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In recent years, with the improvement of residents' living standards and the increasing attention paid by the state to quality education, the proportion of cultural consumption has continued to rise, and the music and art industry has also ushered in rapid development with the support of various policies.

At the same time, with the outbreak of the epidemic, the physical stores of musical instruments fell in a large area, the online penetration of global musical instruments and equipment increased significantly, and the online consumption of musical instruments doubled.

According to the data released by the General Administration of Customs, the export volume of China's musical instrument industry in the first half of 2021 reached $998 million, up 49.73% year on year. Regionally, Chinese musical instruments are mainly exported to North America, Europe and other regions.

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musical instruments Introduction Note
Musical instruments generally refer to instruments that can play timbre and rhythm in various ways. It is generally divided into national instruments and western instruments. An instrument that can produce music and recreate music art. Human beings can express and exchange thoughts and feelings by playing musical instruments. There are different views on the definition of musical instruments in the musical and instrumental circles. The music industry believes that the vocal instruments used for music are musical instruments; In the field of musical instruments, many non musical sounding instruments, such as the golden drums in ancient wars, the ritual signals in religious prayers, the semaphores solicited by traders, are also regarded as musical instruments, and even some production labor appliances and daily life utensils, such as bows, saws, pestles, fous, cups, dishes, cups, bowls, etc., are all labeled with the word "music" when playing Music cup, music pestle, etc.
Delivery requirements

1. An order must be created in the company's logistics system (package information must be entered)、 and invoices (3 pieces) and waybills (1 piece) must be printed in the system and delivered to us with the goods;

2. Try not to carry other irrelevant signs、 and suggest pasting signs of fragile products;

3. Fill in the order information correctly in English、 and the name of the article should be as detailed as possible. Do not declare with words such as Gift and Sample; The goods are clothing products、 and the invoice must be detailed (for example、 the name of men's clothing should be men's blouse or men's trousers).

4. Order information can be uploaded in batch using Excel or created through API.

Detailed steps for international air transport

1. We should confirm the weight and volume with the customer in a timely manner. If the customer does not confirm the weight and volume、 the cost will be very troublesome after the goods fly out.

2. In air transportation、 customers usually declare their goods and documents on the same day、 so it is troublesome to arrange the shipping space. If possible、 declare as many shipping spaces as possible. It is difficult to add if there are fewer shipping spaces. If there are more、 you can find a way to collect goods.

3. Generally、 the airline and the first-class agents have basically arranged their seats before 12:00 noon. In this case、 it is not appropriate to take over large cargoes that are required to take off the next day. You'd better not take over until the space is determined、 otherwise you will be very passive.

4. In principle、 air cargo requires that the cargo should be stored in the airline warehouse for more than 24 hours. In actual operation、 it should be handed over the night before the plane takes off. Special urgent goods can be handed over on site. In principle、 4 hours before the cargo plane takes off and 2 hours before the passenger plane takes off、 but do not suggest the customer to hand over the goods on site as early as possible、 unless you can make a special decision.

5. The waybill shall be confirmed with the customer in a timely manner、 and the Chinese name for customs declaration shall be provided by the customer、 etc.

How to send pure battery to logistics

Can pure batteries be sent to the FBA international express line?

Yes 【 Battery liquid channel 】

Channel name

Dutch small bag (sensitive) ---------------- Liquid can be received (without alcohol)、 electronic lighter、 imitation brand、 ceramic cutter、 European and American aging 10-20 days

Dutch electric bag (registered/surface mail) ------ can accept pure batteries、 kitchen knives、 small bottles of liquid

Dutch pure electric bag (promotion) ------------ can be received、 all liquids、 kitchen knives、 and rejected pure electric

European pure electric bag (registered) ------------- mobile power supply and pure battery

Belgium pure electric bag ---------------- washable pure battery

Belgium pure electric bag EU ---------------- washable pure battery

Hong Kong small bag (registered) ---------------- flushable liquid、 paste、 kitchen knife

Meimailbao small bag (registered/ordinary mail) -------- registration can receive paste、 liquid (excluding alcohol)、 knife、 built-in battery

DHL Global Pure Battery Bag (Registration) -------- It can accept ordinary goods、 textiles、 products with batteries、 electronic cigarettes without tobacco、 some mobile power supplies、 pure battery products、 18650 and other small batteries (the power does not exceed 100WH)


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