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Facial Beauty Device Fulfilment Centers and Warehouses

In the cross-border e-commerce health and beauty industry, the beauty instrument is undoubtedly a very explosive product line. The beauty instrument includes many products, including large-scale instruments suitable for beauty salons and beauty tools for personal families. Beauty instrument is a key category in the health and beauty industry. Its sales are mainly concentrated in North America, TOP countries, France, Italy and the Netherlands in Europe, Oceania and Australia. From the perspective of product category, the growth rate of laser beauty instrument, microcrystalline skin grinding and plastic gun is more than 50%.

TODROPSHIPPING focuses on cross-border e-commerce warehousing services, providing international express, international small bags, international special lines, overseas warehouse delivery and other services for various facial beauty devices, whitening devices, electrotherapy devices, hair removal devices, face steaming machines, blackhead meters, and steaming machines. It has opened direct warehouse storage and distribution logistics lines for many countries, including the United States special lines, the United Kingdom special lines, Australia special lines, New Zealand special lines, Israel special lines, etc., with affordable prices, The time limit can be 5-7 days. There are also professional channels to provide solutions for special items and charged products.

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Facial Beauty Device Introduction Note
The beauty instrument is a machine that can adjust and improve the body and face according to the physiological function of the human body. It has many functions, such as whitening, rejuvenating, freckle removal, wrinkle removal, hair removal, weight loss, etc. According to its name, it has ultrasonic induction, photon rejuvenation, high frequency electrotherapy, RF electric wave skin pulling, electronic spot nevus removal, E-light permanent hair removal and rejuvenation, Jaffany nutrition introduction and export, etc.
How to send sensitive goods

Sensitive goods really need to pay attention. They will be strictly examined by foreign customs. If some logistics are not carefully checked and sent、 they may not be delivered to the recipient normally. Therefore、 we should find a qualified and competent logistics company to send sensitive goods to avoid wasting costs in addition to problems.

I don't know what kind of sensitive goods、 cosmetics or electric products you sent. These two kinds are better. If they are precious gold and silver、 or food and medicine、 it's hard to say. We can recommend you to see TODROPSHIPPING first. This company has special electrified special lines and cosmetics lines. Some liquid and powder cosmetics can be used、 and electronic products with batteries can also be used、 as long as they are not pure electric.

Which port does Matson fast ship go to in the United States

Matson fast ship refers to a sea transportation route from Shanghai (Ningbo、 Xiamen) port to Long Beach in the United States.

The predecessor of Matson fast ship is to ship arms. It has entered the Chinese market since 2005、 opened the first China US route (CLX1) in China、 and attached itself to Ningbo Shanghai Long Beach. This route uses five container ships that can carry 2600 TEU containers on average.

Matson Express generally takes about 15 days to sail at sea、 so the time limit is fast.

Matson Express has its own port、 which is not likely to be blocked in the traditional peak season like other ports.

As far as the Amazon seller logistics is concerned、 the FBA business process of Meisen Express is: the FBA goods from Shenzhen and other regions where there are many sellers are loaded first、 then concentrated in Shanghai port by barge、 and then directly sent to Long Beach、 USA.

After arriving at Long Beach、 the goods will be distributed to LA Port or distributed to FBA warehouses by express delivery. Amazon warehouses in Western America deliver goods at the fastest speed and most timely. ONT8 warehouses in Western America are also warehouses where a large number of Chinese sellers concentrate their goods、 so they are very popular with sellers in the United States and Asia.

What is the difference between air freight and DHL

DHL is an international express company、 which is a famous express/logistics company. With DHL、 he will receive and deliver goods at home.

Airport air transport is a kind of service provided by civil aviation、 which means carrying cargo by aircraft. Generally、 the goods must be delivered to the airport and picked up by someone after arrival.


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