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Wireless Charger Fulfilment Centers and Warehouses

What channels can wireless chargers take?

Hong Kong Fedex: can be connected to mobile power, pure battery. Fast timeliness, reference time 3-4 days can be delivered, good service, stable timeliness, can reach the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries and regions.

Railway packets: can undertake mobile power supply, pure battery products, live products, cosmetics, disinfectant with alcohol and other sensitive products. Railway special line, stable timeliness, 20-30 days delivery.

Sino-US special line: pure battery products, supporting battery products, built-in battery products, epidemic prevention materials, hand sanitizer, alcohol, disinfectant, general goods. Direct to the whole United States, the whole process of USPS tracking number. 7-12 days delivery, great price.

Canada special line: This channel can undertake a wide range of battery products, including lithium battery products, dry batteries, pure batteries and other products, with fast timeliness and reference time of 7-11 days.

UK special line: battery channel, can transport mobile power, power bank and other battery products. The channel is online on the same day forecast, the timeliness is fast, and it can do prepaid tariffs to solve customs clearance problems.

Japan special line: This channel can send lithium battery products, mobile power, power banks, battery products, etc. to the whole of Japan, with a reference time of 3-8 days, and the time is fast.

German special line: focusing on cross-border e-commerce special line logistics, can receive a variety of built-in batteries, pure battery products, fast timeliness. The first flight from Hong Kong to Germany, the end DHL delivery. Prepaid customs duties can be done to solve customs clearance problems.

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Wireless Charger Introduction Note

With the improvement of system design, application software and power rating in the wireless charging industry is driving the development of wireless charging technology, the application range of wireless charging functions that only appeared in flagship products in the past is gradually expanding, and the market penetration rate is expected to exceed 50% in the future. Global receiver shipments will reach 1 billion units in 2020 and will reach 2 billion units in 2025, of which the mobile phone market is the main force, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and other mid-range mobile phone brands and some low-end models will also usher in the outbreak of wireless charging.

How to do well in overseas warehouse

1. The market demand of products should be large

This is the basic principle. Long tail products are not suitable for overseas warehouses、 because it will affect the conversion rate and produce life and death inventory. However、 the size of the market is reasonable、 and the seller needs to evaluate according to the capital situation and turnover rate.

2. Focus on the total profit per unit time rather than the profit of a single transaction

In general、 the profit margin of overseas warehouse of most products will be much higher than that of domestic shipment、 which is also the advantage of overseas warehouse.

Is it true that the profits of overseas warehouses are not as good as those of products shipped domestically、 so they must not be overseas warehouses? In fact、 it is not because we also need to comprehensively consider the conversion rate of overseas warehouse、 because products with high conversion rate can also achieve higher total profits through overseas warehouse!

This requires our sellers to look at overseas warehouses from a developmental and overall perspective.

For example、 if the profit margin of a product shipped from China is 20% and that of an overseas warehouse is 10%、 but the conversion rate of an overseas warehouse is 6 times that of a Chinese shipment、 the total profit obtained in the same time period is 3 times that of a Chinese shipment. Therefore、 we should not only look at the profit rate、 but also calculate the overall cost and benefit.

Matson Express of the US FBA shipping reliable? How about the timeliness
Matson fast ship is currently the fastest shipping express in the US FBA shipping industry. The shipping date is six days and three days. The warehouse is closed every Saturday、 and the ship starts next Wednesday. The fixed shipping period at sea is 11 days. Normally、 Meisen Express can sign in about 18 days. It is the preferred shipping express for many cross-border e-commerce sellers. Of course、 the price is also the highest in the US FBA shipping industry、 so Meisen Express is very reliable Of course、 it must be a regular logistics company to send Matson fast ship to you.
How to select an appropriate overseas warehouse for medium and large articles?

01 Mature management system: the information connection between customers、 commodities、 overseas warehouses and logistics companies is very important. It is important to choose the system that meets the order integration needs of your own enterprise. For overseas warehouses、 the maturity of the system is the key to the maturity of overseas warehouses.

02 Warehouse area and operation capacity: the problem of overseas warehouse explosion and poor turnover also occurs frequently in peak season. Therefore、 companies with large inventory and operating capacity can also avoid these problems to a large extent.

03 Whether there is a professional team in China: An overseas warehouse service company with a domestic professional team will master the specifications before the goods are sent to the overseas warehouse、 so as to avoid problems overseas to the greatest extent、 and also better avoid problems overseas、 and better communicate and coordinate with customers.

04 Whether the overseas warehouse team is a local team: especially whether the person in charge of the overseas warehouse has many years of overseas life experience and many years of operation experience in the logistics industry. Each country and region will have different rules、 understand the truth、 and grasp the cost and risk.

05 Service items: In addition to providing overseas warehousing services、 are there any other sophisticated and comprehensive services? Companies with more comprehensive services will save you time and worry、 and make your turnover more flexible.

06 Whether customers will be selected: the warehouse itself is clearly positioned、 and any customer will receive overseas warehouses、 which will pose high risks. If any problem occurs in any link、 even one customer's problem will affect other customers. Therefore、 it is more reassuring to know how to refuse customers' overseas warehouse.


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