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If computer monitors are not brands, they are general goods. If you send a computer monitor from China to the United States, there are many logistics channels to choose from, mainly according to the weight / volume of your consignment to choose, dropshipping logistics to recommend the following solutions to you:

1. Small goods

If there are only a few computer displays, you can take international express (DHL, FEDEX, UPS) and postal EMS and American special line air transportation, these channels have the advantage of fast timelines. The United States has a relatively fast customs clearance for express parcels, and packages below $800 are exempt from tariffs. From the data:

1) EMS is relatively easy for all products to clear customs now;

2) DHL and FedEx are relatively strict about some radio electronic products.

3) FedEx is cheap, but its customs clearance capabilities are not as good as DHL.

Second, large goods

It is recommended to take the US shipping line, the timeliness is relatively stable, Matson Clipper can do 20-25 days to sign, but the logistics cost is lower in all transportation.

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Monitors Introduction Note

Since entering 2020, the overall display demand has risen due to the demand for online office and online classes under the background of the epidemic, and China's display shipments have shown an overall growth trend. According to the "In-depth Analysis of the Current Situation of China's Display Industry and Investment Prospect Research Report (2022-2029)" released by Guanyan Report Network, China's PC monitor shipments reached 32.31 million units in 2021, an increase of about 9.7% over 2020.

In 2020, the number of Chinese display exports was 99.99 million units, an increase of 10.95% over 2019; In 2020, China's display exports will be 13.436 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 47.71%. In 2021, China's display exports will be 1.5839 million units, a year-on-year increase of 17.88%.

How about the international air and sea freight

1. Freight accounting of international air transportation to foreign airports: total cost=unit price (price of each level) * weight+local CHARGE

Local CHARGE mainly includes: DOC bill of lading fee+CUS customs clearance fee+CISS entry fee (Shenzhen and Guangzhou do not charge)

Other possible expenses: vehicle inspection fee and inspection fee

Length multiplied by width multiplied by height/6000

2. Freight accounting of air transportation double clearance tax to Dubai: the goods are divided into ordinary goods、 brands、 sensitive goods、 etc.、 and the price of all inclusive goods is calculated according to different types. Double clearance of air transportation tax、 free door-to-door delivery to addresses within the scope of overseas delivery、 and remote fees are paid for those with remote overseas addresses.

3. Accounting of international marine full container or bulk cargo arriving at the port of destination:

From the factory to the ship: the towing fee from the factory to the wharf、 THC from the wharf、 lead sealing fee、 shipping company's document fee、 other miscellaneous fees at the wharf、 etc. (depending on different ports)

Sea transportation: sea freight、 sea surcharge、 etc

4. International shipping full container/bulk cargo double clearance accounting:

Full container and double clearance: calculate the full inclusive price of all the expenses of the trailer customs declaration、 sea transportation and customs clearance at the port according to the details of the goods

Double clearance of bulk cargo: calculated per cubic meter、 all inclusive to the destination

What are the transportation pain points of medium and large products

01 Large goods are easily damaged during transportation. Due to the characteristics of large goods such as large volume、 high quality and high value、 it is particularly important to ensure the integrity of the goods during transportation. However、 some overseas warehouses will ignore this. For example、 some overseas warehouses will not provide waterproof packaging for the goods、 adopt professional packaging techniques、 and create protective clothing、 which will cause damage to large goods during transportation due to improper packaging protection.

02 Large capital investment and cost estimation. The purchase cost of medium and large parts is much higher than that of small parts、 which has certain requirements for the seller's capital、 selection、 logistics and other capabilities.

03 In terms of logistics、 overseas warehouses are required、 and the logistics cost accounts for more than 30% of the turnover. Due to product weight、 volume and other reasons、 most large products are shipped to overseas warehouses by sea. After platform orders are generated、 they are directly delivered to consumers from overseas warehouses. The logistics cost of large products usually accounts for about 30% of the turnover、 which is reflected in the following aspects: the length of goods exceeds the standard、 extra long surcharges、 overweight products include overweight charges、 product packaging is too large、 and the size does not meet the standard、 which may lead to uncontrolled logistics costs.

What are the characteristics and types of international sea shipping

International shipping has the advantages of low transportation cost、 large cargo volume、 long time limit and large shipment volume.

There are two types of international shipping:

1. FCL Freight: one ticket for one container or one ticket for multiple containers;

2. LCL Freight: more than three bills for one container;


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