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TODROPSHIPPING learned that a large number of consumers around the world are looking forward to the summer of 2022. In recent years, the epidemic has repeatedly disrupted the travel plans of a large number of tourists. However, before the arrival of this summer, a large number of consumers have begun to stock up on necessities for summer travel. From fashion retailer Asos to high street tycoon John Lewis and glasses retailer Cubitts, sales of swimwear and sunglasses rose across the board. Beth Pettet, the procurement director of John Lewis, said that the sales of some categories were soaring, even exceeding the level before the outbreak of the epidemic: the sales of men's swimming shorts increased by 388% year on year, the sales of sunglasses increased by 47% year on year and 32% year on year. Women's swimwear is also ushering in the strongest sales season ever. Interest in "women's sandals" and "beach skirts" has increased more than tenfold year on year.

TODROPSHIPPING focuses on cross-border e-commerce warehousing services. It provides international express, international small bags, international special lines, overseas warehouse delivery and other services for all kinds of sandals, slippers, home shoes, sports sandals, sports slippers, leisure sandals, leisure slippers, ski shoes, coconut shoes, bean shoes, health shoes, and rain shoes. It has opened direct delivery warehousing and logistics special lines for many countries, including the U.S. special line, the UK special line, and the Australia special line, New Zealand special line, Israel special line, etc. are affordable, and the time limit can be 5-7 days. There are also professional channels to provide solutions for special items and charged products.

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Casual Wool Boots Introduction Note
Sandals are shoes that expose the skin of the foot. It evolved from the original package. Because of its simple structure, it became the earliest foot product in human history. Sandals have appeared in ancient civilization, and their appearance structure looks like "a belt or rope is tied on the sole of the shoe". Through time deduction, social progress, and human pursuit of spiritual civilization, sandals have also become more artistic and evolved into a variety of complex styles. And with the progress of civilization, the group of women has become increasingly demanding in terms of fashionable makeup - which also determines that the styles of women's sandals are more abundant.
How to charge for third-party e-commerce warehousing dropshipping
Third party e-commerce warehousing and delivery、 different third-party companies have different charging standards、 among which our average package is about 2-4 RMB、 including storage、 packaging、 labeling and other services、 which are very price competitive in the current market.
The difference between Matson,ZIM and Yantian Express to US FBA

In the early years、 Matson Mason、 as an enterprise with the background of the US military、 was little known in the market. It was not because of his low popularity、 but because he was busy doing business with the US government and was unwilling to do business in commercial trade. If the US FBA logistics market was not very popular in recent years、 many people might not know this company、 their military background、 the self owned wharf of Long Beach Port、 and the 12 day direct flight to the US from Shanghai to Ningbo Customs clearance stability has become a household name in the market、 so it has also become a benchmark for the US FBA logistics.

ZIM (Star Ship) is not as famous as Maersk、 COSCO、 EVA and other shipping companies in the field of traditional shipping、 but it is also a relatively old shipping company. It failed to capture the market opportunities and missed its first share in the U.S. FBA logistics industry、 but it does not affect its own company advantages. In order to prevent Mason's monopoly in the FBA field He quickly made a strong and powerful counterattack - The NewSpeedyZIMeCommerceXpress (abbreviated as ZEX)、 which was specially tailored for cross-border e-commerce marine cargo、 improved efficiency as much as possible by optimizing the operation process of picking up and returning goods at the port of departure and destination、 and met the demand of cross-border e-commerce customers for timeliness. Therefore、 he has launched a long confrontation with Meisen in the FBA logistics in the United States.

The FBA First Way Logistics Company I have worked with for a long time is Taobo Supply Chain. They have their own companies and overseas warehouses in the United States、 Britain、 Europe、 Canada、 and Japan. They help with customs clearance. It is easy to deliver goods to them. I recommend you to try

What is a small package line

The special line for small packages combines the advantages of small packages and special lines. It is a logistics channel for delivering small packages by air、 sea and other transportation methods、 focusing on the transportation of small packages.

The small package special line is the small package and the special line. Small parcels、 which are suitable for relatively small items、 and small parcels sent abroad through postal air mail service、 can be called international small parcels.

The special line refers to the route channel to specific countries、 the general British special line、 the American special line、 and the German special line are international special lines、 and there are air transportation、 sea transportation、 and rail transportation.


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