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Power bank is actually pure battery, and in international express transportation, battery goods are listed as dangerous goods category nine, batteries belong to dangerous goods, so it is basically impossible to directly mail power bank, batteries and other goods abroad.

Mailing power bank, battery goods to foreign countries, can only be sent abroad through the agent transfer that can be operated, generally through transshipment to Hong Kong, and then through Hong Kong to other countries or transit, and finally arrive at the destination, but not all countries can mail battery goods.

Mobile power, power bank, battery can be delivered to the United States, EU countries, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries and regions!

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Charger, Power Bank Introduction Note

In the era of Internet of Everything, the number of electrical devices has increased several times, wireless charging adopts a unified charging standard, with the characteristics of convenience, safety, high space utilization, etc., the same wireless charging base can charge different devices at the same time, saving the trouble of carrying a variety of charging cables; The feature of on-the-go charging helps to realize fragmented charging of equipment, and users can easily and conveniently obtain power support in offices, cafes, airports, fast food restaurants and other places. It is understood that some McDonald's and Starbucks have provided wireless charging services in stores, and IKEA has also begun to lay out wireless charging furniture, and the application prospects of wireless charging in the field of public services are worth looking forward to.

In addition, vehicle wireless charging is also one of the important wireless charging scenarios. Automotive on-board wireless charging is a high-frequency wireless charging use scenario, which can provide power for smartphones without frequent plugging and unplugging of charging cables by fixing the wireless charging device on the inner table of the car, which can greatly improve the owner's experience and increase driving safety. At present, wireless charging installed in air conditioning vents, center consoles, etc. has become very common.

How to send international express

The operation process is as follows:;

1. First、 contact the international express agency to provide information about the goods、 then quote according to the name of the goods and other information、 and provide the receiving address and other information.

2. It is necessary to express the goods to the international express agent warehouse. If it is online shopping、 you can change the receiving address to the address of the express company so that the goods do not need to be transported by domestic express.

3. After the warehouse receives the goods、 the staff will check the goods information、 product name、 corresponding customers、 etc. If everything is OK、 the warehouse will take the initiative to contact the customer after sorting out the data.

4. The customer provides information such as foreign recipient、 address、 telephone、 zip code、 country、 city、 declared value/product name/quantity、 etc.

5. You can make data on behalf of the customer、 scan the code for payment or transfer payment、 and the customer completes the payment.

6. The staff arranges for the delivery of goods、 express delivery to the aircraft via Hong Kong、 goods to foreign destination countries → customs clearance → delivery → customer signing、 and the transportation process is completed.

International express can mail daily necessities、 cosmetics、 clothes、 shoes、 electronic products、 food、 drugs、 health care products、 documents、 books、 certificates、 etc.

What is a virtual overseas warehouse

Virtual overseas warehouse is the virtual change mode of overseas warehouse. Compared with the traditional overseas warehouse model、 it has less storage costs、 unlimited price close to e-mail.com、 high service quality and local delivery advantages.

The process is as follows: the mainland will print out the final delivery form of the United States or the destination country (the warehouse close to the destination can be automatically selected according to the zip code of the destination)、 and then paste it directly on each small outer box. The seller will pack these small pieces into a large package and send them to our warehouse with a express bill or other first journey solutions such as ocean shipping. Our staff (Todropshipping overseas employees) will unpack the package on the spot after receiving it、 and deliver it to the logistics provider for distribution to the buyer.

At present、 Todropshipping Overseas Warehouse has overseas warehouses in Europe and the United States. It is convenient for shipment、 transit and warehousing、 and is a good choice.

What is overseas warehouse one-stop dropshipping

One-stop dropshipping means that cross-border e-commerce sellers deliver their products in bulk to third-party overseas warehouses in the United States by shipping、 air freight and other logistics forms、 and when the platform generates orders、 it will send them back to the warehouse、 where the warehouse will process the goods according to the orders、 and then deliver them to relevant logistics companies such as UPS、 USPS、 FedEx、 DHL、 etc. for delivery. The process is as follows:

1. Prepare goods to overseas warehouse

The seller is required to transport the goods to the overseas warehouse through the first transportation、 and then put them on shelves after the warehouse acceptance.

2. Dispatch

After the consumer places an order in the store、 the merchant needs to send the order information back to the warehouse、 accept it by the warehouse staff、 package the goods and wait for delivery.

3. Dispatch

The overseas warehouse will contact the logistics of the end process、 and they will deliver the packed goods to the consumers until the goods are received.


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