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Sun protection can be divided into physical sun protection and chemical sun protection. From the perspective of the market size of the sun protection clothing industry, China's sun protection market is second only to the United States. The market size of sun protection products in South Korea, Japan and the United States is 720 million dollars, 660 million dollars and 2.27 billion dollars respectively, while China's sun protection market size is 1.96 billion dollars. The market size of the sunscreen clothing industry increased from 45.9 billion yuan in 2016 to 61.1 billion yuan in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.9%. Sunscreen clothing takes sunscreen, thinness and breathability as the promotion points, and domestic outdoor brands such as Toread, Kellogg Stone, Skylar, etc; The low-end price is 100-300 yuan, which is very popular with foreign friends. Many e-commerce sellers also aim at the market and seize opportunities.

Todropshipping focuses on cross-border e-commerce warehousing services, providing international express delivery, international small bags, international special lines, overseas warehouse delivery and other services for all kinds of sunscreen clothing and sunscreen skin care products, and has opened direct delivery warehousing and logistics special lines for many countries, including the U.S. special line, the UK special line, the Australia special line, the New Zealand special line, the Israel special line, etc. The price is affordable, the time limit can be 5-7 days, for special goods, There are also professional channels to provide solutions for electrified products.

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sun protection clothes Introduction Note
Sunscreen clothing is a kind of clothing that can be used for sun protection. Its principle is to add sunscreen additives to the fabric to prevent ultraviolet rays. Some sunscreen fabrics also use ceramic powder and fiber to combine to increase the reflection and scattering of ultraviolet rays on the surface of the clothing and prevent ultraviolet rays from penetrating the fabric and damaging the human skin. The fabric used for sun protection is also an ordinary fabric. Only when dyeing and processing in the dyeing factory, an auxiliary agent should be used to improve the light fastness of the fabric, that is, the color fastness, color fading prevention, texture, etc. are all good. It is suitable for people at all grassroots levels. Professional outdoor sunscreen clothes with high-end fabrics are not only sun proof, but also breathable and water repellent. It is suitable for outdoor travel and essential for playing.
International moving requires sea transportation. Can I use LCL

International moving、 as the name implies、 cross-border personal goods transportation、 general families will ship all kinds of living goods to foreign countries、 and the common characteristics of international moving are "many" and "miscellaneous" moving goods.

Most friends who move internationally will choose shipping services. Economy、 safety and less restrictions are the unique advantages of shipping、 and it is a very suitable choice for families and individual countries to move.

The sea transportation is carried out by containers in a centralized manner、 and the shipping channels extend in all directions. Because of the economies of scale、 the cost of sea transportation is far lower than that of other transportation modes. Seven Seas International has its own network transportation in the whole process、 the group has its own LCL、 and does not use LCL with other companies to transport goods. It ensures that moving goods are clean、 safe、 and free from pollution、 and saves customers a lot of shipping costs; Sufficient cargo volume can ensure fixed shipping date.

FBA air distribution and UPS air distribution

The so-called "air distribution" means air transportation plus delivery. FBA air distribution refers to a distribution channel of Amazon. UPS air distribution refers to the time when the local UPS express company picks up the goods and delivers them to the FBA warehouse、 Amazon FBA signs for receipt、 and the overall operation is completed.

American UPS Air Dispatch "、 the first air transportation to the United States、 after being transported to the United States by international air transportation、 and then delivered to the door or designated warehouse by UPS express.

Use FBA to deliver goods. For buyers、 they can quickly receive the purchased goods without logistics problems、 so that buyers can receive goods for a long time、 greatly improving their shopping experience; For sellers、 there is no need to worry about the timeliness of logistics delivery. They can spend more time on product operation and quickly seize the market.

How to make overseas warehouse bigger and stronger

1. It is a basic principle that the market demand of the products should be large. Long tail products are not suitable for overseas warehouses because it will affect the conversion rate and produce life and death inventory. However、 the size of the market is reasonable. The seller needs to evaluate according to the capital situation and turnover rate.

2. Pay attention to the total profit per unit time rather than the profit of a single transaction. On the whole、 the profit margin of overseas warehouses for most products will be much higher than that of domestic shipments、 which is also the advantage of overseas warehouses. Is it true that the profits of overseas warehouses are not as good as those of products shipped domestically、 so they must not be overseas warehouses? In fact、 it is not because we also need to comprehensively consider the conversion rate of overseas warehouse、 because products with high conversion rate can also achieve higher total profits through overseas warehouse! This requires our sellers to look at overseas warehouses from a developmental and overall perspective.

The FBA company I have worked with for a long time is Todropshipping. They have their own companies in the United States、 the United Kingdom、 Europe、 Canada、 and Germany、 and overseas warehouses and customs clearance are handled by them. It is easier to deliver goods to them. I recommend you to try. Welcome to take my answer.


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