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Todroshipping warehousing and logistics specializes in providing convenient services for Amazon, overseas Chinese and overseas transportation. In order to facilitate overseas Chinese and stay to shop on Chinese e-commerce platforms, we specialize in providing you with collection services on domestic shopping sites such as Taobao, Jingdong, Vipshop, etc., free unpacking, storage, consolidation and delivery, and overseas delivery!

The specific process of mailing goods:

1. Contact the freight forwarder (Shenzhen Dropshipping Warehousing and Logistics Co., Ltd.), inquire about the receiving address and mailing information, and select the carrier channel

2. Place an order on the online shopping platform or send the goods to our transshipment warehouse,

3. The warehouse collects the goods, takes photos for inspection, unpacking, packing, and shipping after confirming that it is correct

4. Provide the waybill number after the goods are out of the warehouse, and the waybill number can query the transportation status

5. Wait for the package to be signed

No need for special information, simple and convenient to operate, if you are still worried about sensitive goods, drug express, need to mail personal medicines abroad, people in need can consult our staff, welcome to inquire

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mobile phone accessories Introduction Note

In 2021, orders in the mobile phone accessories market increased by 32% year-on-year, and new customers increased by 104%. Throughout the year, sellers can focus on four sales nodes, namely the Chinese New Year in February, the Spring New Product Sale in March, the Anniversary Promotion in August, and the European and American Black Friday shopping stocking season in November.

The mobile phone and accessories industry mainly covers 4 secondary categories: mobile phone accessories, mobile phone complete machines, smart wearable and mobile phone internal accessories. Among them, mobile phone accessories mainly include TWS headphones, mobile phone cases, chargers, cables, screen films and mobile phone holders.

In 2021, the global TWS headset market shipped 290 million units, a year-on-year increase of 14.5%. Among them, Apple's TWS headset shipments in 2021 are close to 93 million units, ranking first in the world; Samsung's shipments in 2021 reached 28 million units, a year-on-year increase of 19%, ranking second; Xiaomi ranked third with more than 23 million TWS headset shipments, up 3% year-on-year.

How to choose Amazon FBA or overseas warehouse

Amazon and overseas warehouse are not contradictory、 on the contrary、 they can complement each other.

Amazon FBA has advantages in order fulfillment、 inventory and distribution. However、 compared with the third-party overseas warehouse、 FBA's storage cost is much higher. It is quite troublesome to return goods and clear up. In addition、 the first transportation cost in the peak season will rise a lot、 and in the peak season、 it will give you problems such as limited inventory and inability to put in the warehouse at one time. While many sellers use FBA as their sales warehouse、 they will choose a reliable third-party overseas warehouse as their secondary replenishment warehouse and return processing warehouse. The overseas warehouse will unpack、 temporarily store or directly send full containers to FBA after receiving the goods.

How to Select Freight Forwarders for UK Amazon Air Logistics
Have Amazon FBA cargo operation experience、 be familiar with Amazon warehouse warehousing standards、 be able to identify Amazon cargo waybill labels、 and simply place an order to solve customs clearance and tax payment problems、 because Amazon does not act as the main body of customs clearance and tax payment. If it is a large batch of goods、 you need to be familiar with Amazon's scheduled warehousing process. It is better to be the FBA first logistics service provider recommended by Amazon For example、 the FBA first service provided by Todropshipping should be diversified and different FBA first service should be selected for different goods.
What should we pay attention to in the US FBA special line logistics

The US FBA special line consists of the following: air (sea) first journey transportation+customs clearance at destination+dispatch at destination. The following is a brief introduction to some operation links and precautions of the US FBA: tariff: the higher the declared value of goods、 the higher the corresponding tariff will be paid. However、 if the practical value of the goods is high、 but the declared value is lower than the practical value、 once found by the customs、 there will be high punitive tariffs.

Customs clearance: customs clearance in the United States requires a customs clearance company and an importer of a trading company to declare and clear the goods. Occasionally、 special inspections may be encountered、 such as checking whether the goods are infringing、 whether there are qualification certificates、 and whether there are signs of origin affixed. Before Chinese goods arrived in the United States、 they must be labeled "made in China".

Prohibited articles:

First、 there is nothing to say about the domestic explicit prohibition of exports、 and the national laws can not be ignored;

Second、 the world transportation regulations prevent transportation、 which is primarily considered from the perspective of security;

Third、 the United States prohibits imports. These prohibited articles need special attention from the shipper、 otherwise they may not be transported.


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