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China is one of the important exporters of microwave ovens in the world. In 2021, China's microwave ovens will be mainly exported to the United States, Britain, Japan, the Russian Federation, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico and South Korea. Among them, China has the largest number of microwave ovens exported to the United States, with 2.21228 million sets, accounting for 30.44% of the total exports; The number of microwave ovens exported to the UK was 4318300, accounting for 5.94% of the total number of exports; The number of microwave ovens exported to Japan was 3.8443 million, accounting for 5.29% of the total. The total export volume of the above three regions is 30.2854 million, accounting for 41.67% of the total export volume.

Todropshipping is the Sourcing-Fulfillment-Dropshipping-Logistics One stop service eCommerce Brand Launchpad. providing international express delivery, international small bags, international special lines, overseas warehouse delivery and other services for all kinds of toasters, microwave ovens, electric kettles, juicers, coffee makers, dishwashers, dishes sinks, etc. It has opened direct delivery warehousing and logistics special lines for many countries, including the United States special line, the United Kingdom special line, Australia special line, New Zealand special line, Israel special line, etc., with affordable prices, The time limit can be 5-7 days. There are also professional channels to provide solutions for special items and charged products. It provides independent station packaging, Shopify warehousing, TIKTOK warehousing, FRUUGO packaging, ETSY warehousing, Amazon self delivery and other services.

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microwave oven Introduction Note
Microwave oven (microwave oven/microwave), as its name implies, is a modern cooking stove that uses microwave to heat food. Microwave is an electromagnetic wave. The microwave oven is composed of power supply, magnetron, control circuit and cooking cavity. The power supply provides about 4000 V high voltage to the magnetron. Under the excitation of the power supply, the magnetron continuously generates microwave, which is coupled to the cooking cavity through the waveguide system. Near the entrance of the cooking cavity, there is a rotatable stirrer. Because the stirrer is a fan shaped metal, it reflects microwave in all directions after rotating, so it can evenly distribute microwave energy in the cooking cavity to heat food. The power range of microwave oven is generally 500~1000 watts.
What are the first logistics expenses of Amazon FBA
The first voyage expenses of Amazon air transportation mainly include local fees、 ocean freight、 port of destination fees、 customs clearance fees、 toll fees、 and final voyage delivery fees、 excluding the expenses and documents involved in the shipping of goods、 customs clearance fees、 customs duties、 and inspection fees: Todropshipping is engaged in the first voyage logistics services of Amazon FBA and is familiar with the logistics operation process. The goods can be transported to Amazon warehouses in the United States、 Japan、 Germany、 France、 Britain and other countries by air、 sea、 express and other transportation methods.
Differences between FBA headline by express or truck

1. Differences in terminal delivery

The terminal delivery of sea+express Style is mainly by express delivery. Because there is no need to make an appointment、 the goods can be quickly warehoused、 and its advantages are very obvious in the logistics peak season. However、 Hika and its terminals are mainly delivered by truck. Truck delivery is inefficient and has many processes. Delivery of goods to Amazon requires advance booking、 which is inefficient.

2. Differences in channel services

The logistics service of sea+express Style is relatively good. It basically uses the direct shipping mode to transport goods、 which is highly efficient、 short in process、 and fast in efficiency. However、 the charges of Shanghai Style are also relatively high. The logistics service of Hika is relatively poor、 the freight transport efficiency is low、 the process is long、 the efficiency is slow、 and the transport goods will stop halfway、 but the cost is lower than that of sea+express.

How about the process of overseas warehouse dropshipping

First of all、 we learned that the overseas warehouse is actually a kind of overseas leased warehouse derived from the service of cross-border e-commerce or foreign trade. The appearance of overseas warehouse has greatly improved the storage and delivery time、 efficiency problems、 logistics costs、 customs clearance fees、 etc. For the seller、 a series of savings and efficiency improvements have made the profit of the seller's own products continue to increase、 followed by a more convenient delivery service One piece consignment of overseas warehouse is divided into one piece consignment of supplier's goods source and self owned goods source to prepare goods for overseas warehouse. After the customer places an order、 the overseas warehouse system issues delivery instructions、 and the overseas warehouse staff receives the instructions、 they are responsible for the final delivery work such as packaging and shipment.

Naturally、 we have some understanding of his process from the understanding of overseas warehouse and one agent:

1. The cross-border foreign trade seller arranges express delivery to deliver the goods to the US warehouse;

2. The warehouse shall count the goods received and put them on shelves;

3. When a buyer places an order on the platform、 the buyer uploads the order in the warehouse system;

4. The warehouse receives the order instruction to distribute goods and deliver goods、 and the American local logistics delivery;

5. The buyer receives the order item.


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