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People who often receive or send packages should have encountered problems such as damaged packaging, unclear address, and missing internal parts. What principles should be adhered to in the transportation and packaging of international logistics/express goods (cargo, express, parcel, etc.)? What problems should be paid attention to in AR product packaging?

1) Suitable for transportation

This is the basic requirement for transportation packaging (transportation packaging is also called outer packaging, as opposed to commodity packaging/inner packaging/sales packaging). The transport packaging must be strong, impact-resistant, and vibration-resistant, and at the same time, it must take into account the functions of moisture-proof, anti-theft, and anti-loss.

2) Protect the product, prevent moisture and theft

Protecting the product is the minimum requirement for packaging, and other requirements (such as being suitable for transportation, easy to load and unload, beautiful, etc.) are only meaningful under the premise of protecting the product. For high-value but small-sized products, special attention should be paid to the function of moisture-proof and anti-theft. If the anti-theft seal is attached to the outer package, as long as the seal is intact, it means that the product inside is not lost.

3) Easy to load and unload

It is well packaged, easy to handle, easy to load and unload, which is conducive to improving efficiency, and at the same time, it can avoid the damage and damage that may be caused to the goods by "brutal loading and unloading". Such as: pay attention to the weight and size of each package - too heavy will lead to inconvenience in handling and loading and unloading; irregular shape is not conducive to neat stacking, which may easily lead to unnecessary deformation and damage. If it is palletized goods or large-sized goods that must be loaded, unloaded, and transported by forklifts or cranes, it must be convenient for mechanical operations, such as necessary jacks or lifting holes or rings.

4) Moderate and reasonable packaging

According to the actual situation of the goods (weight, size, shape, volume, etc.), choose suitable packaging boxes, boards, packaging fillers, sealing methods (whether wrapping straps), and reinforcement methods. Be sure to avoid the packaging box being too large, resulting in insufficient packaging with empty space inside, which is very likely to cause damage to the packaging and the goods. Of course, it should not be overpacked, resulting in unnecessary waste of packaging materials.

5) The package is integrated

The outer packaging should be integrated with the inner protective materials, buffers and the product itself. When an outer packaging contains multiple small inner packagings, it is necessary to pay attention to the neat and good stacking between the contents or between the outer packaging and the contents. When the gap is filled, it should be filled with buffer or protective material to avoid unnecessary collision, friction or extrusion due to the gap.

6) Pay attention to the balance of direction and center of gravity

If the goods cannot be placed sideways or upside down, the goods that must be facing up must be clearly marked on the outer packaging, and there must be "up" and other relevant signs on all sides. During handling, loading and unloading, storage, and transportation, the outer packaging must be strictly followed. The arrows on it identify the correct handling and disposal of the goods. The center of gravity of the package should be located in the center, and the weight distribution should be kept as balanced as possible. If the center of gravity cannot be kept near the center due to the problem of the item itself, it is best to indicate the weight on that side.

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AR products and accessories Introduction Note
Although the AR head display market will shrink in 2022, as IDC expects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 70.3% in the next five years, the AR head display market will continue to grow in the future. Import and export data observation reports that by 2026 By the end of the year, AR headset shipments will reach 4.1 million units. According to Jitesh Ubrani, research manager of IDC Mobile and Consumer Device Tracking, it is still a few years before consumers buy AR headsets on a large scale, and the earliest AR headsets are expected to become mainstream consumption as early as late 2024 or early 2025.
Features of four international express

DHL、 compared with the other three modes of transportation、 has the greatest advantage in terms of timeliness、 and the freight is relatively cheaper than UPS and TNT.

FEDEX and freight are the cheapest of the four、 but the aging is also the slowest. Generally、 the normal aging is about 4-7 working days.

UPS and time efficiency are not much different from DHL、 but the price is slightly higher、 and the corresponding additional charges are also quite large.

TNT and cost are the highest among the four types of express delivery、 and the price advantage is relatively obvious for Australia、 the Middle East and Western European countries alone.

DHL: Small goods have advantages in global price timeliness.


UPS: Customers with high timeliness requirements can choose this mode、 which is as fast as DHL.

Does cross-border e-commerce use overseas warehouses now

The logistics mode to be used depends on its own operation and logistics demand.

Of course、 under the current unstable international market background、 the advantages of overseas warehouse are indeed more prominent. Considering the current logistics timeliness、 in order to prevent the product from being out of stock、 some goods can be stored in the overseas warehouse in advance、 and FBA can timely replenish the goods through the overseas warehouse when the inventory is urgent; Value added services such as issuing one piece for overseas warehouse、 returning goods and changing marks can also bring a lot of convenience and opportunities. It is really convenient to centrally transport the goods to the country where the market is located for storage、 and deliver the rest to overseas warehouse for final delivery? The state also supports the construction of overseas warehouses、 but the overseas warehouses are still in the period of free expansion、 and there are many pitfalls in choosing overseas warehouses. Most sellers seeking stability will use overseas warehouse enterprises with reliable service scale、 such as barns、 at least in terms of cost、 timeliness、 system use and storage management. Of course、 whether to use overseas warehouse or not depends on whether you have stable order demand support and can bear a certain warehousing cost.

How to send sensitive goods

Sensitive goods really need to pay attention. They will be strictly examined by foreign customs. If some logistics are not carefully checked and sent、 they may not be delivered to the recipient normally. Therefore、 we should find a qualified and competent logistics company to send sensitive goods to avoid wasting costs in addition to problems.

I don't know what kind of sensitive goods、 cosmetics or electric products you sent. These two kinds are better. If they are precious gold and silver、 or food and medicine、 it's hard to say. We can recommend you to see TODROPSHIPPING first. This company has special electrified special lines and cosmetics lines. Some liquid and powder cosmetics can be used、 and electronic products with batteries can also be used、 as long as they are not pure electric.


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