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Rhinestones are really everywhere, from luxury goods to down-to-earth accessories, it can be said that rhinestones are everywhere. So what exactly are rhinestones? Water made of diamonds? We all know that the composition of diamonds is carbon, which has nothing to do with water. In fact, rhinestones are just a short name. The full name is crystal diamonds, but is it crystal? In fact, it is not. Rhinestones are neither crystals nor diamonds, but a synthetic product that imitates diamonds and is mostly used in jewelry. Walking into the dazzling jewelry store, many of them are jewelry with rhinestones. Some people say that rhinestones are the first gemstones owned by many girls. This sentence should be in the hearts of many girls, right?

Todropshipping focuses on cross-border e-commerce services, providing services such as international express delivery, international parcels, international special lines, and overseas warehouse agency services. There are professional channels to provide solutions for special items and live products. You can consult the official online customer service on www.Todropshipping.com

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rhinestones Introduction Note
Rhinestone (crystal, rhinestone), also known as crystal diamond, rhinestone. The main component is crystal glass, which is a kind of accessories obtained by cutting artificial crystal glass into diamond facets. This material is more economical and has a diamond-like dazzling visual effect. Therefore, it is very popular, and rhinestones are generally used in mid-range jewelry design. Classification of rhinestones: According to color, it can be divided into: white diamonds, colored diamonds (such as pink, red, blue, etc.), colored diamonds (also called AB diamonds), and colored AB diamonds (such as red AB, blue AB, etc.).
What is the US FBA air transportation process

FBA's air transportation process is as follows:

1. Goods preparation: provide goods information、 such as product name、 number of packages、 weight、 box size、 destination and destination consignee name、 address、 telephone、 shipment time、 shipper name、 telephone、 address、 etc.

2. Booking space: the air transport export agency will print the total waybill number、 number of pieces、 weight、 volume and reserve space with the airline according to the designated pre allocation scheme、 flight and date.

3. Warehouse allocation: check the difference between the actual number、 weight and volume of goods and the forecast quantity in the consignment note. The effective use and reasonable allocation of reserved space and crates shall be carried out according to the aircraft type、 crate model、 height and quantity of each flight.

4. Export customs declaration: express customs declaration、 general trade customs declaration、 i.e. tax refund customs declaration、 ATA customs declaration、 etc.

5. Customs clearance: after the customs clearance seal is affixed on the waybill、 it is necessary to sign the waybill at the airline. Only after the confirmation of signing the waybill can the bill and goods be handed over to the airline

Can I send cosmetics by air through Shanghai International Express

Cosmetics are sensitive goods and have certain potential safety hazards in air transportation、 so they are generally not allowed to be sent and transported like international express delivery authorities and post offices

Cosmetics should be mailed abroad through a professional international express agent for sensitive goods (TODROPSHIPPING)

Having done commodity filing、 having relevant safe transportation conditions、 and being able to send cosmetics abroad by air through DHL and FedEx channels

Products such as facial mask、 mascara、 mascara growth liquid、 cream、 essential oil、 hyaluronic acid original liquid、 shampoo、 shower gel、 facial cleanser、 nail polish、 toner、 lipstick、 lip gloss、 etc. can be exported and mailed under the original name

International moving requires sea transportation. Can I use LCL

International moving、 as the name implies、 cross-border personal goods transportation、 general families will ship all kinds of living goods to foreign countries、 and the common characteristics of international moving are "many" and "miscellaneous" moving goods.

Most friends who move internationally will choose shipping services. Economy、 safety and less restrictions are the unique advantages of shipping、 and it is a very suitable choice for families and individual countries to move.

The sea transportation is carried out by containers in a centralized manner、 and the shipping channels extend in all directions. Because of the economies of scale、 the cost of sea transportation is far lower than that of other transportation modes. Seven Seas International has its own network transportation in the whole process、 the group has its own LCL、 and does not use LCL with other companies to transport goods. It ensures that moving goods are clean、 safe、 and free from pollution、 and saves customers a lot of shipping costs; Sufficient cargo volume can ensure fixed shipping date.


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