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In recent years, with the improvement of residents' living standards and the increasing attention paid by the state to quality education, the proportion of cultural consumption has continued to rise, and the music and art industry has also ushered in rapid development with the support of various policies.

At the same time, with the outbreak of the epidemic, the physical stores of musical instruments fell in a large area, the online penetration of global musical instruments and equipment increased significantly, and the online consumption of musical instruments doubled.

According to the data released by the General Administration of Customs, the export volume of China's musical instrument industry in the first half of 2021 reached $998 million, up 49.73% year on year. Regionally, Chinese musical instruments are mainly exported to North America, Europe and other regions.

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musical instruments Introduction Note
Musical instruments generally refer to instruments that can play timbre and rhythm in various ways. It is generally divided into national instruments and western instruments. An instrument that can produce music and recreate music art. Human beings can express and exchange thoughts and feelings by playing musical instruments. There are different views on the definition of musical instruments in the musical and instrumental circles. The music industry believes that the vocal instruments used for music are musical instruments; In the field of musical instruments, many non musical sounding instruments, such as the golden drums in ancient wars, the ritual signals in religious prayers, the semaphores solicited by traders, are also regarded as musical instruments, and even some production labor appliances and daily life utensils, such as bows, saws, pestles, fous, cups, dishes, cups, bowls, etc., are all labeled with the word "music" when playing Music cup, music pestle, etc.
Key points of Amazon FBA head stream

1. FBA prepared the goods in advance for the first time、 delivered the goods as required、 and stuck the Label.

2. Before the first shipment of Amazon fba、 remember to prepare the packing list/invoice and declaration elements in advance.

3. Before delivery、 it is necessary to coordinate the customs clearance and signing for goods with the importer to ensure that the customs clearance contact person will cooperate with the service provider or customs clearance agent to handle the customs clearance of goods after the goods arrive at the local place.

4. When delivering goods、 confirm whether the Label label is properly affixed、 whether the weight and volume of goods are the same as the data reported by the freight forwarder.

5. The first shipment invoice of fba must indicate the company name、 address、 specific contact person and contact information (telephone、 mobile phone and e-mail) of the true importer (buyer or customs clearance agent).

6. Since AMAZON does not help with customs clearance and tariff advance service、 in order to avoid the detention of Amazon fba goods due to tariff issues、 please confirm the tariff payer before shipping the goods、 and suggest that the tariff be prepaid or paid by a third party.

7. The sender and the importer shall coordinate with each other on the issue of goods receipt、 and confirm whether the goods arrive at the warehouse in good condition and are dispatched as soon as possible to avoid missing or wrong receipt. If the service provider is unable to investigate due to wrong or missing receipt、 or the importer or the recipient fails to provide detailed package information、 the shipment may not be claimed.

FBA returns and changes lables which overseas warehouse provides good service

There are not many overseas warehouses that can provide such services as FBA return and bid exchange. Previously、 they were delivered by themselves、 which will increase many costs. With Todropshipping overseas warehouse in the supply chain、 it will be much easier for me. They can directly help me to complete the return and bid exchange operation、 save a lot of costs、 and reduce a lot of financial pressure for me. Todropshipping overseas warehouse provides good services and has more channels、 which is a good choice.

What about Amazon Overseas Warehouse FBM

One piece delivery by Amazon refers to the transaction form in which the products are first sent to Amazon warehouse by air or sea and then uniformly warehoused by Amazon warehouse. When a seller places an order、 Amazon warehouse accepts the order to sort the goods out and deliver them to the end customer

Of course、 there are also many overseas warehouses operated by Chinese people. Of course、 not all products are suitable for overseas warehouses. Those products with high value、 high profit、 or large volume and weight are suitable for overseas warehouses、 or those products with high frequency of re purchase are suitable for overseas warehouses in advance. The overall overall cost is low and the delivery time efficiency is improved


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