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On May 18 this year, the European Commission published the energy plan for "REPowerEU". The plan proposes to increase the overall target of renewable energy in the EU's "55% carbon reduction" policy mix by 2030 to 45% from 40% previously. The EU has accelerated the process of deploying new energy plans this time, aiming to get rid of the dependence on traditional fossil energy sources such as natural gas as soon as possible. The implementation of the plan will further promote the demand for photovoltaics in Europe and contribute to the steady growth of photovoltaic and related new energy industries. According to relevant information, the popularity of products related to solar panels in Amazon Italy is very high, and the search volume has increased by about 3 times year-on-year. Due to the increasingly serious energy crisis in Europe, the price of oil, coal, natural gas and other energy sources has risen rapidly in recent months, and the problem of energy shortage is imminent. In order to survive the coming harsh winter, Europe is accelerating the application of new energy products such as photovoltaics, so solar panels and related products have been widely welcomed by European consumers

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photovoltaic energy storage Introduction Note
With the development of the global economy, problems such as energy shortage and environmental pollution are becoming increasingly serious, in order to properly solve these problems, domestic and foreign countries have begun to look for green energy and improve environmental problems, and traditional thermal power generation can no longer meet global demand. Industrial manufacturing and urban construction in various countries are also constantly improving their own construction level to avoid causing greater burden on the environment. The expansion of the photovoltaic market at home and abroad has become an inevitable trend in the future development of renewable energy. Taking the United States as an example, as the world's largest energy consumer, its dependence on external energy has gradually decreased in recent years, and its energy production and consumption structure has also undergone tremendous changes. According to statistics, in the total energy consumption of the United States in 2012, oil accounted for 34.7%, coal accounted for 17.4%, natural gas accounted for 26%, nuclear energy accounted for 8.05%, solar energy accounted for 0.235%, but it is expected to reduce the proportion of the top three energy sources to 77% in 2035, although from the current form, the construction scale of photovoltaic energy storage projects in the United States is still small, but its development speed is accelerating, and in the near future, it will effectively replace non-renewable energy as the green energy base in the total energy.
How can Matson check whether the ship is sailing

1. Open the mobile phone and click Matson Software.

2. Then go to the home page and find the ship query.

3. Enter the ship number to view the departure time

What express goes to America
UPS and FedEx are both dedicated lines、 and USPS、 but non American express companies such as TNT、 DPEX、 DHL、 etc. have dedicated lines in the United States. If you want to speed up、 you can take the air line、 FBA、 etc.
How to send international express

The operation process is as follows:;

1. First、 contact the international express agency to provide information about the goods、 then quote according to the name of the goods and other information、 and provide the receiving address and other information.

2. It is necessary to express the goods to the international express agent warehouse. If it is online shopping、 you can change the receiving address to the address of the express company so that the goods do not need to be transported by domestic express.

3. After the warehouse receives the goods、 the staff will check the goods information、 product name、 corresponding customers、 etc. If everything is OK、 the warehouse will take the initiative to contact the customer after sorting out the data.

4. The customer provides information such as foreign recipient、 address、 telephone、 zip code、 country、 city、 declared value/product name/quantity、 etc.

5. You can make data on behalf of the customer、 scan the code for payment or transfer payment、 and the customer completes the payment.

6. The staff arranges for the delivery of goods、 express delivery to the aircraft via Hong Kong、 goods to foreign destination countries → customs clearance → delivery → customer signing、 and the transportation process is completed.

International express can mail daily necessities、 cosmetics、 clothes、 shoes、 electronic products、 food、 drugs、 health care products、 documents、 books、 certificates、 etc.


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