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Clothing accessories refer to materials other than fabrics that decorate clothing and extend the function of clothing. Its decoration, processing and shape retention will directly affect the performance and sales of clothing, and it is the basis of clothing. According to different functions, clothing accessories can be divided into linings, linings, fillers, tape materials, fastening materials, decorative materials and others. Among them, the fastening material is the material with the function of closing and fastening in the clothing, mainly including buttons and zippers.

Todropshipping focuses on cross-border e-commerce services, providing services such as international express delivery, international parcels, international special lines, and overseas warehouse agency services. There are professional channels to provide solutions for special items and live products. You can consult the official online customer service on www.Todropshipping.com

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clothing buttons Introduction Note
Buttons, in ancient Rome, the original buttons were used to make decorations, and pins were used to tie clothes. The original function is to connect the placket of clothes, but it has gradually developed to be more artistic and decorative in addition to maintaining its original function, that is, personalization. A good button can make your clothing more perfect, play the role of "finishing the finishing touch", and play a certain aesthetic role. my country is one of the major manufacturing countries, with a large number of button exports. According to statistics, in 2020, the export volume of Chinese buttons was 39,044 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 19.4%; the button import volume was 16,792.1 tons, a year-on-year increase of 574.8%. In terms of import and export value, according to China Customs data, the export value of Chinese buttons in 2020 was US$411.635 million, a year-on-year decrease of 7%; the import value of Chinese buttons was US$223.495 million, a year-on-year increase of 198.4%.
What items can be transported by international air
As long as it is not liquid、 dangerous goods、 or goods whose volume is not too long or too high、 they can generally be transported by air、 but the air transportation is to pick up goods at the airport、 while the international express delivery is to deliver goods directly to the door
Difference between FBA headline and straight journey

The first journey of the US FBA refers to the journey that the seller sends goods from the domestic freight forwarder to the FBA warehouse. After the products are delivered to the FBA warehouse and put on the shelves、 the seller can optimize the listing to sell the products、 and the buyer can place an order to ship the products from the FBA warehouse.

Direct delivery means that the seller directly delivers the goods from domestic direct delivery to the buyer!

The seller stores that send FBA can get more traffic from the platform、 self delivery sellers、 and domestic delivery、 and generally less traffic.

Advantages of using overseas warehouses for Amazon

Overseas warehouse is one of the distribution channels of cross-border e-commerce. The use of overseas warehouse allows unlimited expansion of the seller's product categories. Some products have a long service life and do not belong to FMCG、 but there are restrictions on the market demand、 the formation of scale、 and the sales in overseas warehouse. The product categories in overseas warehouse can be expanded indefinitely. And the overseas warehouse is not only used for storing and transporting goods. What service function does the overseas warehouse have? Today、 let's talk about the five functions of overseas warehouse.

1. Return and replacement services.

Generally、 multinational e-commerce sellers will inevitably encounter many problems、 such as account closure、 product failure to go on sale、 wrong SKU label、 etc.、 so they can use the overseas warehouse delivery mode to provide services such as return、 exchange、 and label change、 so that the product can gain value again and avoid loss of goods.

2. Value added services.

When using FBA、 the seller can simultaneously use overseas warehouse services to replenish goods nearby、 minimize transaction costs and reduce transaction risks. In addition to FBA transit、 overseas warehouses can also provide value-added services for sellers、 such as warehousing inspection、 goods putting on shelves、 inventory management、 order receiving、 order sorting、 order review、 multi-channel shipment、 etc.

3. FBA replenishment service.

Cross border sellers can place part of their goods in overseas warehouses. When they find that the FBA stock is insufficient、 they can immediately replenish the stock from overseas warehouses. This process does not require an appointment. It can ensure that the warehouse is not arranged in the peak season. This operation method can save a lot of freight costs.

4. Overseas warehouse issues one piece.

The Seller shall prepare the products in batches from home to overseas warehouse、 and then the staff of overseas warehouse shall check and put them on the shelf. When a buyer places an order、 the Seller only needs to issue a delivery order in the overseas warehouse management system、 and the warehouse staff will implement local delivery service in accordance with local instructions.

5. FBA transit、 FBA transit and FBA transit services.

In most cases、 the FBA is used in combination with the third-party overseas warehouse、 stock goods in the overseas warehouse first、 forward (replenish) the FBA regularly or irregularly、 and handle the return and replacement of goods from the overseas warehouse while delivering goods from the FBA.


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