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Most drones are powered by lithium batteries. The longer the drone lasts, the more energy it consumes, so the more power the battery consumes, the heavier the battery is, as small as a few grams. There are batteries of dozens of kilograms. These batteries are dangerous to a certain extent, so they are all restricted in transportation. The aviation association and several major international express carriers in the world have some regulations for the transportation of such goods, and some of the main ones are developed. These goods from the country can basically be operated.

In order to solve the pain point of customers, Todropshipping platform has launched a pure battery one-piece drop-shipping and pure battery dedicated line transportation service, which can provide a safe and efficient full transportation chain service. Todropshipping has a complete guarantee service. When your battery has problems during transportation, we will have corresponding solutions, so that you can have no worries during the service process.

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drone batteries Introduction Note
Simply said, most drone batteries use lithium batteries, most of which are soft-pack polymer lithium batteries. UAV manufacturers will use UAV batteries of different materials according to product positioning requirements. For example, Shibao, as a well-known UAV lithium battery manufacturer, custom-made lithium cobalt oxide batteries and semi-solid-state batteries for well-known UAV manufacturers at home and abroad, which are highly praised for their high performance and stable discharge. The energy density of the solid-state battery reaches 275wh/kg. Of course, when some drones do not require high battery weight and discharge rate, drone manufacturers may also use cylindrical ternary lithium, nickel-metal hydride and other battery solutions.
What is overseas warehouse and fulfillment
Overseas warehouse refers to the storage facilities established overseas. In cross-border trade e-commerce、 overseas warehouse refers to that domestic enterprises transport commodities to the target market countries through bulk transportation、 establish warehouses locally、 store commodities、 and then respond to local sales orders as soon as possible、 and timely sort、 package and distribute commodities directly from local warehouses.
What is a small package line

The special line for small packages combines the advantages of small packages and special lines. It is a logistics channel for delivering small packages by air、 sea and other transportation methods、 focusing on the transportation of small packages.

The small package special line is the small package and the special line. Small parcels、 which are suitable for relatively small items、 and small parcels sent abroad through postal air mail service、 can be called international small parcels.

The special line refers to the route channel to specific countries、 the general British special line、 the American special line、 and the German special line are international special lines、 and there are air transportation、 sea transportation、 and rail transportation.

Advantages of using overseas warehouses for Amazon

Overseas warehouse is one of the distribution channels of cross-border e-commerce. The use of overseas warehouse allows unlimited expansion of the seller's product categories. Some products have a long service life and do not belong to FMCG、 but there are restrictions on the market demand、 the formation of scale、 and the sales in overseas warehouse. The product categories in overseas warehouse can be expanded indefinitely. And the overseas warehouse is not only used for storing and transporting goods. What service function does the overseas warehouse have? Today、 let's talk about the five functions of overseas warehouse.

1. Return and replacement services.

Generally、 multinational e-commerce sellers will inevitably encounter many problems、 such as account closure、 product failure to go on sale、 wrong SKU label、 etc.、 so they can use the overseas warehouse delivery mode to provide services such as return、 exchange、 and label change、 so that the product can gain value again and avoid loss of goods.

2. Value added services.

When using FBA、 the seller can simultaneously use overseas warehouse services to replenish goods nearby、 minimize transaction costs and reduce transaction risks. In addition to FBA transit、 overseas warehouses can also provide value-added services for sellers、 such as warehousing inspection、 goods putting on shelves、 inventory management、 order receiving、 order sorting、 order review、 multi-channel shipment、 etc.

3. FBA replenishment service.

Cross border sellers can place part of their goods in overseas warehouses. When they find that the FBA stock is insufficient、 they can immediately replenish the stock from overseas warehouses. This process does not require an appointment. It can ensure that the warehouse is not arranged in the peak season. This operation method can save a lot of freight costs.

4. Overseas warehouse issues one piece.

The Seller shall prepare the products in batches from home to overseas warehouse、 and then the staff of overseas warehouse shall check and put them on the shelf. When a buyer places an order、 the Seller only needs to issue a delivery order in the overseas warehouse management system、 and the warehouse staff will implement local delivery service in accordance with local instructions.

5. FBA transit、 FBA transit and FBA transit services.

In most cases、 the FBA is used in combination with the third-party overseas warehouse、 stock goods in the overseas warehouse first、 forward (replenish) the FBA regularly or irregularly、 and handle the return and replacement of goods from the overseas warehouse while delivering goods from the FBA.


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