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Since last year, brands have become popular with thick and stylish Shearling Jackets. This jacket is a normal leather coat on the outside and wool on the collar or inside. Not only is it handsome and stylish, but it can also keep out the cold than ordinary coats.

Men's jackets, we predict that the Puffer Coat will continue to be a hot-selling category, blending warmth and vintage feel to suit both city life and outdoor leisure sports such as fishing and hunting. Most of these products sell best at 30~50 US dollars.

Fur jackets are generally heavier, relatively large, can not do too much squeeze and folding, so the difficulty in international transportation is relatively high, in order to let the majority of customers can rest assured to carry out e-commerce business, but also in order to let Chinese friends abroad can receive their goods with peace of mind, specially opened a foam-free clothing special line for jacket clothing transportation, but also very suitable for Chinese collection transshipment, Taobao collection, purchasing and shipping, etc.

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Men's Jackets Introduction Note
The jacket has a tight waistband that wins with a casual charm, showing comfort and modernity without sacrificing practicality. Crafted from a beautifully lightweight fabric for a sheer finish, it's finished with a zip closure and a practical detachable hood. The front and back logos are a strong identity symbol of the brand's presence.
What expenses are included in the international air freight price

The cost of air transportation mainly includes freight and miscellaneous charges. The unit price of freight is calculated according to the weight grade. Generally、 there are several grades:



(Goods above 100kg)+300kg、+500kg、+1000kg

Generally、 if there is no corresponding level of freight rate、 the freight of goods is calculated according to the tact price. The billing weight of goods is also important. The weight of goods is divided into volume weight and gross weight in air transportation. When the volume weight is greater than the gross weight、 the volume weight is the billing weight of the goods. When the volume weight is less than the gross weight、 the actual gross weight is the billing weight.

Miscellaneous charges include many aspects、 generally including storage costs、 fuel surcharges、 war risks、 etc

Fuel surcharges and war risks are products under specific circumstances. Generally、 the company's quotation is included in the freight.

International air express delivery costs are calculated in kilograms、 100 yuan per kilogram、 and 1 kilogram or less

What are the charges for e-commerce warehousing fulfillment dropshipping

Usually、 it is difficult to list the costs of warehousing outsourcing and logistics consignment. Because these costs are closely related to the specific types of goods、 the daily delivery quantity of goods、 warehouse rent and other value-added services、 and the change of each variable will affect the difference of specific prices. A more accurate answer can only be obtained by face-to-face confirmation of all details and clarification of all charges.

The following points determine the cost of e-commerce warehousing:

1. First of all、 in terms of the types of goods、 specific prices need to be determined according to specific goods. For example、 the prices of different types of goods such as clothing、 food and equipment are also quite different. Because the volume and size of different types of goods are quite different、 there are different requirements for storage and transportation、 which will directly affect the specific costs.

2. The daily order quantity is also an important reason for affecting specific expenses. It is conceivable that the higher the daily order quantity、 the lower the price of each order、 which is also easy to understand.

3. In terms of warehouse rent、 it is well understood and relevant expenses are calculated according to the specific location and area of the rented warehouse.

4. Other value-added services、 that is、 some value-added services that can be provided to e-commerce、 such as product packaging replacement、 barcode pasting、 sending SMS and other services.

In order to solve these complicated charging items、 the warehousing and distribution service charges of TODROPSHIPPING are very simple and clear. The fees for goods receipt、 fulfillment、 packaging、 labeling and other services are 4rmb per ticket、 charged by ticket、 without minimum consumption、 warehouse rent and other additional charges. Overseas warehouses can also be rent free for one month、 simple and affordable.

How to find an overseas warehouse issued by Amazon

At present、 most of them will provide a consignment service to better meet the seller's selection、 delivery and other issues、 especially for novice sellers. Of course、 the seller also needs to find a partner to support the delivery of one piece of goods、 so that the goods can be delivered in time.

For overseas warehouses that issue goods on behalf of others、 most of their service types also include export tax refund、 customs clearance、 distribution、 return processing、 return inspection、 overseas after-sales maintenance、 transit service、 and the service of pushing and changing labels.

Therefore、 the option of issuing overseas warehouse on behalf should not be sloppy.

Now let's share how to choose an appropriate overseas warehouse.

Whether there is a mature management system

For sellers、 customers、 goods、 overseas warehouses and information sharing and docking with logistics companies are very important、 so it depends on whether the management system matches the integration needs of their own enterprises、 such as order management、 waybill management、 etc. This is essential for a mature overseas warehouse enterprise.

Whether there is enough storage area and operation capacity

It is believed that we all often encounter the problem of "overseas warehouse explosion"、 which will lead to problems in the peak season turnover. Therefore、 the cooperative overseas warehouse enterprises must have a large inventory and professional operation capacity、 which can largely avoid these problems and enable the expansion of e-commerce sellers.

Whether there is a professional service team

The professional service team can provide cross-border e-commerce sellers with a one-stop service system、 starting from the delivery of goods to overseas warehouses. This can minimize the problems of goods overseas、 and at the same time、 it will be more coordinated and harmonious when connecting with customers.

PS: When selecting overseas warehouses、 we must make detailed adjustments、 such as whether the person in charge of the overseas warehouse has many years of overseas life experience、 and whether he has many years of operation experience in the logistics industry.

Clear billing mode

Not all overseas warehouses are reliable. Some overseas warehouse enterprises will attract you with low prices、 but there are many surcharges behind. Therefore、 when choosing、 sellers must find clear and definite charges and prices、 and there is no ambiguous overseas warehouse.

PS: In addition、 it is necessary to know in detail whether the geographical location of the warehouse is convenient and whether the service team is all Chinese. Because if the shipment is urgent、 most Chinese people accept overtime、 which can increase the processing speed of goods.


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