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In the export markets of Europe and the United States, the demand for erotic underwear is relatively large, but Shi Ying does not want to be limited to the sex industry, and wants to deeply cultivate the clothing industry chain to achieve the purpose of covering all categories.

In addition to erotic underwear, there are now fashionable women's clothing, women's tops, and jumpsuits, and Shi Ying's goal is to do a good job in each category. At present, the best is skirts, uniforms, and erotic underwear, which are the best three categories.

At present, the overall direction of the cross-border e-commerce market is centered on diversification and personalization, but erotic underwear is a niche category on the e-commerce platform, and the consumer group is relatively narrow. Shiying caters to the multi-faceted and multi-category development trend of market development, which is convenient for further expanding the overseas clothing consumer market.

Todroshipping focuses on the transportation of erotic underwear, etc., and provides professional international logistics solutions for sex toys, adult products, silicone dolls, aircraft cups, essential oils, lubricants, etc.

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sexy underwear Introduction Note
Erotic panties are characterized by an opening in the middle of the panties that runs from the front of the panties to the back of the panties, and a closed zipper is installed. Erotic underwear, like erotic skirts, highlights "eroticism", sexy-centered, different from conventional home underwear, in the design of underwear or supplemented with various characteristic patterns, or the use of openwork design, or with a variety of metal accessories. The practical effect of this kind of underwear is: simple structure, easy to use, especially after female friends use this kind of underwear, it will bring a lot of fun in sexual life, more convenience, and can also improve the relationship between couples or couples.
Can I send pure battery by overseas warehouse

Whether the pure battery products are delivered in small packages or in batches to the United States、 attention should be paid to the packaging. The outer box must be packed in a sturdy cardboard box、 and the batteries exceeding the standard also need to be packed in a knife UN box. Each battery with a large number must be well insulated and packed. The positive and negative poles of all batteries must be in the same direction and cannot be placed at will. The carton cannot be changed. If there is space left、 it needs to be filled with other bubble bags to avoid random shaking of the battery during transportation. The battery express box shall not exceed 10KG; Air freight single container is limited to 12kg - 22kg、 and extra delivery costs will be incurred if it is exceeded.

After the pure battery products are shipped to the United States、 they can be sold on the platform or distributed in overseas warehouses. The overseas warehouse can be stored for one month for free、 and the storage cost can be calculated after one month. Direct delivery from overseas warehouse、 1-3 days to the buyer. Customers can choose American overseas warehouse、 American East Sea overseas warehouse、 American West overseas warehouse and American China overseas warehouse in different regions according to the different orders of the platform stores、 which basically cover the whole territory of the United States. Please note that the overseas warehouse must have the qualification to issue pure batteries on behalf of others、 and the United States has strict requirements for lithium batteries、 dry batteries、 power packs and other products on behalf of others.

As a special sensitive item、 pure batteries must be declared truthfully in the aspect of logistics and customs clearance. If the customs finds that the declaration is not true、 the goods will be detained by the customs. All kinds of information required for the transportation of battery products must be prepared. In general、 for pure battery products、 whether it is the first transportation or the last delivery、 overseas warehouse delivery、 cross-border partners must do enough homework to successfully complete.

Can cross-border special line bags track packages
Cross border special line small parcels are generally the logistics method used by e-commerce self delivery sellers. They are cheaper than international express delivery、 and faster and safer than postal parcels. However、 there are also differences in the service of special line packets. For example、 cross-border packets in TODROPSHIPPING also have registered mail and peace mail. Generally speaking、 the time limit of special line registered mail is a little faster than that of ordinary mail. At the same time、 registered mail can track packages、 while ordinary mail does not provide tracking service because its price is cheaper. Therefore、 not all cross-border special line logistics can be tracked、 depending on the service you choose.
Differences between international logistics special lines and express delivery

The international logistics special line refers to the route channels to specific countries、 such as the British special line、 the American special line and the German special line.

International express delivery refers to the express delivery and logistics business conducted between two or more countries (or regions). The transportation of letters、 commercial documents and articles between countries (or regions) is a means of inspection and release of express mail through border ports between countries and customs. After the international express arrives at the destination country、 it needs to be transshipped again in the destination country to deliver the express to the final destination、 which is called international express.

The transportation modes of international logistics special line include air transportation、 sea transportation、 rail transportation、 land transportation、 etc. The modes of transportation of international express include air transportation、 sea transportation、 rail transportation、 etc.

International logistics focuses on the delivery of large quantities of goods to the destination and reduces costs by means of large-scale transportation; The overall price is lower than that of commercial express; Speed and timeliness are better than postal packets; Low packet loss rate. The timeliness of international express is very strong; High security of goods; Strong customs clearance capability; A wide range of goods can be collected.


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