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Power bank is actually pure battery, and in international express transportation, battery goods are listed as dangerous goods category nine, batteries belong to dangerous goods, so it is basically impossible to directly mail power bank, batteries and other goods abroad.

Mailing power bank, battery goods to foreign countries, can only be sent abroad through the agent transfer that can be operated, generally through transshipment to Hong Kong, and then through Hong Kong to other countries or transit, and finally arrive at the destination, but not all countries can mail battery goods.

Mobile power, power bank, battery can be delivered to the United States, EU countries, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries and regions!

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Charger, Power Bank Introduction Note

In the era of Internet of Everything, the number of electrical devices has increased several times, wireless charging adopts a unified charging standard, with the characteristics of convenience, safety, high space utilization, etc., the same wireless charging base can charge different devices at the same time, saving the trouble of carrying a variety of charging cables; The feature of on-the-go charging helps to realize fragmented charging of equipment, and users can easily and conveniently obtain power support in offices, cafes, airports, fast food restaurants and other places. It is understood that some McDonald's and Starbucks have provided wireless charging services in stores, and IKEA has also begun to lay out wireless charging furniture, and the application prospects of wireless charging in the field of public services are worth looking forward to.

In addition, vehicle wireless charging is also one of the important wireless charging scenarios. Automotive on-board wireless charging is a high-frequency wireless charging use scenario, which can provide power for smartphones without frequent plugging and unplugging of charging cables by fixing the wireless charging device on the inner table of the car, which can greatly improve the owner's experience and increase driving safety. At present, wireless charging installed in air conditioning vents, center consoles, etc. has become very common.

How to select products for cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouse

If you want to select targeted products for overseas warehouse、 you should first figure out which products are easy to make profits for overseas warehouse、 and then use these standards to find the corresponding source of goods.

Product standards suitable for overseas warehouse include: products with large size and weight; Products with high unit price and gross profit; Charged、 liquid and powder products; High turnover rate of goods or seasonal commodities; For products that are urgently needed for occasional events or festivals、 such as furniture、 household appliances、 sports equipment、 office desks and chairs、 including the hot medical supplies、 the advantages of using overseas warehouses to deliver these products will be obvious.

Where can I send an international express

There are international express DHL、 UPS、 FedEx、 TNT and EMS from home to abroad、 which are often used by us. You can send parcels、 food、 cosmetics and other items via international express official mail、 which are not normally shipped、 and

The official price is also relatively high、 which can be sent through an international forwarding company、 which international express to send、 depending on the weight and timeliness requirements you send、 etc.、 and choose the appropriate carrier.

Which company is better for international shipping

International shipping chooses Todropshipping to act as an agent for customers' booking、 customs declaration and inspection business of full container and LCL、 and can flexibly choose a variety of port customs clearance or transit modes according to customers' needs.

Our advantages:

1. All major shipping companies can book shipping space directly and offer preferential prices.

2. More than 100 truck trailers can operate general cargo、 large cargo and special container loading business.

3. Taobo has established long-term friendly cooperation with hundreds of world top 500 enterprises and industry leading enterprises.

4. Many years of international freight forwarding operation experience、 to provide customers with one-stop logistics services.


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