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Todroshipping warehousing and logistics specializes in providing convenient services for Amazon, overseas Chinese and overseas transportation. In order to facilitate overseas Chinese and stay to shop on Chinese e-commerce platforms, we specialize in providing you with collection services on domestic shopping sites such as Taobao, Jingdong, Vipshop, etc., free unpacking, storage, consolidation and delivery, and overseas delivery!

The specific process of mailing goods:

1. Contact the freight forwarder (Shenzhen Dropshipping Warehousing and Logistics Co., Ltd.), inquire about the receiving address and mailing information, and select the carrier channel

2. Place an order on the online shopping platform or send the goods to our transshipment warehouse,

3. The warehouse collects the goods, takes photos for inspection, unpacking, packing, and shipping after confirming that it is correct

4. Provide the waybill number after the goods are out of the warehouse, and the waybill number can query the transportation status

5. Wait for the package to be signed

No need for special information, simple and convenient to operate, if you are still worried about sensitive goods, drug express, need to mail personal medicines abroad, people in need can consult our staff, welcome to inquire

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mobile phone accessories Introduction Note

In 2021, orders in the mobile phone accessories market increased by 32% year-on-year, and new customers increased by 104%. Throughout the year, sellers can focus on four sales nodes, namely the Chinese New Year in February, the Spring New Product Sale in March, the Anniversary Promotion in August, and the European and American Black Friday shopping stocking season in November.

The mobile phone and accessories industry mainly covers 4 secondary categories: mobile phone accessories, mobile phone complete machines, smart wearable and mobile phone internal accessories. Among them, mobile phone accessories mainly include TWS headphones, mobile phone cases, chargers, cables, screen films and mobile phone holders.

In 2021, the global TWS headset market shipped 290 million units, a year-on-year increase of 14.5%. Among them, Apple's TWS headset shipments in 2021 are close to 93 million units, ranking first in the world; Samsung's shipments in 2021 reached 28 million units, a year-on-year increase of 19%, ranking second; Xiaomi ranked third with more than 23 million TWS headset shipments, up 3% year-on-year.

Matson Express of the US FBA shipping reliable? How about the timeliness
Matson fast ship is currently the fastest shipping express in the US FBA shipping industry. The shipping date is six days and three days. The warehouse is closed every Saturday、 and the ship starts next Wednesday. The fixed shipping period at sea is 11 days. Normally、 Meisen Express can sign in about 18 days. It is the preferred shipping express for many cross-border e-commerce sellers. Of course、 the price is also the highest in the US FBA shipping industry、 so Meisen Express is very reliable Of course、 it must be a regular logistics company to send Matson fast ship to you.
Precautions for selecting overseas warehouse

1. Whether there is a professional team in China or the destination Country 

Some overseas warehouses are only responsible for the part after overseas warehousing. Once problems occur、 the goods are already overseas、 which is often difficult to deal with. The overseas warehouse service with a domestic professional team will be standardized before the goods are sent to the overseas warehouse. Overseas warehouse opening by HATO can provide cross-border e-commerce sellers with one-stop import and export customs clearance services、 good customs clearance qualifications、 mature customs clearance experience、 fast and efficient、 to maximize the avoidance of overseas problems、 and also to maximize the avoidance of overseas additional costs.

2. Whether the warehouse provides insurance

In recent years、 some overseas warehouses have become more and more standardized. In order to ensure the interests of sellers、 they have begun to provide various types of insurance、 cargo damage insurance、 loss of parts insurance、 delay insurance and other insurance against cross-border e-commerce pain points. The seller has always been in a weak position. Once there is a problem in the warehouse、 these insurances allow the seller to obtain reasonable claims without losing money.

3. Scale and hardware facilities

It is very easy to understand、 a small overseas warehouse has relatively poor stability、 and an overseas warehouse company with a scale of 5K square meters or even tens of thousands of square meters can hardly close down or disappear overnight. The same is true for the hardware facilities. The perfect hardware facilities mean that the overseas warehouse can provide more efficient and mature services.

Detailed steps for international air transport

1. We should confirm the weight and volume with the customer in a timely manner. If the customer does not confirm the weight and volume、 the cost will be very troublesome after the goods fly out.

2. In air transportation、 customers usually declare their goods and documents on the same day、 so it is troublesome to arrange the shipping space. If possible、 declare as many shipping spaces as possible. It is difficult to add if there are fewer shipping spaces. If there are more、 you can find a way to collect goods.

3. Generally、 the airline and the first-class agents have basically arranged their seats before 12:00 noon. In this case、 it is not appropriate to take over large cargoes that are required to take off the next day. You'd better not take over until the space is determined、 otherwise you will be very passive.

4. In principle、 air cargo requires that the cargo should be stored in the airline warehouse for more than 24 hours. In actual operation、 it should be handed over the night before the plane takes off. Special urgent goods can be handed over on site. In principle、 4 hours before the cargo plane takes off and 2 hours before the passenger plane takes off、 but do not suggest the customer to hand over the goods on site as early as possible、 unless you can make a special decision.

5. The waybill shall be confirmed with the customer in a timely manner、 and the Chinese name for customs declaration shall be provided by the customer、 etc.


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