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Last year, Kim Kardashian West wore shapewear slay, and consumer interest in shapewear soared. Shapewear is considered a must-have item and is generally not affected by seasons and trends. Brands that stock at third-party retailers often rely on replenishment orders for core styles to shift inventory, making the category very low fashionable. Since the end of June, sales of shapewear in the US and the UK have soared. Underwear brands are also beginning to break into the industry's $83 billion market. In January, Victoria's Secret partnered with Leonisa to launch limited-edition shapewear.

Todropshipping Focusing on cross-border e-commerce services, drop-shipping can provide cost-effective and high-quality solutions for the procurement, warehousing, transshipment, dropshipping, labeling, packaging, dropshipping logistics, overseas warehouse and other services of shapewear clothes, yoga wear, tights, sportswear, sweat clothing, sauna clothing, sauna blankets, etc.

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shapewear underwear Introduction Note
Shapewear is a type of underwear that can reshape and reshape the body curve. The birthplace is the island of Kleida, southeast of the Greek peninsula. Adjustable underwear originated in 3000 BC, equivalent to China's Bronze Age, and originated on the island of Kleida in the southeast of the Greek peninsula, that is, the place of Aegean culture. At that time, due to geographical conditions, the island was prevalent in maritime trade, and women on the island wanted to attract the favor of foreign men with their exquisite figures, so they emphasized large breasts and slim waists, so they used layers of bright fabrics to tighten the waist, showing a slender curve, just like the principle of air balloons, pressurized in the middle, the air ran to both sides, tightened the lower part of the chest to support the chest, so that the two sides to the waist and hips formed a seductive curve
SEA Shipping process

Compared with international express delivery and air transportation、 ocean transportation has more and more complicated processes. Because of the large volume of goods and many categories、 there are mainly the following processes: booking space、 loading containers、 customs declaration、 customs clearance、 and picking up goods.

Booking space: Before shipping、 first confirm with the cooperative logistics supplier that your goods can be transported、 such as flammable and explosive goods、 military goods、 medical equipment、 counterfeit brands、 adult supplies and batteries over 100 watts can not be transported、 the shipping company can transport your goods、 and you also need to confirm what certification your goods need in the exporting country to avoid being seized by the customs. When you are ready for this、 you can book space with the shipping agent from the shipping company、 and then issue the SO form. Generally、 you can make an advance forecast two to three days before loading. At this time、 you can prepare the customs declaration materials.

Container loading: Choose a freight forwarding company that can pick up goods free of charge in this city、 and you can save a delivery fee. Before packing、 the number of pieces、 weight、 squares and plates shall be confirmed before packing、 so as to avoid the discrepancy between the freight forwarder's measurement and its own、 and the packing list shall be prepared. Then make an appointment with the freight forwarder to pick up the goods.

Customs declaration: customs declaration can be divided into tax refund customs declaration and bill declaration. Only companies with import and export business rights and companies that have signed paperless customs declaration at electronic ports can apply for tax refund customs declaration. Generally、 materials that need to be prepared are: foreign trade contracts、 invoices、 packing lists、 customs declaration letters of attorney (not used in Ningbo Shanghai Guangzhou)、 draft customs declaration forms (including declaration elements)、 special documents (customs clearance forms for outbound goods、 export licenses、 etc.). If the materials are not fully prepared or need to be replenished、 the freight forwarding company will notify you to replenish the materials in time to ensure the normal delivery of the goods.

Customs clearance: mainly including declaration、 tax payment、 inspection and release. The shipping order and declaration form shall be prepared and submitted to the customs at the destination、 and then the customs shall pay taxes according to the declared value of goods. The customs will inspect and review the goods according to the inspection process of relevant goods. This may delay some time、 depending on the nature and category of the goods. As long as there is no problem in the inspection、 the customs will release and then the consignee can pick up the goods.

Cross-border e-commerce to rent overseas warehouses or by own

Advantages of self built overseas warehouse: it can improve the delivery speed of products

Save logistics costs、 control the return and exchange of goods and after-sales service、 control the storage、 avoid the problem of warehouse explosion and logistics warehouse arrangement. It should be noted that the start-up capital of the self built overseas warehouse is relatively high in the early stage、 and the problems that need to be managed in different places and the risks that need to be borne are relatively high. If there are funds and goods in the early stage、 we can consider building our own overseas warehouse.

Advantages of third-party overseas warehouse: time-saving、 labor-saving and worry free

The cost is relatively low. Professional teaching can also save logistics costs. It has the advantage of centralized processing. There is no difference between off-season and peak season. Personnel management and control is simple. There are UPS or FEDEX accounts for centralized shipment at the end. The price must be much cheaper than that of individual overseas warehouses.

How does Amazon FBA send the head stream

1. The first preparation is to print the warehousing label in the background during the process of sending it to FBA、 and make sure to print two copies to prevent one from wearing out during express transportation. Seal the barcode with adhesive tape after pasting to prevent abrasion.

2. The outer box must be marked with "Made in China" to avoid problems in customs clearance.

3. The declared value of FBA express goods in the United States should not exceed 800 dollars. If there are many goods with high value、 they can be delivered by several orders without any impact on warehousing. It is safer to declare that the amount is controlled within 800 US dollars per ticket、 but it is not recommended that the amount is about 400 US dollars per ticket. Of course、 if you want to send FBA the first air tax package route、 the freight forwarder will help you to modify the declaration.

4. The British FBA can choose to use the freight forwarding company's vat tax number for customs clearance in its initial stage and early stage、 but in the long run、 it still needs to register its own company's vat to avoid the British government's tax bureau's audit of accounts and fines.

5. For Amazon Japan Station、 we should choose a freight forwarding company with relatively strong strength、 so that the destination tariff will be relatively small and cost pressure will be saved.

6. For overweight goods、 if a box of goods exceeds 22kg、 it is better to paste "HEAVY PACKAGE" on the outer box so that it is easier to put on the shelf.


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