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Todropshipping can not only give preferential prices, but also provide a number of free services to overseas friends, such as: packing, packing, reinforcement, taking photos, merging boxes, warehousing, etc. are all free. And if it is a large number of goods sent abroad, with our rich logistics experience, we can also help you reduce a lot of logistics costs.

The point-to-point logistics line and weekly direct flight frequency are very nice for merchants who need to mail mobile phone cases overseas in large quantities and frequently! Compared with the express price, it saves more than 60%, and the timeliness is about 7-10 days. Mailing relatively unurgent goods through a special line can save a lot of money. It has pulled up profits abruptly, so there are already many large and small cross-border merchants who are already using it.

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mobile phone case Introduction Note

IDC Global Quarterly Cell Phone Tracker shows that smartphone shipments are expected to reach 1.38 billion units in 2021, up 7.7% from 2020. This trend is expected to continue into 2022, with a year-on-year increase of 3.8% and shipments totaling 1.43 billion units, and in 2020, China's smartphone shipments will be 400 million units, a year-on-year increase of 2.6%, with the large-scale adoption of 5G networks and the reduction of the cost of 5G mobile phones, it is expected to achieve more than 100% growth by the end of 2021 in almost all regions outside China

But can you imagine that the popular CASETiFY models in Europe and the United States are all flowery and green, full of design mobile phone cases, rather than the "simple", "mechanical" and "hardcore" style we remember? The popularity of these phone cases is somewhat staggering. Football superstar Messi and supermodel Kylie Jenner have been "willing" as fans of CASETiFY in the past few years, and have spared no effort to recommend CASETiFY phone cases on Instagram for free. With the blessing of these energetic stars, CASETiFY has quickly occupied the minds of European and American consumers. According to Wu Peishen, founder of CASETiFY, its average annual sales volume of mobile phone cases exceeds 3 million pieces, which has maintained annual growth for more than 10 years and has maintained good profits.

What are the seven steps of international marine export transportation
There are five physical steps and two document steps in the process of international shipping from the shipper to the consignee: export consignment、 origin processing、 export customs clearance、 shipping、 import customs clearance、 destination processing and consignment import.
How does Amazon FBA send the head stream

1. The first preparation is to print the warehousing label in the background during the process of sending it to FBA、 and make sure to print two copies to prevent one from wearing out during express transportation. Seal the barcode with adhesive tape after pasting to prevent abrasion.

2. The outer box must be marked with "Made in China" to avoid problems in customs clearance.

3. The declared value of FBA express goods in the United States should not exceed 800 dollars. If there are many goods with high value、 they can be delivered by several orders without any impact on warehousing. It is safer to declare that the amount is controlled within 800 US dollars per ticket、 but it is not recommended that the amount is about 400 US dollars per ticket. Of course、 if you want to send FBA the first air tax package route、 the freight forwarder will help you to modify the declaration.

4. The British FBA can choose to use the freight forwarding company's vat tax number for customs clearance in its initial stage and early stage、 but in the long run、 it still needs to register its own company's vat to avoid the British government's tax bureau's audit of accounts and fines.

5. For Amazon Japan Station、 we should choose a freight forwarding company with relatively strong strength、 so that the destination tariff will be relatively small and cost pressure will be saved.

6. For overweight goods、 if a box of goods exceeds 22kg、 it is better to paste "HEAVY PACKAGE" on the outer box so that it is easier to put on the shelf.

How to choose US overseas warehouse for medium and large goods

For medium and large products、 the cost of logistics and express delivery is a big part、 and the seller's top priority is to give consideration to freight and timeliness、 which directly determines whether he can have greater competitiveness in the competition with peers. The following factors need to be considered when selecting the overseas warehouse storage and final process one piece delivery mode: overseas warehouse location、 final process channel and storage system、 response speed、 ability to deal with emergencies、 peripheral supporting services、 etc.

The location of overseas warehouse mainly depends on whether it is distributed in the region of its main purchasing group、 whether it is close to the port、 whether it covers the United States、 etc. Among them、 whether it is close to the port will affect the timeliness and cost of trailer warehousing、 and the other two will directly affect the high and low cost of the final journey and the length of the timeliness、 which cannot be ignored.

However、 the tail channel is equally important. Besides the high and low cost、 we should also consider the stability of the tail channel and the ability to deal with emergencies such as stock explosion. It is better to choose your own tail channel. If it is the tail channel of others、 the price (changed) is not superior. Besides、 the response speed to deal with various problems is also unmatched. The experience is greatly discounted、 and even the problem cannot be solved at all. In addition、 such as the storage system、 surrounding facilities、 and whether the warehouse specializes in medium and large items are also factors that sellers need to consider when selecting cooperative overseas warehouses.


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