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Hiking, cycling, camping, skiing... In the post epidemic era, outdoor sports are becoming more and more popular. With the increase of outdoor heat and activity frequency, the market scale of outdoor sports goods has grown rapidly. According to the consulting data of Ai Media, the market size of outdoor sports goods will reach 357.5 billion yuan in 2021, and it is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan in 2022. According to the statistics of New China Institute of Goods, 75% of outdoor sports participants have a high tendency to participate in "hiking", which is the mainstream outdoor sports with the highest proportion. Among them, outdoor shoes and boots, as just needed equipment for hiking, show a rapidly rising demand spectrum.

TODROPSHIPPING focuses on e-commerce warehousing and distribution, providing high-quality logistics supply chain solutions for all kinds of outdoor sports products, including international express, international special lines, international small bags, international air and sea transportation, etc. It has its own overseas warehouses in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany, so as to facilitate local cargo transportation for sellers.

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Hiking Shoes Introduction Note
Walking shoes refer to shoes worn during outdoor sports. It is mainly composed of upper, insole and sole. The upper consists of upper and lining. The upper is generally made of leather, nylon, or a mixture of leather and nylon, while the lining is generally made of artificial materials or soft leather. A pair of good shoes is usually made of a whole piece of leather (except the heel and the tongue). Such shoes can maintain a good shape after being worn for a period of time. Modern society provides people with different ways to travel, among which hiking is the most environmentally friendly, meaningful and interesting. Therefore, it is essential to have a good pair of hiking shoes.
How to make overseas warehouse bigger and stronger

1. It is a basic principle that the market demand of the products should be large. Long tail products are not suitable for overseas warehouses because it will affect the conversion rate and produce life and death inventory. However、 the size of the market is reasonable. The seller needs to evaluate according to the capital situation and turnover rate.

2. Pay attention to the total profit per unit time rather than the profit of a single transaction. On the whole、 the profit margin of overseas warehouses for most products will be much higher than that of domestic shipments、 which is also the advantage of overseas warehouses. Is it true that the profits of overseas warehouses are not as good as those of products shipped domestically、 so they must not be overseas warehouses? In fact、 it is not because we also need to comprehensively consider the conversion rate of overseas warehouse、 because products with high conversion rate can also achieve higher total profits through overseas warehouse! This requires our sellers to look at overseas warehouses from a developmental and overall perspective.

The FBA company I have worked with for a long time is Todropshipping. They have their own companies in the United States、 the United Kingdom、 Europe、 Canada、 and Germany、 and overseas warehouses and customs clearance are handled by them. It is easier to deliver goods to them. I recommend you to try. Welcome to take my answer.

What is the overseas warehouse dropshipping

Overseas warehouse one piece consignment is a third-party overseas warehouse business type. The seller prepares the goods to the overseas warehouse in advance、 pushes the order details to the overseas warehouse when the store has an order、 and the overseas warehouse helps the seller to ship.

TODROPSHIPPING fully supports the consignment business of overseas fulfillment dropshipping、 has different picking processes and inbound and outbound rules for small and large goods、 and helps third-party overseas warehouse enterprises solve the time-consuming and laborious consignment business problems

What are the advantages of the USA special line package

1. Fast aging

Fast time effective、 American special line package is delivered by USPS after landing. All regions in the United States can arrive and sign in within 3-13 days.

2. Fast discharging and good stability

The American special line package is a three-day cargo collection、 direct flight、 and the same day arrival. The special line small bag is the airplane board、 which has fast warehouse arrangement and good stability.

3. High security

TODROPSHIPPING US special line package basically adopts direct flight mode、 including mainland direct flight and Hong Kong direct flight. The advantages lie in less transit times of goods、 no need for multiple security checks、 sorting、 low loss rate and high security.

4. Fast compensation efficiency

Compared with special line logistics、 postal packet、 international EMS and TODROPSHIPPING US special line packet、 the compensation efficiency is fast、 and the compensation can be made within three working days.


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