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Clothing accessories refer to materials other than fabrics that decorate clothing and extend the function of clothing. Its decoration, processing and shape retention will directly affect the performance and sales of clothing, and it is the basis of clothing. According to different functions, clothing accessories can be divided into linings, linings, fillers, tape materials, fastening materials, decorative materials and others. Among them, the fastening material is the material with the function of closing and fastening in the clothing, mainly including buttons and zippers.

Todropshipping focuses on cross-border e-commerce services, providing services such as international express delivery, international parcels, international special lines, and overseas warehouse agency services. There are professional channels to provide solutions for special items and live products. You can consult the official online customer service on www.Todropshipping.com

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clothing buttons Introduction Note
Buttons, in ancient Rome, the original buttons were used to make decorations, and pins were used to tie clothes. The original function is to connect the placket of clothes, but it has gradually developed to be more artistic and decorative in addition to maintaining its original function, that is, personalization. A good button can make your clothing more perfect, play the role of "finishing the finishing touch", and play a certain aesthetic role. my country is one of the major manufacturing countries, with a large number of button exports. According to statistics, in 2020, the export volume of Chinese buttons was 39,044 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 19.4%; the button import volume was 16,792.1 tons, a year-on-year increase of 574.8%. In terms of import and export value, according to China Customs data, the export value of Chinese buttons in 2020 was US$411.635 million, a year-on-year decrease of 7%; the import value of Chinese buttons was US$223.495 million, a year-on-year increase of 198.4%.
Who did a good job of distributing large items in US overseas warehouse

How to say? Actually、 the "willingness" to buy large goods online in the United States has been mature for a long time. However、 because the rise of overseas warehouses is late、 the distribution of large goods has become more popular in recent years. Before overseas warehouses、 they mainly served "small goods"、 limited to the storage area、 and only a few powerful overseas warehouses received large goods.

However、 with the development of overseas warehouses in the United States becoming increasingly mature、 more and more overseas warehouses have established large storage space、 which can not only provide delivery of large and medium-sized goods、 but also ensure timeliness. Among them、 Todropshipping overseas warehouses、 Todropshipping self built multiple overseas warehouses in the United States、 provide customs clearance and delivery、 US fulfillment、delivery of large and medium-sized goods、 FBA transit、 return and bid exchange、 LTL (personal address for oversized goods) card delivery and other services. For Todropshipping overseas warehouse、 it is relatively professional in terms of medium and large items. For 8 years、 both the service and business have been continuously improved and improved、 and it is very mature in all aspects.

In my opinion、 TODROPSHIPPING has done a good job in looking for overseas warehouses、 not only depending on the services they need、 but also on whether the overseas warehouses are mature and inexperienced、 and can quickly provide solutions when encountering problems.

How to choose American overseas warehouse

1. Professional team in China and the USA

If the selected American overseas warehouse has a dedicated team at home、 they will consider some problems that may be encountered after the goods are warehoused overseas and avoid it in advance. In this way、 the situation that the goods have been sent overseas but have encountered problems and are not easy to handle is reduced.

2. Warehouse provides insurance

The goods may be lost、 damaged、 delayed、 etc. in the operation process. Some overseas warehouses will introduce various types of insurance、 cargo damage insurance、 loss of parts insurance、 delay insurance、 etc. In case of problems in the warehouse、 these types of insurance will enable the seller to obtain reasonable claims without loss.

3. Scale and hardware facilities

The small American overseas warehouse has its own limitations. For some emergencies that may not be handled well and cause losses to the seller's interests、 it is recommended to choose an American overseas warehouse with complete hardware and software equipment and complete systems.

4. Independent taxation

The protection of tax and law is not only that your process is legal、 but also that of other customers in the overseas warehouse. In a common warehousing system、 only when everyone is legal can it be truly guaranteed.

5. Clear billing method

Not all American overseas positions are reliable. When choosing、 sellers should remember to look for those whose charges and prices are clear and unambiguous.

6. Provide a mature management system

A mature management system includes inventory、 sales order、 inventory and other data reports、 supports barrier free communication between customers、 goods、 overseas warehouses、 and logistics companies、 and provides accurate and timely information.

How can I send it by international express
Packages can be mailed to foreign countries through international express carriers. EMS、 DHL、 UPS、 FedEx、 TNT、 ARAMEX and other express services are the main international express businesses. Personal goods can be mailed through the forwarding company、 and then according to the personal time limit needs、 compare the time limit and price of each express carrier、 and select a more suitable express carrier.

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