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Fee-making method for sending bubble goods

For particularly large goods, dropshipping has opened a separate bubble goods line, and the billing method only accepts one package for delivery, the weight of a single package cannot exceed 15 kg, and the billing weight is accurate to grams. Bubble counting mode: billing weight, the actual weight of the package and the volume weight are calculated compared to the larger, the dimensional weight calculation method is: length cm * width cm * height cm / 18000 time limitation time The whole process of signing the time limit 10-15 working days (for reference only) packaging size rules Parcel single piece maximum size: length ≤ 120cm, length +2* (width + height) ≤ 225cm All parcel single piece minimum size: length * width * height ≥ 16 * 11 * 1cm All countries do not accept: spherical, round, roll and other irregular goods If the size is exceeded / the packaging is irregular, the end carrier may charge a surcharge, and the specific fee is based on the carrier's charge as the standard delivery attribute, and the live product containing the built-in battery and the supporting battery can be connected, and the pure electric product is not connected.

Todropshipping warehousing and logistics focuses on cross-border e-commerce logistics, providing bubble goods flow, bubble goods warehousing and delivery, American bubble goods special line, British bubble goods special line, European bubble goods special line and other services professional operation team, accurate and efficient, 0 error rate, operation guarantee, 24-hour warehouse, withdrawal is not discharged, same day warehouse, mistakes and omissions compensation, delay free, 30 days free warehousing.

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bubble goods Introduction Note

When making export quotations, you often hear the words heavy goods, bubble goods, and dumping, and some customers may not understand when they just enter the industry, what is heavy goods, dumping and bubble goods?

Heavy cargo, dumping refers to the ratio of weight and volume, if the cargo is heavy and small, it is considered a heavy cargo, such as steel; Large volume and light cargo are dumps, such as cotton. Generally speaking, 1 cubic meter of goods greater than or equal to 166kg is considered a heavy cargo, and this is divided. Dumping is bubble goods, which refers to goods whose volume conversion weight is greater than the actual weight, such as: wooden chairs, plastic products, cotton, sponges, etc. Dumping/bubble weight is the volumetric weight of the goods. Dimensional weight is a uniform charging regulation in the transportation industry, which is the calculated weight of goods obtained by using the conversion formula of the volume of goods.

In international logistics and transportation practices, there are generally three more common cases for the algorithm of volume weight: (length unit is centimeters, weight unit is kilograms)

1. International express algorithm, common DHL, UPS, FEDEX and other commercial express, volume weight = length * width * height / 5000

2. International air and sea freight algorithm, commonly used in traditional air transportation, sea freight, air delivery line, sea special line, etc., volume weight = length * width * height / 6000

3. International special line packet, commonly used for air and sea special line small package, volume weight = length * width * height / 8000

Why more and more e-commerce companies choose fulfillment dropshipping

Warehouses provide value-added services、 share business risks、 and e-commerce warehousing agent delivery. In addition to basic warehousing agent delivery services、 e-commerce warehousing outsourcing companies can also provide e-commerce enterprises with a series of value-added services and improve follow-up services. At the same time、 warehouses can bear a series of dangerous losses to e-commerce sellers during the storage process、 and provide reliable logistics support for e-commerce.

We have a professional operation management team、 skilled staff sorting and packaging、 and lower cost express logistics. After the customer places an order、 you only need to push the order to Todropshipping system、 and the warehouse operator will provide one-stop service for sorting、 packaging、 shipping and distribution of goods. In this way、 e-commerce sellers do not have to worry about warehouse and delivery、 and can focus all their energy on developing business and expanding channels.

What are the calculation methods of international air freight

Air freight price calculation method:

(1) Air freight charge weight

According to the provisions of the airline、 when the cargo is small and heavy、 it shall be calculated according to the actual weight; In case of large volume and small weight of goods、 it shall be calculated by volume. A batch of goods consists of several different goods、 including light goods and heavy goods. The billing weight shall be the total gross weight or total volume weight of the whole batch of goods、 whichever is higher.

(2) Air freight price calculation and cost category

1. Rates;


3. The airlines charge the international air freight according to the three regional rates set by the International Air Transport Association;

4. There are four main types of air freight: (1) general freight; (2) Freight rate of special goods or designated goods; (3) Class freight rate of goods; (4) Freight rate of container cargo

(3) Minimum freight

The minimum freight that the airline can accept for handling a batch of goods、 regardless of the weight or volume of the goods、 and the minimum amount that should be charged for transporting a batch of goods between two points. Different regions have different minimum freight rates.

(4) Other provisions on air freight price calculation

All the different air freight rates and charges have the following common points: the freight rate refers to the transfer from one airport to another. It is only applicable to a single direction; Other additional costs are not included. Such as picking up、 customs declaration、 delivery and warehousing expenses. Freight rates are usually published in local currency. Freight rates are generally calculated in kilograms or pounds. The freight rate in the air waybill is based on the applicable freight rate on the date when the air waybill is issued.

The difference between US FBA shipping and sea shipping delivery

It refers to the same transportation mode、 but different names. In FBA first journey transportation、 sea transportation+express delivery is called Haikuai or Haipai. It refers to the same FBA first journey logistics channel. There are also peers called Hai+Kuai or Hai+Pi.

FBA shipping delivery (shipping+express) is a logistics channel that uses sea transportation to complete the front part of the first journey、 and UPS and other express delivery to complete the tail part after the classification of the containers at the port. The real end delivery part is fixed、 and UPS is generally used for delivery; Different shipping companies will be selected for the front-end shipping part. For example、 Matson Express、 ZIM Express、 EMC Yantian Express and other shipping companies.

Those who use Matson fast shipping are called Meisen Express Shanghai (Haikuai)、 or Meisen Express Shanghai for short. The time limit is very fast、 and the goods can be picked up within 8-10 working days after the ship's departure and sent to the warehouse by UPS. By analogy、 the timeliness of Xinghai style is equivalent to that of Meisen style、 and it can be extracted in 9-11 working days from Shenzhen Yantian Port.

EMC Tax Package Shanghai adopts EVA EMC Fixed Lift Express、 and the time limit is 13-15 working days after the ship is shipped. The cost performance ratio is very high.


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