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Mobile phone accessories refer to the directly related accessories selected when using mobile phones, mainly including mobile phone cases, mobile phone films, chargers, data cables, mobile phone memory cards, mobile phone holders, selfie sticks, external lenses, mobile power supplies, mobile phone batteries, headphones, stereos, etc.

So what are the precautions for express air freight mobile phone accessories to foreign countries. The following small series will give you a detailed introduction. 1. Pay attention to the tariff threshold of each country and declare the goods reasonably. 2. Goods exceeding the value above the duty-free quota of the destination country cannot be cleared by express mail. 3. Import of high-value express shipments: For express shipments whose declared value is higher than the tariff threshold, the recipient needs to provide relevant document assistance during customs clearance

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Mobile phone spare parts, Introduction Note

In 2021, orders in the mobile phone accessories market increased by 32% year-on-year, and new customers increased by 104%. Throughout the year, sellers can focus on four sales nodes, namely the Chinese New Year in February, the Spring New Product Sale in March, the Anniversary Promotion in August, and the European and American Black Friday shopping stocking season in November.

The mobile phone and accessories industry mainly covers 4 secondary categories: mobile phone accessories, mobile phone complete machines, smart wearable and mobile phone internal accessories. Among them, mobile phone accessories mainly include TWS headphones, mobile phone cases, chargers, cables, screen films and mobile phone holders.

In 2021, the global TWS headset market shipped 290 million units, a year-on-year increase of 14.5%. Among them, Apple's TWS headset shipments in 2021 are close to 93 million units, ranking first in the world; Samsung's shipments in 2021 reached 28 million units, a year-on-year increase of 19%, ranking second; Xiaomi ranked third with more than 23 million TWS headset shipments, up 3% year-on-year.

SEA Shipping process

Compared with international express delivery and air transportation、 ocean transportation has more and more complicated processes. Because of the large volume of goods and many categories、 there are mainly the following processes: booking space、 loading containers、 customs declaration、 customs clearance、 and picking up goods.

Booking space: Before shipping、 first confirm with the cooperative logistics supplier that your goods can be transported、 such as flammable and explosive goods、 military goods、 medical equipment、 counterfeit brands、 adult supplies and batteries over 100 watts can not be transported、 the shipping company can transport your goods、 and you also need to confirm what certification your goods need in the exporting country to avoid being seized by the customs. When you are ready for this、 you can book space with the shipping agent from the shipping company、 and then issue the SO form. Generally、 you can make an advance forecast two to three days before loading. At this time、 you can prepare the customs declaration materials.

Container loading: Choose a freight forwarding company that can pick up goods free of charge in this city、 and you can save a delivery fee. Before packing、 the number of pieces、 weight、 squares and plates shall be confirmed before packing、 so as to avoid the discrepancy between the freight forwarder's measurement and its own、 and the packing list shall be prepared. Then make an appointment with the freight forwarder to pick up the goods.

Customs declaration: customs declaration can be divided into tax refund customs declaration and bill declaration. Only companies with import and export business rights and companies that have signed paperless customs declaration at electronic ports can apply for tax refund customs declaration. Generally、 materials that need to be prepared are: foreign trade contracts、 invoices、 packing lists、 customs declaration letters of attorney (not used in Ningbo Shanghai Guangzhou)、 draft customs declaration forms (including declaration elements)、 special documents (customs clearance forms for outbound goods、 export licenses、 etc.). If the materials are not fully prepared or need to be replenished、 the freight forwarding company will notify you to replenish the materials in time to ensure the normal delivery of the goods.

Customs clearance: mainly including declaration、 tax payment、 inspection and release. The shipping order and declaration form shall be prepared and submitted to the customs at the destination、 and then the customs shall pay taxes according to the declared value of goods. The customs will inspect and review the goods according to the inspection process of relevant goods. This may delay some time、 depending on the nature and category of the goods. As long as there is no problem in the inspection、 the customs will release and then the consignee can pick up the goods.

How much faster can special line packet be registered than regular
If you have sent international postal surface mail packages、 you will know that the advantage of surface mail lies in its wide coverage、 many corners can be sent、 but it can be said to be the slowest logistics、 many times it can not be tracked、 and remember that there is no bottom in the process center. The delivery process of registered mail is more clear、 and it will bear certain responsibility for loss and damage、 so it is faster and safer. In terms of cross-border special line logistics、 it is also of similar significance. For example、 TODROPSHIPPING、 which specializes in e-commerce special lines、 has 5-8 working days for registered express mail to arrive in the United States. At the same time、 tracking inspection is supported. In some countries、 it can be re dispatched twice、 while ordinary mail takes 8-10 working days. Not only can it not be tracked、 but also there is no return or compensation service. When you are in a hurry、 if you cannot find a piece、 you just wait. Of course、 the cost of ordinary mail will be cheaper than that of registration.
What does Amazon FBA first headline service include

For Amazon users in Chinese Mainland、 the first step of Amazon FBA includes two steps:

1. Deliver the goods to the warehouse of domestic service providers;

2. Domestic logistics service providers transport goods to Amazon warehouses (Amazon America or Amazon Europe)

One stop to shore overseas warehouses are built in Los Angeles and Mexico City、 providing one-stop control and management services such as first journey transportation、 cargo storage、 local return and exchange、 labeling、 etc. Domestic warehouses have opened the FBA direct delivery service of sea and air transportation in many places、 becoming a seamless bridge with FBA.


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