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In the post epidemic era, people's health awareness has significantly improved, and the measures called for during the epidemic prevention and control period, such as not gathering, have enabled people who want to maintain their health through fitness to start home fitness, which has promoted the expansion of the global home fitness market. As a major exporter of fitness equipment, China has become a popular category of fitness equipment in cross-border e-commerce. According to the data of the General Administration of Customs, the compound annual growth rate of China's fitness equipment export value from 2017 to 2021 was 32.88%; In 2021, China's total export value of treadmills, other fitness and rehabilitation equipment will reach 8.945 billion US dollars.

Todropshipping is the Sourcing-Fulfillment-Dropshipping-Logistics One stop service eCommerce Brand Launchpad. providing international express, international small bags, international special lines, overseas warehouse delivery and other services for all kinds of water bombs, barbells, yoga wheels, belly strengthening wheels, kayaks, fascia guns, etc. It has opened direct delivery warehousing and logistics special lines for many countries, including the U.S. special line, the British special line, the Australia special line, the New Zealand special line, the Israel special line, etc. The price is affordable, and the timeliness can be 5-7 days, For special items, there are also professional channels to provide solutions for charged products. It provides independent station packaging, Shopify warehousing, TIKTOK warehousing, FRUUGO packaging, ETSY warehousing, Amazon self delivery and other services.

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Barbell Introduction Note
Barbell is a kind of core training equipment, which is also used for weight lifting. Barbell is a kind of weight training, which only uses barbell training equipment to improve muscle strength. Barbell can also be used for core training to promote overall coordination The barbell has a wide range of uses. No matter the muscles in the shoulder, back, arm, chest, etc., it uses the barbell and iron chips of different weights to use many times of special training techniques for muscle strength to do muscle endurance training for the whole body muscle group, so as to burn fat, transform it into a beautiful line, strengthen muscle strength, enhance the core ability of the body, and improve the muscles that are still loose after a long time of exercise; In addition, it can delay muscle aging, increase bone density, prevent osteoporosis and other effects, improve endocrine, and improve body coordination. It is one of the sports for men and women who want to exercise.
Matson Express of the US FBA shipping reliable? How about the timeliness
Matson fast ship is currently the fastest shipping express in the US FBA shipping industry. The shipping date is six days and three days. The warehouse is closed every Saturday、 and the ship starts next Wednesday. The fixed shipping period at sea is 11 days. Normally、 Meisen Express can sign in about 18 days. It is the preferred shipping express for many cross-border e-commerce sellers. Of course、 the price is also the highest in the US FBA shipping industry、 so Meisen Express is very reliable Of course、 it must be a regular logistics company to send Matson fast ship to you.
What are the transportation pain points of medium and large products

01 Large goods are easily damaged during transportation. Due to the characteristics of large goods such as large volume、 high quality and high value、 it is particularly important to ensure the integrity of the goods during transportation. However、 some overseas warehouses will ignore this. For example、 some overseas warehouses will not provide waterproof packaging for the goods、 adopt professional packaging techniques、 and create protective clothing、 which will cause damage to large goods during transportation due to improper packaging protection.

02 Large capital investment and cost estimation. The purchase cost of medium and large parts is much higher than that of small parts、 which has certain requirements for the seller's capital、 selection、 logistics and other capabilities.

03 In terms of logistics、 overseas warehouses are required、 and the logistics cost accounts for more than 30% of the turnover. Due to product weight、 volume and other reasons、 most large products are shipped to overseas warehouses by sea. After platform orders are generated、 they are directly delivered to consumers from overseas warehouses. The logistics cost of large products usually accounts for about 30% of the turnover、 which is reflected in the following aspects: the length of goods exceeds the standard、 extra long surcharges、 overweight products include overweight charges、 product packaging is too large、 and the size does not meet the standard、 which may lead to uncontrolled logistics costs.

How to charge for third-party e-commerce warehousing dropshipping
Third party e-commerce warehousing and delivery、 different third-party companies have different charging standards、 among which our average package is about 2-4 RMB、 including storage、 packaging、 labeling and other services、 which are very price competitive in the current market.

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