represents a 29.5% increase for the full year. In terms of graphics card shipments, JPR estimates that 42 million graphics cards will enter the market by 2022, rising to more than 50 million last year. These numbers indicate that the average selling price of graphics cards in 2021 is a staggering $1,000 or more.

Do international express exports need to be declared?
If the goods mailed do not exceed the 1000 limit、 there is no tariff. If the value of the goods mailed exceeds the tax exemption amount、 it may be necessary to pay tariffs for the goods. The current tariffs for cosmetics are 10% - 20%. The tariff is the excess part of the tariff、 that is、 the tariff is calculated based on the total amount of the excess tax exemption. The limit for items sent by individuals from or to Hong Kong、 Macao and Taiwan is 800 yuan each time; The limit for goods sent from or to other countries and regions is 1000 yuan each time.
What services can overseas warehouse fulfillment agent provide
The third-party overseas warehouse is the logistics warehousing mode selected by many cross-border e-commerce sellers、 and the domestic reputation is good、 such as TODROPSHIPPING US overseas warehouse. For example、 the overseas warehouse can deliver the goods to the warehouse in the destination country and put them on the shelf. If there is an e-commerce order、 the local delivery can be provided; There is also the Amazon FBA transit replenishment service、 which is to avoid the impact of out of stock on sales and ranking、 and the third-party overseas warehouse can timely replenish goods to Amazon FBA locally; There is also the service of returning goods and changing marks. After all、 it is very convenient to face the problem of returning goods. If you want to sell the goods on the market again、 you must change the marks to pass the application of the platform、 and the overseas warehouse can help you change the marks; In addition、 there are some basic warehousing fulfillment services that require a certain amount of warehousing fees. These overseas warehouse services are commonly used. You can communicate with your overseas warehouse service provider according to your needs.
Benefits of overseas warehouse to Aliexpress sellers

In 15 years、 AliExpress has started the overseas warehouse project、 but this overseas warehouse is a cooperative third-party overseas warehouse. There are also introductions about overseas warehouse services on AliExpress's official website、 and you can also contact Taobo's supply chain.

For sellers、 the platform will give different support to overseas warehouse sellers

1) The flow must be inclined

2) Overseas warehouse sellers default to local return and exchange service、 which is also a better buyer experience

3) The setting of freight template allows you to set local delivery、 which is more reliable and preferred for buyers

Overseas warehouse itself also has many advantages: low scale effect、 low cost、 fast delivery of local return and replacement、 good buyer experience、 no congestion in peak season、 no impact of customs clearance、 buyer experience、 expand sales categories、 large goods can also be managed by warehouse and handled by a third party、 simple operation、 and platform traffic tilt


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