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How to do it for friends who want to send drone accessories to foreign countries? Below, Todropshipping will briefly introduce the operation process, some specific details and requirements.

1. Prepare the mailing items, prepare and package the drone accessories;

2. Prepare the materials to be mailed, including mailing materials, article materials, declaration materials, etc.;

3. Choose international express, and choose the corresponding international express channel for mailing according to your own logistics needs and the characteristics of the item;

4. After placing an order online, after selecting the express channel, place the order directly online, fill in the receiving and sending information, item information, express channel information, after the order is placed, you can make an appointment to pick up the package and wait for the picker to pick up the package;

5. Pay the freight, start transportation, and return the item to the warehouse for processing. The operation information and freight information of the item will be uploaded. After the freight is checked, you can pay directly online and start international transportation;

6. International transportation, the receipt is completed. For the international transportation of parcels, the specific transportation time can refer to the previous transportation time of the channel as a reference. After arriving at the destination country and completing customs clearance, the parcel will be delivered to the recipient, and the receipt will be completed.

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drone accessories Introduction Note

The price of drones is determined by factors such as different uses, different spare parts, etc. There is still a big difference between drones and aircraft models, and the price of drones is generally relatively expensive.

The essential accessories for drones are:

1. Propeller guard

2. Spare propeller

3. Backup battery

4. Lithium battery pack

5. Some micro SD cards

6. Parasol

7. Lanyard

8. Carrying bag or handbag

9. GPS Tracker.

What is overseas warehouse and fulfillment
Overseas warehouse refers to the storage facilities established overseas. In cross-border trade e-commerce、 overseas warehouse refers to that domestic enterprises transport commodities to the target market countries through bulk transportation、 establish warehouses locally、 store commodities、 and then respond to local sales orders as soon as possible、 and timely sort、 package and distribute commodities directly from local warehouses.
What kind of products are suitable for FBA

Which products are suitable for FBA? Is it big or small? Is it expensive or cheap? The products with the following characteristics are suitable for FBA.

1. Products with excellent quality and performance. Such products will not be returned or replaced generally、 which can greatly reduce the loss of sellers.

2. Small size、 high profit products. The product is small in size、 easy to transport and can save costs. However、 it should be noted that the product price should not be set too low. Because the delivery by FBA will incur relevant handling fees and various transaction costs. If the product price is too low、 the profit will also decrease. It is suggested that the price of FBA products should be more than 5~6 dollars.

In general、 FBA is suitable for small and medium-sized sellers of products with excellent quality、 small size and high profits. The advantages of other products are not obvious.

What is the US FBA air transportation process

FBA's air transportation process is as follows:

1. Goods preparation: provide goods information、 such as product name、 number of packages、 weight、 box size、 destination and destination consignee name、 address、 telephone、 shipment time、 shipper name、 telephone、 address、 etc.

2. Booking space: the air transport export agency will print the total waybill number、 number of pieces、 weight、 volume and reserve space with the airline according to the designated pre allocation scheme、 flight and date.

3. Warehouse allocation: check the difference between the actual number、 weight and volume of goods and the forecast quantity in the consignment note. The effective use and reasonable allocation of reserved space and crates shall be carried out according to the aircraft type、 crate model、 height and quantity of each flight.

4. Export customs declaration: express customs declaration、 general trade customs declaration、 i.e. tax refund customs declaration、 ATA customs declaration、 etc.

5. Customs clearance: after the customs clearance seal is affixed on the waybill、 it is necessary to sign the waybill at the airline. Only after the confirmation of signing the waybill can the bill and goods be handed over to the airline


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