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VR glasses are a popular product now. The annual value of VR glasses exported from China is as high as 3.9 billion yuan, which shows how big the VR glasses market is.

Todropshipping Warehousing and Logistics specializes in exporting VR glasses, including customs clearance. VR glasses are a new type of product, and there will be many problems during transportation. This has always plagued import and export VR glasses merchants, and some products are even detained when they are exported abroad. lost heavily.

Todropshipping Export VR glasses have professionals responsible for ensuring the smooth export of customer products. The company provides one-stop service, tracking the location of goods throughout the process, and the information can be viewed online, allowing customers to develop their own business with confidence. VR glasses air package clearance, VR glasses shipping package clearance, VR glasses express package clearance, etc.

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VR products and accessories Introduction Note

In terms of application scenarios, VR is currently mainly used in entertainment, including watching movies and games. The hardware industry chain of VR equipment mainly includes terminal/machine foundry and core components such as optical devices, chips, display screens, sensors, and cameras.

According to IDC data, in the first quarter of 2022, 3.563 million VR headsets were shipped globally, a year-on-year increase of 241.6%. Domestically, Pico shipped 160,000 units in the second quarter, a year-on-year increase of 64.8%. Pico, which was acquired by ByteDance last year, is very eye-catching in VR marketing. As of August 2, 2022, the Douyin topic "Play VR to choose Pico" has a total playback volume of 1.06 billion.

The significance of overseas warehouse for cross-border e-commerce
Overseas warehouses and fulfillment are of great significance to cross-border e-commerce. Overseas warehousing is to transport goods overseas for centralized storage、 which greatly reduces the transport cost of goods and increases the security of goods transport. To do cross-border e-commerce、 you need to first transport the goods to a foreign warehouse. If it is an overseas warehouse、 it is your own local warehouse. This warehouse can be rented or purchased by yourself. The initial investment for overseas warehouse is relatively large、 but once it is built、 there will be no storage and other costs.
International express delivery usually takes several days
For international express delivery、 we often use the four major express DHL、 UPS、 FedEx、 TNT and EMS. The international express delivery time is normally 3-7 days、 depending on your time limit requirements、 where to send、 and the need for fast time limit、 you can refer to DHL express delivery. DHL express delivery can reach major countries and regions in 3-5 days.
How to find an overseas warehouse issued by Amazon

At present、 most of them will provide a consignment service to better meet the seller's selection、 delivery and other issues、 especially for novice sellers. Of course、 the seller also needs to find a partner to support the delivery of one piece of goods、 so that the goods can be delivered in time.

For overseas warehouses that issue goods on behalf of others、 most of their service types also include export tax refund、 customs clearance、 distribution、 return processing、 return inspection、 overseas after-sales maintenance、 transit service、 and the service of pushing and changing labels.

Therefore、 the option of issuing overseas warehouse on behalf should not be sloppy.

Now let's share how to choose an appropriate overseas warehouse.

Whether there is a mature management system

For sellers、 customers、 goods、 overseas warehouses and information sharing and docking with logistics companies are very important、 so it depends on whether the management system matches the integration needs of their own enterprises、 such as order management、 waybill management、 etc. This is essential for a mature overseas warehouse enterprise.

Whether there is enough storage area and operation capacity

It is believed that we all often encounter the problem of "overseas warehouse explosion"、 which will lead to problems in the peak season turnover. Therefore、 the cooperative overseas warehouse enterprises must have a large inventory and professional operation capacity、 which can largely avoid these problems and enable the expansion of e-commerce sellers.

Whether there is a professional service team

The professional service team can provide cross-border e-commerce sellers with a one-stop service system、 starting from the delivery of goods to overseas warehouses. This can minimize the problems of goods overseas、 and at the same time、 it will be more coordinated and harmonious when connecting with customers.

PS: When selecting overseas warehouses、 we must make detailed adjustments、 such as whether the person in charge of the overseas warehouse has many years of overseas life experience、 and whether he has many years of operation experience in the logistics industry.

Clear billing mode

Not all overseas warehouses are reliable. Some overseas warehouse enterprises will attract you with low prices、 but there are many surcharges behind. Therefore、 when choosing、 sellers must find clear and definite charges and prices、 and there is no ambiguous overseas warehouse.

PS: In addition、 it is necessary to know in detail whether the geographical location of the warehouse is convenient and whether the service team is all Chinese. Because if the shipment is urgent、 most Chinese people accept overtime、 which can increase the processing speed of goods.


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