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Todropshipping can provide professional gaming keyboard warehousing and dropshipping services, but we must know that the keyboard is divided into two types, one is a wired keyboard and the other is a wireless keyboard.

Wired keyboards are general goods, and they can be mailed casually, but the price is just a matter of price. The wireless keyboard has a Bluetooth device, which is equipped with a battery, and the live goods are sensitive goods.

So how do we mail such sensitive goods?

1. When shipping, you must pay attention to truthfully declare that it is a live goods;

2. Label the battery on the outer packaging;

3. The goods must be in a closed state before dispatching;

4. Don't mail too much at a time

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gaming keyboards Introduction Note
The game keyboard requires a strong sense of key paragraphs, so as to produce a special feel suitable for game entertainment and achieve a good experience for players in the game. The keyboard is one of the indispensable computer peripheral products in our lives, and the previous keyboard has been used as an input device for office typing, and the emergence of computer games The keyboard has gradually become a gaming peripheral. Due to the relatively low performance of early computers, the computer game method of this period is relatively simple, and ordinary office and home keyboards can fully meet the needs of players. However, with the continuous upgrading of hardware performance, the fun and complexity of games are also increasing, and the requirements for keyboard performance are getting higher and higher, so professional gaming keyboards were born.
Difference of Amazon FBA and third-party overseas warehouse

1. Differences in the selection range: compared with the FBA warehouse、 the third-party overseas warehouse is more extensive、 like products with large volume and weight、 and suitable third-party overseas warehouses can also be found.

2. Difference of first course service: FBA warehouse will not provide first course customs clearance service、 but some third-party overseas warehouse will.

3. Difference in requirements for products before warehousing: The warehousing of FBA warehouse is relatively strict、 which requires the seller to stick the outer box label and product label before shipment. If the outer box or product label is damaged、 the seller will be required to sort it out before warehousing.

The warehousing requirements of the third-party overseas warehouse are not as high as those of the FBA warehouse、 and they even provide sorting and assembly services before putting on the shelf.

4. Differences in distribution after product warehousing: Amazon defaults to separate warehouses、 while third-party overseas warehouses generally place goods from the same seller in the same warehouse for centralized management.

5. Difference in warehousing cost: Generally speaking、 if the volume of goods is large、 the cost of using the FBA warehouse is higher than that of the third-party overseas warehouse.

6. Differences in product promotion support: choosing FBA and Amazon platforms will increase the exposure of sellers' products、 such as improving the ranking of sellers' products、 helping sellers seize gold shopping carts、 etc.、 which will help improve the flow and sales of sellers' stores.

What are the delivery methods for FBA headline
FBA's first journey delivery method is as follows: air dispatch special line: first journey air freight+last journey express delivery 8-10 days、 signing for Shanghai dispatch special line: first journey sea freight+last journey express delivery 17-25 days、 signing for railway transport special line: first journey rail transport+last journey express delivery 25-30 days、 signing for (Europe) express delivery directly to FBA warehouse、 such as DHL、 UPS and Fedex international express delivery 3-5 days. If customers need to reach their destination quickly、 they need to choose an efficient special line For example、 air transport FBA; If the goods are not so urgent、 and the company wants to reduce the freight cost、 it can choose to transport them by sea or rail.
Which products suitable for overseas warehouse in Aliexpress

Most of the products are suitable for overseas warehouse、 and the scale effect of using overseas warehouse for products above 400g is cheaper than small bags. However、 the overseas warehouse is very strict in checking the products of illegal goods、 and there are some categories that cannot be done or are unsuitable

1. Unsuitable liquid、 powder and paste

2. No contraband

3. Products with short shelf life are not suitable

4. It is not suitable to prepare goods in large quantities for products that are greatly affected by seasons or festival products

Of course、 there are many strict requirements for product quality in overseas warehouses. We should select products in strict accordance with the customs of the destination country. With 11 years of experience in self operated overseas warehouses、 Todropshipping operates state-owned overseas warehouses in Britain、 America、 Australia、 Germany、 Russia、 Canada and other countries. It focuses on cross-border e-commerce sellers' overseas warehouse services and provides a professional overseas warehouse delivery service for sensitive goods.


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