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In the export structure of auto parts, the export value of key auto parts was US$31.864 billion, accounting for 42%; the export of auto parts was US$27.983 billion, accounting for 37%; the export of auto tires was US$14.344 billion, accounting for 19%; The export of auto glass and rearview mirror was US$1.387 billion, accounting for 2%.

Todropshipping focuses on cross-border e-commerce services, providing services such as international express delivery, international parcels, international special lines, and overseas warehouse agency services. It has professional channels to provide solutions for special items. It can provide one-stop services such as cross-border e-commerce purchasing and purchasing, warehousing and packaging, warehousing and shipping, overseas warehouses, COD payment collection, overseas warehouse returns and label replacement.

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Car electronic products Introduction Note
Automotive electronic products can be divided into two categories: the first category is automotive electronic control devices, including powertrain control, chassis and body electronic control, comfort and anti-theft systems. The second category is vehicle electronic devices, including vehicle information system (vehicle computer), vehicle tire pressure monitoring system, navigation system, vehicle audio-visual entertainment system, vehicle communication system, vehicle network, reversing image rearview system, vehicle navigator rearview system camera etc.
What are the main characteristics of international shipping


1. Shipping is the main mode of international trade transportation. Due to the unique global geographical conditions and the rise of containers、 shipping has become the focus of international trade.

2. Maritime transport can save foreign exchange expenditure and increase foreign exchange income. Generally、 countries with developed maritime transport will actively establish their own fleets and focus on overseas cargo transport. And foreign exchange income has also become an important pillar of these countries.

3. Maritime transport is conducive to improving the country's industrial structure. Maritime transport is mainly realized by maritime activities、 which can not be separated from ship manufacturing、 navigation technology、 seafarer training、 etc.、 and can help promote the development of industry、 manufacturing、 electronic technology、 waiter、 and improve the national industrial structure.

UPS Amazon special line, how about the timeliness

UPS special line to the United States、 which can be reached in 3-5 days at the earliest、 is more suitable for transportation of slightly larger products; For smaller products、 DHL can be selected. The cost and effectiveness are guaranteed、 and the cost performance ratio will be higher.

If you want to save transportation costs、 you can choose American special line logistics. The cost is lower than that of international express、 and you can get there in 6-8 days; The special sea transportation line is suitable for the transportation of large quantities of products、 with the lowest cost and the fastest 30 days.

Key points of Amazon FBA head stream

1. FBA prepared the goods in advance for the first time、 delivered the goods as required、 and stuck the Label.

2. Before the first shipment of Amazon fba、 remember to prepare the packing list/invoice and declaration elements in advance.

3. Before delivery、 it is necessary to coordinate the customs clearance and signing for goods with the importer to ensure that the customs clearance contact person will cooperate with the service provider or customs clearance agent to handle the customs clearance of goods after the goods arrive at the local place.

4. When delivering goods、 confirm whether the Label label is properly affixed、 whether the weight and volume of goods are the same as the data reported by the freight forwarder.

5. The first shipment invoice of fba must indicate the company name、 address、 specific contact person and contact information (telephone、 mobile phone and e-mail) of the true importer (buyer or customs clearance agent).

6. Since AMAZON does not help with customs clearance and tariff advance service、 in order to avoid the detention of Amazon fba goods due to tariff issues、 please confirm the tariff payer before shipping the goods、 and suggest that the tariff be prepaid or paid by a third party.

7. The sender and the importer shall coordinate with each other on the issue of goods receipt、 and confirm whether the goods arrive at the warehouse in good condition and are dispatched as soon as possible to avoid missing or wrong receipt. If the service provider is unable to investigate due to wrong or missing receipt、 or the importer or the recipient fails to provide detailed package information、 the shipment may not be claimed.


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