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Massage instruments are sensitive goods in international logistics, also known as special goods. The definition of special goods and sensitive items is more complicated, between general items and contraband, and may involve some contraband that are not strictly regulated. Generally, the export of sensitive goods is restricted. The official channel of air and international express does not undertake the transportation of sensitive goods, but it is not completely impossible to transport.

Todropshipping focuses on cross-border e-commerce services, providing services such as international express, international small packages, international special lines, overseas warehouses and other services. We have professional channels to provide solutions for special items and sensitive goods. You can consult the official online customer service of www.Todropshipping.com

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massager Introduction Note
In recent years, home massagers have become more and more popular, especially neck massagers, which are very suitable for white-collar workers and office workers who work at desks for a long time, students who are immersed in their studies all day, or elderly people who have worked hard for half their lives, as well as hard-working and great precious mothers. The advantage of the low-frequency massager is that it is small in size and can not only be placed in a backpack, but also in a tote bag with small storage space. Casual and easy to carry. It can be used on body parts such as neck, shoulders, calves, soles of feet, etc., so it is quite popular. Massagers are popular not only in China but also abroad. Many sellers have made a lot of money selling massagers through cross-border e-commerce, especially in the US market, where Amazon's US station has a high sales volume.
Can I send pure battery by overseas warehouse

Whether the pure battery products are delivered in small packages or in batches to the United States、 attention should be paid to the packaging. The outer box must be packed in a sturdy cardboard box、 and the batteries exceeding the standard also need to be packed in a knife UN box. Each battery with a large number must be well insulated and packed. The positive and negative poles of all batteries must be in the same direction and cannot be placed at will. The carton cannot be changed. If there is space left、 it needs to be filled with other bubble bags to avoid random shaking of the battery during transportation. The battery express box shall not exceed 10KG; Air freight single container is limited to 12kg - 22kg、 and extra delivery costs will be incurred if it is exceeded.

After the pure battery products are shipped to the United States、 they can be sold on the platform or distributed in overseas warehouses. The overseas warehouse can be stored for one month for free、 and the storage cost can be calculated after one month. Direct delivery from overseas warehouse、 1-3 days to the buyer. Customers can choose American overseas warehouse、 American East Sea overseas warehouse、 American West overseas warehouse and American China overseas warehouse in different regions according to the different orders of the platform stores、 which basically cover the whole territory of the United States. Please note that the overseas warehouse must have the qualification to issue pure batteries on behalf of others、 and the United States has strict requirements for lithium batteries、 dry batteries、 power packs and other products on behalf of others.

As a special sensitive item、 pure batteries must be declared truthfully in the aspect of logistics and customs clearance. If the customs finds that the declaration is not true、 the goods will be detained by the customs. All kinds of information required for the transportation of battery products must be prepared. In general、 for pure battery products、 whether it is the first transportation or the last delivery、 overseas warehouse delivery、 cross-border partners must do enough homework to successfully complete.

Delivery requirements

1. An order must be created in the company's logistics system (package information must be entered)、 and invoices (3 pieces) and waybills (1 piece) must be printed in the system and delivered to us with the goods;

2. Try not to carry other irrelevant signs、 and suggest pasting signs of fragile products;

3. Fill in the order information correctly in English、 and the name of the article should be as detailed as possible. Do not declare with words such as Gift and Sample; The goods are clothing products、 and the invoice must be detailed (for example、 the name of men's clothing should be men's blouse or men's trousers).

4. Order information can be uploaded in batch using Excel or created through API.

Where can I send an international express

There are international express DHL、 UPS、 FedEx、 TNT and EMS from home to abroad、 which are often used by us. You can send parcels、 food、 cosmetics and other items via international express official mail、 which are not normally shipped、 and

The official price is also relatively high、 which can be sent through an international forwarding company、 which international express to send、 depending on the weight and timeliness requirements you send、 etc.、 and choose the appropriate carrier.


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