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With the improvement of domestic textile technology, Chinese fabrics are increasingly welcomed by the international market, and the international market share has also grown steadily. From 2001 to 2019, the average annual growth rate of my country's fabric international market share was 9.6%. Especially from 2016, the export of fabrics has successfully exceeded 20 billion meters, and in 2017, 2018 and 2019, it also reached 20.1 billion meters, 21 billion meters and 21.7 billion meters respectively. In addition, the fabric self-sufficiency rate of the world's garment processing factories such as Bangladesh and Indonesia is seriously low. my country has an absolute advantage in the large-scale production of fabrics and the quality of fabric products, which attracts these countries to continue to import related products. According to statistics, in 2019, Chinese fabrics have occupied as much as 95% of the import share of Vietnam, Bangladesh, India and other countries.

Todropshipping focuses on cross-border e-commerce private line services. Currently, it has more than 40 direct hair lines, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Brazil, Europe, and the United Kingdom, which can meet the needs of our customers. Different delivery requirements.

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nylon fabrics Introduction Note
Nylon has good toughness, wear resistance, easy to wash, nylon cloth bags are divided into coated and uncoated, the coated is elastic nylon cloth, and the uncoated is non-elastic nylon cloth bag-like pattern nylon cloth. Elastic nylon is mostly used for making clothes, while inelastic nylon is mostly used for making bags. Nylon cloth bags are lightweight, easy to care for, low in price, and endlessly variable in style. Due to the properties of nylon, nylon bags are waterproof, lightweight and tough, reusable and washable.
What GP stands for in international shipping containers
GP refers to general purpose containers (without ventilation device). For example、 20GP represents a 20 foot general purpose container and 40GP represents a 40 foot general purpose container. It is also called 20 foot ordinary cabinet、 40 foot ordinary cabinet、 opposite to special cabinet.
Can I send pure battery by overseas warehouse

Whether the pure battery products are delivered in small packages or in batches to the United States、 attention should be paid to the packaging. The outer box must be packed in a sturdy cardboard box、 and the batteries exceeding the standard also need to be packed in a knife UN box. Each battery with a large number must be well insulated and packed. The positive and negative poles of all batteries must be in the same direction and cannot be placed at will. The carton cannot be changed. If there is space left、 it needs to be filled with other bubble bags to avoid random shaking of the battery during transportation. The battery express box shall not exceed 10KG; Air freight single container is limited to 12kg - 22kg、 and extra delivery costs will be incurred if it is exceeded.

After the pure battery products are shipped to the United States、 they can be sold on the platform or distributed in overseas warehouses. The overseas warehouse can be stored for one month for free、 and the storage cost can be calculated after one month. Direct delivery from overseas warehouse、 1-3 days to the buyer. Customers can choose American overseas warehouse、 American East Sea overseas warehouse、 American West overseas warehouse and American China overseas warehouse in different regions according to the different orders of the platform stores、 which basically cover the whole territory of the United States. Please note that the overseas warehouse must have the qualification to issue pure batteries on behalf of others、 and the United States has strict requirements for lithium batteries、 dry batteries、 power packs and other products on behalf of others.

As a special sensitive item、 pure batteries must be declared truthfully in the aspect of logistics and customs clearance. If the customs finds that the declaration is not true、 the goods will be detained by the customs. All kinds of information required for the transportation of battery products must be prepared. In general、 for pure battery products、 whether it is the first transportation or the last delivery、 overseas warehouse delivery、 cross-border partners must do enough homework to successfully complete.

What are the businesses of international shipping

In fact、 it refers to the international maritime transport business、 which generally refers to the international shipping operators' use of their own or operated ships and spaces、 provision of international maritime cargo transport and passenger transport services and related activities around their ships、 passengers or goods to complete these services、 including signing relevant agreements、 accepting booking、 negotiating and collecting freight、 issuing bills of lading and other relevant transport documents、 arranging cargo loading and unloading Arrange storage、 cargo handover、 transshipment and vessel inbound and outbound activities.

To sum up、 there are five points:

1. Agency services such as booking space、 dragging containers、 loading and unloading、 warehousing and distribution、 customs declaration and inspection of full containers of import and export goods

2. Unpacking、 distribution and distribution of LCL goods

3. Provide extended services at home and abroad such as EWX、 DDP/DDU and door-to-door service

4. Sea air combined transport、 bulk cargo、 dangerous goods、 frozen goods and other special services

5. Provide all trade cooperation services and insurance agency services including import and export、 return、 bonded、 transit、 etc


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