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In recent years, the demand for cross-border e-commerce nail enhancement categories is increasing, especially in emerging markets such as Brazil and Russia, where key products are concentrated in nail polish, nail enhancement and accessories. The combination of retail and small wholesale is the main way, and DIY package combination is also an important part. For example, some nail stamps that often appear are also very strange.

Todropshipping is the Sourcing-Fulfillment-Dropshipping-Logistics One stop service eCommerce Brand Launchpad, providing international express delivery, international small bags, international special lines, overseas warehouse delivery and other services for all kinds of nail care, nail care kits, nail painting, etc. It has opened direct delivery warehousing and logistics special lines for many countries, including the U.S. special line, the British special line, the Australian special line, the New Zealand special line, the Israel special line, etc. The price is affordable, and the timeliness can be 5-7 days, for special items, There are also professional channels to provide solutions for electrified products.

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Nail Art Set Introduction Note
In 1986, the first nail enhancement suit was introduced in China. It broke the situation that the nail clipper suit products in China's hardware industry were zero. With the rapid development of China's society and economy. The Chinese government has given great support to the domestic hardware industry, which has led to the emergence of a number of hardware enterprises specializing in the production of nail clipper sets. The outer package includes: leather bag packaging, card suction packaging, PVC bag packaging, aluminum box plastic box packaging, and the inner package includes: eyebrow clips, scissors, nail clippers, nail files, foot files, beauty forceps, finger splitters, glass files, etc
What are the calculation methods of international air freight

Air freight price calculation method:

(1) Air freight charge weight

According to the provisions of the airline、 when the cargo is small and heavy、 it shall be calculated according to the actual weight; In case of large volume and small weight of goods、 it shall be calculated by volume. A batch of goods consists of several different goods、 including light goods and heavy goods. The billing weight shall be the total gross weight or total volume weight of the whole batch of goods、 whichever is higher.

(2) Air freight price calculation and cost category

1. Rates;


3. The airlines charge the international air freight according to the three regional rates set by the International Air Transport Association;

4. There are four main types of air freight: (1) general freight; (2) Freight rate of special goods or designated goods; (3) Class freight rate of goods; (4) Freight rate of container cargo

(3) Minimum freight

The minimum freight that the airline can accept for handling a batch of goods、 regardless of the weight or volume of the goods、 and the minimum amount that should be charged for transporting a batch of goods between two points. Different regions have different minimum freight rates.

(4) Other provisions on air freight price calculation

All the different air freight rates and charges have the following common points: the freight rate refers to the transfer from one airport to another. It is only applicable to a single direction; Other additional costs are not included. Such as picking up、 customs declaration、 delivery and warehousing expenses. Freight rates are usually published in local currency. Freight rates are generally calculated in kilograms or pounds. The freight rate in the air waybill is based on the applicable freight rate on the date when the air waybill is issued.

The advantages and disadvantages of third-party e-commerce dropshipping
There are many advantages of third-party e-commerce fulfillment dropshipping. For e-commerce sellers、 it can save human、 material and financial resources、 shorten the entire e-commerce operation process、 improve operational efficiency、 and enjoy the professional operation of professionals. However、 this service also has obvious disadvantages. First、 it needs to pay the corresponding fees. Second、 the commodity information is easy to be leaked. Third、 the storage of goods to a third-party company is not conducive to supervision. However、 in general、 the advantages of third-party e-commerce warehousing fulfillment dropshipping to the seller are obviously greater than the disadvantages、 and it is a very worthy choice of value-added services.
What is FBA headline sea voyage
Shipping is only one of the first trips of FBA. FBA shipping is divided into ordinary ships (slow ships) and fast ships、 which are different in speed and efficiency. As the name implies、 ordinary ships need to be slower、 and fast ships need to be faster. Taking MATSON and ZIM as examples、 you can reach the ports of Western America in about 13 days by sea. If you want a good time limit、 you can choose express. The whole time limit is about 22-30 days.

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