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Clothing accessories refer to materials other than fabrics that decorate clothing and extend the function of clothing. Its decoration, processing and shape retention will directly affect the performance and sales of clothing, and it is the basis of clothing. According to different functions, clothing accessories can be divided into linings, linings, fillers, tape materials, fastening materials, decorative materials and others. Among them, the fastening material is the material with the function of closing and fastening in the clothing, mainly including buttons and zippers.

Todropshipping focuses on cross-border e-commerce services, providing services such as international express delivery, international parcels, international special lines, and overseas warehouse agency services. There are professional channels to provide solutions for special items and live products. You can consult the official online customer service on www.Todropshipping.com

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clothing buttons Introduction Note
Buttons, in ancient Rome, the original buttons were used to make decorations, and pins were used to tie clothes. The original function is to connect the placket of clothes, but it has gradually developed to be more artistic and decorative in addition to maintaining its original function, that is, personalization. A good button can make your clothing more perfect, play the role of "finishing the finishing touch", and play a certain aesthetic role. my country is one of the major manufacturing countries, with a large number of button exports. According to statistics, in 2020, the export volume of Chinese buttons was 39,044 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 19.4%; the button import volume was 16,792.1 tons, a year-on-year increase of 574.8%. In terms of import and export value, according to China Customs data, the export value of Chinese buttons in 2020 was US$411.635 million, a year-on-year decrease of 7%; the import value of Chinese buttons was US$223.495 million, a year-on-year increase of 198.4%.
How can I send it cheaper by international express

The most affordable price can only be obtained through comprehensive comparison according to the mailing country、 product、 real weight、 volume size and timeliness requirements. If you want to send international express at a low price、 it is recommended that you find a trusted international express agency when delivering goods. The freight is 30% to 50% off of the four major international express.

The methods for selecting four major international express agency companies are as follows:

1. Perfect warehousing management. The agent company must have professional warehouse management technology to handle countless parcels every day. This warehouse management includes package putting on the shelf、 storage、 off the shelf、 inspection points、 packaging、 shipping and other links. Every link requires preciseness and efficiency. It is not so simple to deliver goods on the same day.

2. Professional customer service. To put it bluntly、 it can provide you with effective international express channels、 package declaration value and other suggestions. Tariff has always been the most troublesome thing for international express delivery. If an agency cannot reduce tariffs to the greatest extent for customers、 it is not a qualified agency at all.

3. Remove excess packaging. The price of international express is proportional to the weight of the package and the volume. If you buy something on a treasure website、 as an aspiring shopper、 how can you buy only one or two? At this time、 it is particularly important to remove the redundant packaging.

4. In addition to the above services、 price is also very important. Before delivery、 be sure to ask clearly whether packaging fee、 handling fee、 fuel surcharge、 etc. are needed in addition to freight.

Todropshipping has high-quality logistics channels、 which can reach more than 220 countries and regions in the world. At the same time、 as the first level agent of the four major international express、 Todropshipping can enjoy a lower price than the official website when delivering goods through its supply chain、 and the logistics channel can offer discounts all the year round.

How about the process of overseas warehouse dropshipping

First of all、 we learned that the overseas warehouse is actually a kind of overseas leased warehouse derived from the service of cross-border e-commerce or foreign trade. The appearance of overseas warehouse has greatly improved the storage and delivery time、 efficiency problems、 logistics costs、 customs clearance fees、 etc. For the seller、 a series of savings and efficiency improvements have made the profit of the seller's own products continue to increase、 followed by a more convenient delivery service One piece consignment of overseas warehouse is divided into one piece consignment of supplier's goods source and self owned goods source to prepare goods for overseas warehouse. After the customer places an order、 the overseas warehouse system issues delivery instructions、 and the overseas warehouse staff receives the instructions、 they are responsible for the final delivery work such as packaging and shipment.

Naturally、 we have some understanding of his process from the understanding of overseas warehouse and one agent:

1. The cross-border foreign trade seller arranges express delivery to deliver the goods to the US warehouse;

2. The warehouse shall count the goods received and put them on shelves;

3. When a buyer places an order on the platform、 the buyer uploads the order in the warehouse system;

4. The warehouse receives the order instruction to distribute goods and deliver goods、 and the American local logistics delivery;

5. The buyer receives the order item.

What express is good for sending things abroad

Express delivery to foreign countries is generally sent by international express

General international express service providers include: DHL、 UPS、 fedex、 TNT、 EMS、 DPD、 etc.

The specific express delivery and the express delivery to be sent abroad shall be determined according to the specific information of the goods、 the name of the goods、 whether there is electricity、 liquid、 paste、 brand and other factors.

Therefore、 it is necessary to decide which channel and which international express to take according to the actual situation!

Because every international express has its advantages and disadvantages、 we can't give a general answer to which express to send abroad!


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