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In the past two years, despite the impact of the new crown epidemic, the participation of the American public in camping has increased. In 2021, more than 93.8 million North American families consider themselves camping enthusiasts, and camping accounts for 40% of all leisure travel. As one of the basic configurations of camping - a car refrigerator is essential. At present, China's car refrigerator market has not really opened up, and the demand for car refrigerators to go overseas is even more urgent. Since it is used as a camping configuration, and understanding the American camping market, the road to the sea for domestic car refrigerator companies can be smoother.

Todropshipping is equipped with a number of professional logistics lines, such as a special line for free throwing, a special line for shipping large packages, a special line for foaming goods, etc., for cross-border e-commerce sellers. Cutting into such products to escort and stably issue orders can also enable the overseas warehouse service of Todropshipping local delivery, and shipping stocking, which not only saves logistics costs, but also local delivery is safe and efficient.

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car refrigerator Introduction Note
A car refrigerator is a refrigerator that can be carried in a car. Car refrigerator is a new generation of refrigeration and refrigeration appliances popular in the international market in recent years. There are two main types of car refrigerators on the market, one is a semiconductor car refrigerator, and its principle is to rely on electronic chips for refrigeration; the other is a compressor car refrigerator. 10 degrees. High refrigeration efficiency, can make ice, keep fresh, large volume.
Does cross-border e-commerce use overseas warehouses now

The logistics mode to be used depends on its own operation and logistics demand.

Of course、 under the current unstable international market background、 the advantages of overseas warehouse are indeed more prominent. Considering the current logistics timeliness、 in order to prevent the product from being out of stock、 some goods can be stored in the overseas warehouse in advance、 and FBA can timely replenish the goods through the overseas warehouse when the inventory is urgent; Value added services such as issuing one piece for overseas warehouse、 returning goods and changing marks can also bring a lot of convenience and opportunities. It is really convenient to centrally transport the goods to the country where the market is located for storage、 and deliver the rest to overseas warehouse for final delivery? The state also supports the construction of overseas warehouses、 but the overseas warehouses are still in the period of free expansion、 and there are many pitfalls in choosing overseas warehouses. Most sellers seeking stability will use overseas warehouse enterprises with reliable service scale、 such as barns、 at least in terms of cost、 timeliness、 system use and storage management. Of course、 whether to use overseas warehouse or not depends on whether you have stable order demand support and can bear a certain warehousing cost.

How to make overseas warehouse bigger and stronger

1. It is a basic principle that the market demand of the products should be large. Long tail products are not suitable for overseas warehouses because it will affect the conversion rate and produce life and death inventory. However、 the size of the market is reasonable. The seller needs to evaluate according to the capital situation and turnover rate.

2. Pay attention to the total profit per unit time rather than the profit of a single transaction. On the whole、 the profit margin of overseas warehouses for most products will be much higher than that of domestic shipments、 which is also the advantage of overseas warehouses. Is it true that the profits of overseas warehouses are not as good as those of products shipped domestically、 so they must not be overseas warehouses? In fact、 it is not because we also need to comprehensively consider the conversion rate of overseas warehouse、 because products with high conversion rate can also achieve higher total profits through overseas warehouse! This requires our sellers to look at overseas warehouses from a developmental and overall perspective.

The FBA company I have worked with for a long time is Todropshipping. They have their own companies in the United States、 the United Kingdom、 Europe、 Canada、 and Germany、 and overseas warehouses and customs clearance are handled by them. It is easier to deliver goods to them. I recommend you to try. Welcome to take my answer.

The difference between international special line and air transportation

The special line generally refers to the door-to-door transportation mode of Shuangqing、 similar to express delivery.

However、 air transportation is only the transportation from one airport to another、 which requires separate application for customs declaration and clearance.

In general、 small goods are more likely to choose special lines. Preferential price for large goods transported by air.


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