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Under the favorable market, many giants have also begun to seize the women's sportswear market: Wolverine Worldwide acquired women's sportswear brand Sweaty Betty; Levi's acquires Beyond Yoga, a sportswear brand founded by Yun Women. According to NPD surveys, women's own brand sportswear brands accounted for 40% of the market in 2021. Private label sportswear accounts for 28% of the sportswear market, accounting for the largest share in this category.

Lululemon's 2020 annual report shows that women account for 69% of its net income. Meanwhile, three sports giants, including Fabletics, Under Armour and Adidas, consume less than 10% of women.

Todropshipping focuses on cross-border e-commerce services, providing international express, international packets, international special lines, overseas warehouse dropshipping and other services for special items, live products have professional channels to provide solutions. Provide global buyers with high-quality procurement, warehousing, consolidation, packaging, dropshipping, logistics, overseas warehouses and other one-stop sportswear logistics solutions.

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Sports Clothing Introduction Note
Sportswear refers to clothing dedicated to sports competitions. In a broad sense, it also includes clothing worn for outdoor sports activities. Sportswear is usually designed and made according to the specific requirements of the sport. Sportswear is mainly divided into 9 categories: track and field clothing, ball clothing, water clothing, ice clothing, weightlifting clothing, wrestling clothing, gymnastics clothing, mountaineering clothing, and fencing clothing
What services can overseas warehouse fulfillment agent provide
The third-party overseas warehouse is the logistics warehousing mode selected by many cross-border e-commerce sellers、 and the domestic reputation is good、 such as TODROPSHIPPING US overseas warehouse. For example、 the overseas warehouse can deliver the goods to the warehouse in the destination country and put them on the shelf. If there is an e-commerce order、 the local delivery can be provided; There is also the Amazon FBA transit replenishment service、 which is to avoid the impact of out of stock on sales and ranking、 and the third-party overseas warehouse can timely replenish goods to Amazon FBA locally; There is also the service of returning goods and changing marks. After all、 it is very convenient to face the problem of returning goods. If you want to sell the goods on the market again、 you must change the marks to pass the application of the platform、 and the overseas warehouse can help you change the marks; In addition、 there are some basic warehousing fulfillment services that require a certain amount of warehousing fees. These overseas warehouse services are commonly used. You can communicate with your overseas warehouse service provider according to your needs.
Benefits of overseas warehouse to Aliexpress sellers

In 15 years、 AliExpress has started the overseas warehouse project、 but this overseas warehouse is a cooperative third-party overseas warehouse. There are also introductions about overseas warehouse services on AliExpress's official website、 and you can also contact Taobo's supply chain.

For sellers、 the platform will give different support to overseas warehouse sellers

1) The flow must be inclined

2) Overseas warehouse sellers default to local return and exchange service、 which is also a better buyer experience

3) The setting of freight template allows you to set local delivery、 which is more reliable and preferred for buyers

Overseas warehouse itself also has many advantages: low scale effect、 low cost、 fast delivery of local return and replacement、 good buyer experience、 no congestion in peak season、 no impact of customs clearance、 buyer experience、 expand sales categories、 large goods can also be managed by warehouse and handled by a third party、 simple operation、 and platform traffic tilt

How to select products for cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouse

If you want to select targeted products for overseas warehouse、 you should first figure out which products are easy to make profits for overseas warehouse、 and then use these standards to find the corresponding source of goods.

Product standards suitable for overseas warehouse include: products with large size and weight; Products with high unit price and gross profit; Charged、 liquid and powder products; High turnover rate of goods or seasonal commodities; For products that are urgently needed for occasional events or festivals、 such as furniture、 household appliances、 sports equipment、 office desks and chairs、 including the hot medical supplies、 the advantages of using overseas warehouses to deliver these products will be obvious.


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