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In the cross-border e-commerce health and beauty industry, the beauty instrument is undoubtedly a very explosive product line. The beauty instrument includes many products, including large-scale instruments suitable for beauty salons and beauty tools for personal families. Beauty instrument is a key category in the health and beauty industry. Its sales are mainly concentrated in North America, TOP countries, France, Italy and the Netherlands in Europe, Oceania and Australia. From the perspective of product category, the growth rate of laser beauty instrument, microcrystalline skin grinding and plastic gun is more than 50%.

TODROPSHIPPING focuses on cross-border e-commerce warehousing services, providing international express, international small bags, international special lines, overseas warehouse delivery and other services for various facial beauty devices, whitening devices, electrotherapy devices, hair removal devices, face steaming machines, blackhead meters, and steaming machines. It has opened direct warehouse storage and distribution logistics lines for many countries, including the United States special lines, the United Kingdom special lines, Australia special lines, New Zealand special lines, Israel special lines, etc., with affordable prices, The time limit can be 5-7 days. There are also professional channels to provide solutions for special items and charged products.

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Facial Beauty Device Introduction Note
The beauty instrument is a machine that can adjust and improve the body and face according to the physiological function of the human body. It has many functions, such as whitening, rejuvenating, freckle removal, wrinkle removal, hair removal, weight loss, etc. According to its name, it has ultrasonic induction, photon rejuvenation, high frequency electrotherapy, RF electric wave skin pulling, electronic spot nevus removal, E-light permanent hair removal and rejuvenation, Jaffany nutrition introduction and export, etc.
Detailed steps for international air transport

1. We should confirm the weight and volume with the customer in a timely manner. If the customer does not confirm the weight and volume、 the cost will be very troublesome after the goods fly out.

2. In air transportation、 customers usually declare their goods and documents on the same day、 so it is troublesome to arrange the shipping space. If possible、 declare as many shipping spaces as possible. It is difficult to add if there are fewer shipping spaces. If there are more、 you can find a way to collect goods.

3. Generally、 the airline and the first-class agents have basically arranged their seats before 12:00 noon. In this case、 it is not appropriate to take over large cargoes that are required to take off the next day. You'd better not take over until the space is determined、 otherwise you will be very passive.

4. In principle、 air cargo requires that the cargo should be stored in the airline warehouse for more than 24 hours. In actual operation、 it should be handed over the night before the plane takes off. Special urgent goods can be handed over on site. In principle、 4 hours before the cargo plane takes off and 2 hours before the passenger plane takes off、 but do not suggest the customer to hand over the goods on site as early as possible、 unless you can make a special decision.

5. The waybill shall be confirmed with the customer in a timely manner、 and the Chinese name for customs declaration shall be provided by the customer、 etc.

FBA returns and changes lables which overseas warehouse provides good service

There are not many overseas warehouses that can provide such services as FBA return and bid exchange. Previously、 they were delivered by themselves、 which will increase many costs. With Todropshipping overseas warehouse in the supply chain、 it will be much easier for me. They can directly help me to complete the return and bid exchange operation、 save a lot of costs、 and reduce a lot of financial pressure for me. Todropshipping overseas warehouse provides good services and has more channels、 which is a good choice.

How much is the first freight of Amazon fba

FBA's first journey is divided into three modes of transportation: sea transportation、 air transportation and express delivery. The pricing methods and prices of the three modes of transportation are different.

Maritime transport is divided into two modes: maritime transport+trailer delivery; Sea+express delivery. Among them、 shipping+trailer delivery shall be at least 1 CBM and charged according to CBM. Ocean+express delivery is 10 working days faster than trailer delivery、 with a minimum shipment of 100KG. The price is also quite cheap、 and charged products can go anywhere.

Air transportation、 usually refers to air+dispatch、 and the FBA special line、 which is commonly referred to in the market、 is generally about 30 yuan/KG. You can ask Todropshipping about the specific price. It usually takes about a week to arrive in the United States、 and it is easier to pay both taxes.

Express delivery refers to the use of international express to deliver products that can't be charged and arrive in four or five days、 but it will be much more expensive and will also require bubble counting.


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