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The value of wigs is high and the transaction amount is high. If an accident occurs in the logistics process, the cost borne by the seller is also relatively high. Therefore, items such as wigs have relatively high requirements for the safety of logistics channels. So which logistics channels are more secure? Air express, DHL, FedEx, and UPS are the three international expresses with relatively high security, the second is international EMS express, and finally is special line logistics and postal parcels.

Therefore, when sending wigs abroad, the four major international express delivery services are the most suitable, both in terms of timeliness and safety. Todropshipping, as an agent of the four major international express delivery companies, can provide sellers with the best service.

The service covers 220 countries and regions. The price is 20% to 60% off the official price of international UPS express. The delivery time is 2-5 working days. The price is affordable and cost-effective.

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wigs Introduction Note

The export of wigs belongs to the sunrise industry, and the European and American markets are the main battlefield.

Many countries in the world have long regarded wigs as a fashion. In developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, wigs are not only used as a fashion vane, but also a necessary consumer product for life.

According to the research of the Light Industry Association, the United States is a world-renowned wholesale and consumer market for hair products, and the most mainstream consumer groups are black American women.

Black people are dark-skinned people. For physiological reasons, their hair grows slowly, and the hair is stiff and curly. For beauty, a large number of wigs are often required, which usually need to be replaced every 1-3 months.

In addition to physiological reasons, another factor in the expansion of the wigs generator market is that domestic suppliers in the United States are driving up prices, and hair salons are also "taking advantage of the fire", and the high prices provide a market for China to export wigs.

For consumers in the European and American markets, although a hairstyle can be used for 1-2 years, they directly regard wigs as fashion items, and the consumer demand for wigs is just like buying clothing, and the demand is quite large. "In the US market, long curly hair and hair pieces are preferred, and the hair color is mainly granny gray. In Japan, cosplay wigs are favored. The retail price of long curly hair is 12 US dollars, and the profit is quite considerable. According to the current retail price of our retailer information, the wigs market is on the rise," Carrie said.

How is the international express fee generally calculated

First of all、 we need to know two concepts: billing weight unit、 first weight and additional weight

Billing weight unit: The international express industry generally takes 0.5KG (0.5kg) as a billing weight unit.

First weight and additional weight: the first 0.5KG is the first weight for international express delivery、 and every additional 0.5KG is an additional weight. Generally、 the cost of hoisting is higher than that of continuous hoisting.

There is one price between 0.5KG and 0.5KG、 which is the first weight price. The part exceeding 0.5KG will be charged according to the additional weight price

Therefore、 the actual freight is equal to the first weight price+additional weight price

When the actual weight of the goods to be delivered is greater than the volume weight、 the freight=first weight freight+(actual weight (kg) × 2-1) × Renewal freight

When the actual weight of the delivered goods is small but the volume is large、 the freight=the first freight+(volume weight (kg) × 2-1) × Renewal freight

Note that the freight here is only the basic freight、 not the final total cost、 and there may be other additional costs.

Packaging fee: Generally、 international express companies provide free packaging、 cartons、 bubbles and other packaging materials、 but many items、 such as clothing、 can be packaged without extra fine packaging、 but some express companies will charge a certain packaging fee for valuable and fragile items. Packaging costs are generally not included in the discount calculation.

Fuel surcharge: all major international express will be updated in real time according to market conditions. Please consult customer service for specific fees.

Other uncertain expenses: such as service fees in remote areas、 sensitive freight charges for sending batteries、 powders、 liquids、 food、 brands、 etc.、 which are mainly related to the items and regions you send.

Basically、 total cost=(freight+fuel surcharge) × Discount+packaging cost+other uncertain costs

In addition、 different countries and different logistics channels have different basic charging standards、 and the cost may also be affected by many factors such as flight outage. The specific charging standards can also be subject to the real-time quotation of the express company.

It usually takes several days for international air cargo to arrive in Europe
The European air transport、 which I have cooperated with Todropshipping、 usually takes 5-7 days to arrive. It is very punctual in customs clearance and timeliness. No other company can make it so fast. There are six regular flights a week、 and the cargo track can be checked in real time. It is worthy of being the fastest European air transport in Shenzhen.
Which company is better for international shipping

International shipping chooses Todropshipping to act as an agent for customers' booking、 customs declaration and inspection business of full container and LCL、 and can flexibly choose a variety of port customs clearance or transit modes according to customers' needs.

Our advantages:

1. All major shipping companies can book shipping space directly and offer preferential prices.

2. More than 100 truck trailers can operate general cargo、 large cargo and special container loading business.

3. Taobo has established long-term friendly cooperation with hundreds of world top 500 enterprises and industry leading enterprises.

4. Many years of international freight forwarding operation experience、 to provide customers with one-stop logistics services.


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