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Todropshipping, aiming at the problems encountered by e-commerce enterprises in the Syria market, launches the agency delivery service with the integration of e-commerce warehouse distribution, providing a complete set of logistics services such as packaging, labeling, bar code, labeling, quality inspection, assembly, processing, coding, plastic sealing, cover, packaging and delivery. Allows you to focus on the development and innovation of the core business, without the hassle of warehouse management.
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How long about Amazon headline to warehousing

The head stream sea transportation of Amazon FBA in the United States means that the goods delivered to the FBA warehouse are transported to the local Amazon warehouses in the United States in the mode of sea transportation and post delivery. Generally、 the rear section dispatching can be divided into UPS dispatching and truck dispatching、 that is、 UPS dispatching to warehouse or truck dispatching.

If it is Matson、 it is FBA's first journey is Matson Express、 and the last journey is truck delivery. The time limit for Meisen Express is 11 days for arrival、 and 5-8 days for truck delivery to Amazon warehouse.

What to pay attention to when moving by international sea
Some precautions for international maritime moving: when we choose an international moving company、 we must know its subject qualification and contract performance ability、 so as to determine whether the other party has the shipping qualification and the ability to ensure the safe arrival of goods at the destination. The contents of the consignment note should be true、 because the contract of carriage of goods will be established when the completed consignment note is accepted by the carrier and the carrier fills in the consignment note. The shipper must indicate the departure and arrival stations、 the units、 names and addresses of the shipper and the consignee、 and the packaging、 storage and transportation instructions in accordance with national regulations. Goods under the care and supervision of specially assigned personnel during transportation. The supercargo shall be responsible for the safety of the goods and abide by the relevant regulations on transportation. Before consignment of goods、 we must first understand the contraband and dangerous goods subject to transportation restrictions、 so as to avoid unnecessary trouble and delay in transportation caused by customs inspection. The articles shall be well packaged、 meet the transportation safety requirements、 and avoid loss of articles due to damage during transportation.
What should we pay attention to in the US FBA special line logistics

The US FBA special line consists of the following: air (sea) first journey transportation+customs clearance at destination+dispatch at destination. The following is a brief introduction to some operation links and precautions of the US FBA: tariff: the higher the declared value of goods、 the higher the corresponding tariff will be paid. However、 if the practical value of the goods is high、 but the declared value is lower than the practical value、 once found by the customs、 there will be high punitive tariffs.

Customs clearance: customs clearance in the United States requires a customs clearance company and an importer of a trading company to declare and clear the goods. Occasionally、 special inspections may be encountered、 such as checking whether the goods are infringing、 whether there are qualification certificates、 and whether there are signs of origin affixed. Before Chinese goods arrived in the United States、 they must be labeled "made in China".

Prohibited articles:

First、 there is nothing to say about the domestic explicit prohibition of exports、 and the national laws can not be ignored;

Second、 the world transportation regulations prevent transportation、 which is primarily considered from the perspective of security;

Third、 the United States prohibits imports. These prohibited articles need special attention from the shipper、 otherwise they may not be transported.

Which overseas warehouse can do FBA return and exchange
The FBA return and bid exchange provided by Todropshipping Overseas Warehouse is quite good. Todropshipping Overseas Warehouse Company has been specialized in overseas warehouse and overseas warehouse return and bid exchange for many years now. It has a lot of service experience and good reputation. It is reliable to find the overseas warehouse's needs. The quality of the FBA return and bid exchange service provided by this overseas warehouse is very high、 it is also very responsible for customers、 and it has great advantages in terms of price.
Charging standard of international express
The charging standard of international express depends on the actual weight and volume weight. Calculation method of package volume and weight: (length x width x height) (cm) ÷ 5000. Note that the unit of length、 width and height is cm. If the cargo of international express package is less than 0.5 kg、 it will be charged as 0.5 kg. Goods below 21Kg (46.3Ib) are charged as small goods、 the first weight and the second weight. The charging unit is 0.5Kg (1.1Ib)、 and goods above 21Kg are charged as large goods.

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