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Can the projector send UPS to the United States and Europe?

Todropshipping warehouse dropshipping support mini projector micro HD LED projector export package customs clearance to door logistics, goods lost damage deduction All according to the customer's purchase value full compensation, all over the country can receive goods, can fly from Hong Kong, fly from the mainland. Logistics solutions we will help you design, transportation problems we can help you solve, provide goods to countries around the world, there are special lines, there are special prices, let us help you save valuable money and time. Until the goods are delivered to your customers in perfect condition.

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projectors Introduction Note

Global home smart projector revenue was approximately USD million in 2021 and is expected to reach USD million in 2028, with a CAGR of % between 2022 and 2028. At the same time, the global sales of home smart projectors in 2020 are about , and it is expected to reach in 2028. In 2021, the size of the Chinese market was about one million US dollars, accounting for about % of the global market, and the proportion of the North American and European markets was % and % respectively during the same period. In the next few years, China's CAGR is %, and the CAGR of the United States and Europe in the same period is % and %, and the Asia-Pacific region will play a more important role, in addition to China, the United States and Europe, Japan, South Korea, India and Southeast Asia are still important markets that cannot be ignored.

How to operate the US overseas warehouse

Operation process of overseas warehouse:

1. The Seller shall transport the goods to the overseas warehouse or entrust the carrier to transport the goods to the overseas warehouse of the carrier.

This batch of international goods can reach the warehouse by sea、 air or express.

2. The seller manages overseas warehousing online and remotely.

The Seller shall use the logistics information system of the logistics provider to remotely operate the goods stored abroad and update them in a timely manner.

3. Operate the goods according to the Seller's instructions.

Warehousing、 sorting、 packaging and distribution shall be carried out in strict accordance with the Seller's instructions according to the automatic operation equipment of the logistics company's overseas storage center.

4. Update system information in real time.

After delivery、 the system will update and display the inventory status in a timely manner so that the seller can master the inventory status in real time.

Which port does Matson fast ship go to in the United States

Matson fast ship refers to a sea transportation route from Shanghai (Ningbo、 Xiamen) port to Long Beach in the United States.

The predecessor of Matson fast ship is to ship arms. It has entered the Chinese market since 2005、 opened the first China US route (CLX1) in China、 and attached itself to Ningbo Shanghai Long Beach. This route uses five container ships that can carry 2600 TEU containers on average.

Matson Express generally takes about 15 days to sail at sea、 so the time limit is fast.

Matson Express has its own port、 which is not likely to be blocked in the traditional peak season like other ports.

As far as the Amazon seller logistics is concerned、 the FBA business process of Meisen Express is: the FBA goods from Shenzhen and other regions where there are many sellers are loaded first、 then concentrated in Shanghai port by barge、 and then directly sent to Long Beach、 USA.

After arriving at Long Beach、 the goods will be distributed to LA Port or distributed to FBA warehouses by express delivery. Amazon warehouses in Western America deliver goods at the fastest speed and most timely. ONT8 warehouses in Western America are also warehouses where a large number of Chinese sellers concentrate their goods、 so they are very popular with sellers in the United States and Asia.

How is the international express fee generally calculated

First of all、 we need to know two concepts: billing weight unit、 first weight and additional weight

Billing weight unit: The international express industry generally takes 0.5KG (0.5kg) as a billing weight unit.

First weight and additional weight: the first 0.5KG is the first weight for international express delivery、 and every additional 0.5KG is an additional weight. Generally、 the cost of hoisting is higher than that of continuous hoisting.

There is one price between 0.5KG and 0.5KG、 which is the first weight price. The part exceeding 0.5KG will be charged according to the additional weight price

Therefore、 the actual freight is equal to the first weight price+additional weight price

When the actual weight of the goods to be delivered is greater than the volume weight、 the freight=first weight freight+(actual weight (kg) × 2-1) × Renewal freight

When the actual weight of the delivered goods is small but the volume is large、 the freight=the first freight+(volume weight (kg) × 2-1) × Renewal freight

Note that the freight here is only the basic freight、 not the final total cost、 and there may be other additional costs.

Packaging fee: Generally、 international express companies provide free packaging、 cartons、 bubbles and other packaging materials、 but many items、 such as clothing、 can be packaged without extra fine packaging、 but some express companies will charge a certain packaging fee for valuable and fragile items. Packaging costs are generally not included in the discount calculation.

Fuel surcharge: all major international express will be updated in real time according to market conditions. Please consult customer service for specific fees.

Other uncertain expenses: such as service fees in remote areas、 sensitive freight charges for sending batteries、 powders、 liquids、 food、 brands、 etc.、 which are mainly related to the items and regions you send.

Basically、 total cost=(freight+fuel surcharge) × Discount+packaging cost+other uncertain costs

In addition、 different countries and different logistics channels have different basic charging standards、 and the cost may also be affected by many factors such as flight outage. The specific charging standards can also be subject to the real-time quotation of the express company.


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