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Todropshipping warehousing and logistics professional export of all kinds of hookah smoking equipment export United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, 27 European countries double clear delivery including tax to door logistics freight forwarder, provide door-to-door double clearance service, no need for the recipient customs clearance, customs clearance and tax we handle the whole process, the recipient can rest assured at home waiting for the receipt, can provide the following channels.

American air freight

Direct flights from the mainland to the United States take about 7-10 days. Receive general merchandise.

Direct flights from Hong Kong to the US take about 7-15 days. It can accept regular products, built-in battery products, and auxiliary batteries (auxiliary battery products are subject to a surcharge).

There are many flights on both routes, and the timeliness is stable; Double tax clearance to the door, affordable, cost-effective!

European air freight

Domestic direct flights to Europe, the average time limit of the whole journey is about 3-10 days, convenient and fast. It can send mail to 25 countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, and can receive general cargo, electrified goods, weak magnetism, textiles, etc.

Service advantages

1. Stable and guaranteed timeliness, direct flights are safe and stable, and there are no transit delays.

Second, double liquidation tax is more convenient, professional customs declaration team, self-owned account customs clearance, higher customs clearance rate, so that customers have no worries.

3. Appointment free delivery and warehousing, after the goods arrive in the destination country for pickup, UPS or truck can be directly arranged to send the goods to the designated Amazon warehouse according to customer needs, without queuing up for an appointment.

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smoking Introduction Note

Smoking utensils are tools for smoking, including cigarette equipment, such as cigarette holders, pipes, smoking guns, hookahs, cigarette boxes, smoking bottles, hookahs, etc., as well as tools for ignition, such as lighters, igniters, cigarette lighters, etc., as well as cigar making tools, cigar knives, cigar scissors, smoke grinders, etc.

According to the "2022 Electronic Cigarette Industry Export Blue Book" released by the Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, China's electronic cigarette exports in 2021

It reached 138.3 billion yuan, domestic sales of 19.7 billion yuan, corresponding to about 2.5 billion electronic cigarette equipment production capacity in 2021, accounting for more than 90% of the total global production capacity of electronic cigarette equipment, of which closed electronic cigarette equipment, including disposable electronic cigarettes and replaceable electronic cigarette equipment production capacity of about 2.1 billion.

This year, the export of the e-cigarette industry increased by about 10% in the first half of the year, according to the law of the industry's development for many years, the export in the second half of the year is usually doubled, and it is predicted that the export volume will reach 180 billion in 2022, and more than 3 billion e-cigarettes will be produced, with a growth rate of 35%. The development of the e-cigarette industry has benefited from Shenzhen's complete industry and supply chain system, and it is precisely because of seeing so many high-quality e-cigarette supply chain enterprises that the industry is becoming more and more developed and growing With the standardization of the industry under the rule of law, our supporting supply chain system will be further improved in compliance and quality and safety.

How to do well in overseas warehouse

1. The market demand of products should be large

This is the basic principle. Long tail products are not suitable for overseas warehouses、 because it will affect the conversion rate and produce life and death inventory. However、 the size of the market is reasonable、 and the seller needs to evaluate according to the capital situation and turnover rate.

2. Focus on the total profit per unit time rather than the profit of a single transaction

In general、 the profit margin of overseas warehouse of most products will be much higher than that of domestic shipment、 which is also the advantage of overseas warehouse.

Is it true that the profits of overseas warehouses are not as good as those of products shipped domestically、 so they must not be overseas warehouses? In fact、 it is not because we also need to comprehensively consider the conversion rate of overseas warehouse、 because products with high conversion rate can also achieve higher total profits through overseas warehouse!

This requires our sellers to look at overseas warehouses from a developmental and overall perspective.

For example、 if the profit margin of a product shipped from China is 20% and that of an overseas warehouse is 10%、 but the conversion rate of an overseas warehouse is 6 times that of a Chinese shipment、 the total profit obtained in the same time period is 3 times that of a Chinese shipment. Therefore、 we should not only look at the profit rate、 but also calculate the overall cost and benefit.

What GP stands for in international shipping containers
GP refers to general purpose containers (without ventilation device). For example、 20GP represents a 20 foot general purpose container and 40GP represents a 40 foot general purpose container. It is also called 20 foot ordinary cabinet、 40 foot ordinary cabinet、 opposite to special cabinet.
How to send sensitive goods

Sensitive goods really need to pay attention. They will be strictly examined by foreign customs. If some logistics are not carefully checked and sent、 they may not be delivered to the recipient normally. Therefore、 we should find a qualified and competent logistics company to send sensitive goods to avoid wasting costs in addition to problems.

I don't know what kind of sensitive goods、 cosmetics or electric products you sent. These two kinds are better. If they are precious gold and silver、 or food and medicine、 it's hard to say. We can recommend you to see TODROPSHIPPING first. This company has special electrified special lines and cosmetics lines. Some liquid and powder cosmetics can be used、 and electronic products with batteries can also be used、 as long as they are not pure electric.


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