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Because electronic cigarettes contain batteries, and batteries are prone to generate flammable gases during international transportation, which threatens the safety of aircraft. In order to ensure the safety of aircraft transportation, domestic express companies regard batteries and battery items as prohibited items and prohibit transportation.

However, if you can transit from Hong Kong and take advantage of Hong Kong's looser policies, you can delivery electronic cigarettes to foreign countries. For example, logistics such as Dutch post parcels, Russian special lines, Japan special lines, and American special lines, which are transshipped from Hong Kong to the destination, can be delivery to foreign countries. Commercial couriers such as DHL, Fedex, and UPS are prohibited from transporting electronic cigarettes and other electrical items.

In addition, it should be noted that some countries do not allow the import of electronic cigarettes. When delivery, you need to pay attention to whether the electronic cigarettes comply with local customs policies. For example, according to Japanese customs policy, only two electronic cigarettes can be imported at most, and if the number is too large, it will be request to return the parcel.

Todropshipping US special line logistics can delivery electronic cigarettes to the United States. The channel is characterized by high cost performance and can provide a variety of channel services to meet everyone's logistics needs.

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electronic cigarettes Introduction Note

According to the "Blue Book of Electronic Cigarette Industry Exports in 2022" (hereinafter referred to as "Blue Book"), there are currently more than 1,500 electronic cigarette manufacturing and brand enterprises in my country, and more than 70% of them mainly export their products overseas. It is estimated that the total export value of electronic cigarettes will reach 186.7 billion RMB in 2022, with an expected growth rate of 35%.

After the "Thousand-Smoke War", there is a saying in the electronic cigarette industry: "More than 95% of the world's electronic cigarette production and products are from China, 70% of China is from Shenzhen, and more than 95% of Shenzhen city  Bao'an district ". China is gradually transforming from the world's largest e-cigarette manufacturer to the world's largest exporter of e-cigarette brands.

According to Todropshipping, in Southeast Asia, different from the Chinese market, some countries in Southeast Asia are open to e-cigarettes and even allow e-cigarettes to be sold online. According to data from Euromonitor, a consumer market research organization, it is expected that the total market of electronic atomization in Southeast Asia will reach 766 million US dollars in 2023, or about 5.1 billion RMB.

How to send international express

The operation process is as follows:;

1. First、 contact the international express agency to provide information about the goods、 then quote according to the name of the goods and other information、 and provide the receiving address and other information.

2. It is necessary to express the goods to the international express agent warehouse. If it is online shopping、 you can change the receiving address to the address of the express company so that the goods do not need to be transported by domestic express.

3. After the warehouse receives the goods、 the staff will check the goods information、 product name、 corresponding customers、 etc. If everything is OK、 the warehouse will take the initiative to contact the customer after sorting out the data.

4. The customer provides information such as foreign recipient、 address、 telephone、 zip code、 country、 city、 declared value/product name/quantity、 etc.

5. You can make data on behalf of the customer、 scan the code for payment or transfer payment、 and the customer completes the payment.

6. The staff arranges for the delivery of goods、 express delivery to the aircraft via Hong Kong、 goods to foreign destination countries → customs clearance → delivery → customer signing、 and the transportation process is completed.

International express can mail daily necessities、 cosmetics、 clothes、 shoes、 electronic products、 food、 drugs、 health care products、 documents、 books、 certificates、 etc.

What is the overseas warehouse dropshipping

Overseas warehouse one piece consignment is a third-party overseas warehouse business type. The seller prepares the goods to the overseas warehouse in advance、 pushes the order details to the overseas warehouse when the store has an order、 and the overseas warehouse helps the seller to ship.

TODROPSHIPPING fully supports the consignment business of overseas fulfillment dropshipping、 has different picking processes and inbound and outbound rules for small and large goods、 and helps third-party overseas warehouse enterprises solve the time-consuming and laborious consignment business problems

The advantages of the USA fulfillment

1. Lower logistics cost: direct delivery from overseas warehouses in the United States to customers is equivalent to domestic express delivery、 which is lower than that from China to foreign countries.

2. Faster delivery time: After the first transportation of American overseas warehouse solves the complex problems of transportation、 customs declaration、 customs clearance、 etc.、 you don't need to worry about the customs declaration and customs clearance of the articles in the warehouse、 wait for orders、 and ship at any time.

3. Higher product exposure: if the platform or store has its own warehouse overseas、 then local customers will generally give priority to local delivery when choosing to shop、 because this can greatly shorten the time of receiving goods、 the advantages of overseas warehouse、 and also enable sellers to have their own unique advantages、 thus improving the product exposure and improving the sales of the store. Todropshipping has overseas warehouses in Europe and the United States. It is a good choice because of its convenient delivery、 transit and warehousing.


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