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How to do it for friends who want to send drone accessories to foreign countries? Below, Todropshipping will briefly introduce the operation process, some specific details and requirements.

1. Prepare the mailing items, prepare and package the drone accessories;

2. Prepare the materials to be mailed, including mailing materials, article materials, declaration materials, etc.;

3. Choose international express, and choose the corresponding international express channel for mailing according to your own logistics needs and the characteristics of the item;

4. After placing an order online, after selecting the express channel, place the order directly online, fill in the receiving and sending information, item information, express channel information, after the order is placed, you can make an appointment to pick up the package and wait for the picker to pick up the package;

5. Pay the freight, start transportation, and return the item to the warehouse for processing. The operation information and freight information of the item will be uploaded. After the freight is checked, you can pay directly online and start international transportation;

6. International transportation, the receipt is completed. For the international transportation of parcels, the specific transportation time can refer to the previous transportation time of the channel as a reference. After arriving at the destination country and completing customs clearance, the parcel will be delivered to the recipient, and the receipt will be completed.

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drone accessories Introduction Note

The price of drones is determined by factors such as different uses, different spare parts, etc. There is still a big difference between drones and aircraft models, and the price of drones is generally relatively expensive.

The essential accessories for drones are:

1. Propeller guard

2. Spare propeller

3. Backup battery

4. Lithium battery pack

5. Some micro SD cards

6. Parasol

7. Lanyard

8. Carrying bag or handbag

9. GPS Tracker.

How is the international express fee generally calculated

First of all、 we need to know two concepts: billing weight unit、 first weight and additional weight

Billing weight unit: The international express industry generally takes 0.5KG (0.5kg) as a billing weight unit.

First weight and additional weight: the first 0.5KG is the first weight for international express delivery、 and every additional 0.5KG is an additional weight. Generally、 the cost of hoisting is higher than that of continuous hoisting.

There is one price between 0.5KG and 0.5KG、 which is the first weight price. The part exceeding 0.5KG will be charged according to the additional weight price

Therefore、 the actual freight is equal to the first weight price+additional weight price

When the actual weight of the goods to be delivered is greater than the volume weight、 the freight=first weight freight+(actual weight (kg) × 2-1) × Renewal freight

When the actual weight of the delivered goods is small but the volume is large、 the freight=the first freight+(volume weight (kg) × 2-1) × Renewal freight

Note that the freight here is only the basic freight、 not the final total cost、 and there may be other additional costs.

Packaging fee: Generally、 international express companies provide free packaging、 cartons、 bubbles and other packaging materials、 but many items、 such as clothing、 can be packaged without extra fine packaging、 but some express companies will charge a certain packaging fee for valuable and fragile items. Packaging costs are generally not included in the discount calculation.

Fuel surcharge: all major international express will be updated in real time according to market conditions. Please consult customer service for specific fees.

Other uncertain expenses: such as service fees in remote areas、 sensitive freight charges for sending batteries、 powders、 liquids、 food、 brands、 etc.、 which are mainly related to the items and regions you send.

Basically、 total cost=(freight+fuel surcharge) × Discount+packaging cost+other uncertain costs

In addition、 different countries and different logistics channels have different basic charging standards、 and the cost may also be affected by many factors such as flight outage. The specific charging standards can also be subject to the real-time quotation of the express company.

What day does Matson usually sail
Hello、 Meisen Uni President in Shenzhen takes six cuts and three cuts、 because Shenzhen trailer is required to drive to Shanghai. The warehouse closing time of the freight forwarder in Shanghai is one cut and three cuts、 and Meisen Uni President takes three cuts and three cuts every Wednesday
How much is the first freight of Amazon fba

FBA's first journey is divided into three modes of transportation: sea transportation、 air transportation and express delivery. The pricing methods and prices of the three modes of transportation are different.

Maritime transport is divided into two modes: maritime transport+trailer delivery; Sea+express delivery. Among them、 shipping+trailer delivery shall be at least 1 CBM and charged according to CBM. Ocean+express delivery is 10 working days faster than trailer delivery、 with a minimum shipment of 100KG. The price is also quite cheap、 and charged products can go anywhere.

Air transportation、 usually refers to air+dispatch、 and the FBA special line、 which is commonly referred to in the market、 is generally about 30 yuan/KG. You can ask Todropshipping about the specific price. It usually takes about a week to arrive in the United States、 and it is easier to pay both taxes.

Express delivery refers to the use of international express to deliver products that can't be charged and arrive in four or five days、 but it will be much more expensive and will also require bubble counting.


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