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What should we pay attention to when shipping energy storage batteries to the United States?

1. The goods transported by sea should be legal and compliant, and there should be no contraband or dangerous chemical substances

2. Different logistics channels can be selected for different sensitive goods. If there are sensitive goods in the goods transported by sea, it is better to check with Baosteel Express before shipping, and select the appropriate shipping channel to ensure that the energy storage products can be transported to the destination smoothly

3. Before export sea transportation, it is required to submit the recipient's information, including the recipient's name, address, telephone, email, zip code, and the region where the recipient is located, which should be as detailed and accurate as possible.

Todropshipping warehouse logistics battery export special line to the United States has the advantages of stable timeliness, preferential price, and multiple channels. It undertakes the lithium battery lead-acid battery, photovoltaic energy storage battery, electric bicycle, electric balance car, electric scooter export to the United States from door to door. It has its own overseas warehouse in the United States, which is safe and reliable. It can be used as a delivery service for one electric bicycle energy storage battery overseas warehouse in the United States, and a delivery service for one large cargo overseas warehouse in the United States, with fast timeliness, Let American buyers have no worries about the delivery time, and can enjoy the experience products faster.

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energy storage batteries Introduction Note

At present, China's energy storage industry has entered a period of rapid development.

According to statistics from Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance, in the first half of 2021, 257 new energy storage projects were added in China (including the number of planned, under construction and operating projects), and the total scale of energy storage was 11.8 GW, which was 1.6 times and 9 times that of the same period in 2020, respectively.

Energy storage batteries can be widely used in power system links such as power generation, transmission and distribution, and electricity consumption, and the rapid growth of renewable energy power system construction has laid the foundation for the deployment of large-scale energy storage systems. At the same time, technological progress and the expansion of production scale have driven the cost of energy storage batteries down. In addition, the rapid development of the power battery industry has also driven the application of related technologies in energy storage batteries, which has promoted the reduction of the cost of energy storage batteries. With the continuous decline in the cost of energy storage batteries, the energy storage battery market will usher in a stage of rapid development and large-scale development, which will help China's low-carbon energy transformation.

How to select products for cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouse

If you want to select targeted products for overseas warehouse、 you should first figure out which products are easy to make profits for overseas warehouse、 and then use these standards to find the corresponding source of goods.

Product standards suitable for overseas warehouse include: products with large size and weight; Products with high unit price and gross profit; Charged、 liquid and powder products; High turnover rate of goods or seasonal commodities; For products that are urgently needed for occasional events or festivals、 such as furniture、 household appliances、 sports equipment、 office desks and chairs、 including the hot medical supplies、 the advantages of using overseas warehouses to deliver these products will be obvious.

How does Amazon FBA send the head stream

1. The first preparation is to print the warehousing label in the background during the process of sending it to FBA、 and make sure to print two copies to prevent one from wearing out during express transportation. Seal the barcode with adhesive tape after pasting to prevent abrasion.

2. The outer box must be marked with "Made in China" to avoid problems in customs clearance.

3. The declared value of FBA express goods in the United States should not exceed 800 dollars. If there are many goods with high value、 they can be delivered by several orders without any impact on warehousing. It is safer to declare that the amount is controlled within 800 US dollars per ticket、 but it is not recommended that the amount is about 400 US dollars per ticket. Of course、 if you want to send FBA the first air tax package route、 the freight forwarder will help you to modify the declaration.

4. The British FBA can choose to use the freight forwarding company's vat tax number for customs clearance in its initial stage and early stage、 but in the long run、 it still needs to register its own company's vat to avoid the British government's tax bureau's audit of accounts and fines.

5. For Amazon Japan Station、 we should choose a freight forwarding company with relatively strong strength、 so that the destination tariff will be relatively small and cost pressure will be saved.

6. For overweight goods、 if a box of goods exceeds 22kg、 it is better to paste "HEAVY PACKAGE" on the outer box so that it is easier to put on the shelf.

How to choose special line logistics and international express

International special line logistics and international express delivery are common cross-border mail packages for cross-border e-commerce sellers

International express delivery refers to the express logistics business conducted between two or more countries (or regions). Similar to domestic express companies and international express companies、 the main service and timeliness can achieve door-to-door transportation、 customs clearance is fast and efficient、 but the price cost is also relatively high. It is generally applicable to personal mailing of emergency goods、 or cross-border sellers sending goods with high value、 and the cost performance ratio is not high.

Special line express is mainly used to connect cross-border logistics companies with special lines from one country to another、 centralize goods for directional transportation、 and reduce costs through scale effect. Therefore、 the cost performance of international cross-border special lines is much higher than that of international express.

In addition、 cross-border logistics companies that can form a stable transportation scale will not be much slower than international express delivery in terms of efficiency. For example、 I found that the well-known Todropshipping and Daiyou Bao special lines in China take 5-8 working days to reach the United States、 while the reference efficiency of UPS is 4-7 working days、 with a small difference. Therefore、 the cross-border special line logistics has a high cost performance ratio and is suitable for small and medium-sized cross-border sellers to send packages internationally.


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